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About Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an excellent game that combines backslash and MMORPG. It is beautiful and has a crazy atmosphere. The Lost Ark has a framework and an XP progress, which will make you rarely look back in your steps. It is indeed in Lost Ark. When we move forward, and we move forward! The tripod skills customization system is well thought out! Raids and dungeons are really live, and the PVP/PvE activities are super fun! My only regret is that I have not been able to redo marine actions since switching to V2. The island allocated to us for housing/resource management is an excellent idea! I highly recommend it, mainly because it is a free game! Caveat! We will tell you this is a p2w, there are various mission rewards, but your things must be cultivated Lost Ark Gold to get better equipment.

About Lost Ark Gold

Gold is the main currency of the Lost Ark game. The Lost Ark Gold is easy to cultivate. The most important thing is to know these places. It is necessary to buy items at the auction and purchase the donated currency-blue crystal. You can get it in many ways: events, atlases, players, and communication. Since the items needed to improve the equipment can now be auctioned, gold mining has become the most popular item.

One of the most profitable ways to get gold rewards can be considered the adoption of Cube. It contains a large number of different tests, opponents, etc. To enter it, you need to have level 50 and 250+GS equipment. After completing the story in Lutherie and earning the Royal Medal, the entrance will be available. The Cuban reward is a box you draw when you pass the Cuban level. Platinum treasure chests can get around 80-90 gold, and diamond treasure chests can get 140-160 gold and silver. This method can be used repeatedly-each character can travel three times a day, that is, up to 18 times a day.

You can grow gold through the world, boss. For example, killing Proxima can get good rewards. Proxima is one of the first senior bosses. You can find her in the Twilight Forest in North Bern. World bosses mostly appear on islands, such as the Island of Ice and Fire. You can stumble upon the boss Briarios, and you can also win him rich rewards.

Craft, farm items and sell them at auction or Exchange
The advantage of the craft is that it only requires you to buy craft tools and no other costs. You can do whatever you want, and there will be time. It is worth noting that any profession will bring a good income: herbal medicine, mining, fishing, etc. After all, almost all extracted ingredients can be sold at auctions at high prices.

To find out if an item is for sale in the auction, hover over the item and look for the signature Deal is available next to the name (screen below). You can also go directly to the auctioneer to try the auction. All items available for sale will be highlighted in the inventory.

When it comes to item planting, this is a common killing of mobs and world bosses. They can drop sets of runes, searcher atlas items, sketches, etc., which are very popular at auctions and exchanged with other players. To exchange items with other users, right-click on it while holding down the Ctrl key and select Offer deal.

Exchange secret safe
Let's start with the most useless. First of all, this is to exchange for a secret safe in any NPC marked with Gold exchange in the big city. For 1000 Golds, you can get a safe of 100,000 silver. If the money is tight and you can't even buy Chaos Shards for 250 shillings for an artisan, it's worth buying.

Auctions and exchanges
We have discussed the production, farming, auctions, and trading above. Here, we spent money to purchase the necessary items: rune collections, sketches, items used to improve the spaceship, and so on.

The Exchange and the black market in the Lost Ark
But in terms of investment, the most critical factor is the stock exchange. Here we can buy purple crystals for gold. In turn, the purchase of distinctive cool clothing, consumables, and most importantly, small debris for grinding requires crystals. Everything is purchased in the in-game store (F4 key).

You can press F4 to find Exchange and then click on the word Exchange in the lower right corner. Or directly exchange signature coins for NPC contact.

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It`s not a bad Gold. We had 7 people who had bought the carry. 2 Mages. 1 Rogue. 1 Druid. 1 Paladin. 1 DK and 1 Warrior. You`re invited into a group with run by Russians. I`m fine with that, but they don`t speak to you. I
Cherston (Sep,20/21)
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What an amazing journey!

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