Best DPS Classes in Lost Ark

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The previous guide covered the best support classes and where to buy Lost Ark Gold, and now we bring the best DPS classes.

The most important thing to note about the Lost Ark classes is that every class is a DPS. Every class has damage dealing skills, each with damage-dealing builds. However, some are better than others. In this guide, we'll take a look at the best DPS classes in Lost Ark.


Best DPS Classes in Lost Ark


The Arcana is a mid-range class with fast combos and swift movements.

Arcana's class identity gives her 12 cards that are chosen at random that have unique abilities. (Some resets cooldowns, restore mana, increase specific stats, etc...) It uses cards as a weapon that can be stacked on enemies for higher bursts of damage. Furthermore, you can draw random cards from the deck for a variety of buffs.


The Blaster is a warrior disguised as a gunner. The Blaster boasts the highest health and defense rating and one of the most increased impairments among ranged characters.

Upon using Blaster, you will wield a mechanical launcher with one of the highest damage output potentials in the game. Additionally, the weapon is ranged, which makes it safer when compared to other weapons.

If you want to play a wholesome and honest gunner, the Blaster is a reliable pick that is beginner-friendly and economical.


Destroyer uses Gravity Hammer as its primary weapon and has relatively low movement speed. It falls under the introductory Warrior class and excels at dealing AoE damage.

He can slam the target with one mighty blow, but this is not the only trump card – he also knows how to knock enemies over and throw them into the air with his attacks. His ultimate slows down everyone who hits it and interrupts attacks launched by the enemy.

You can quickly clear a wave of enemies with Destroyer, which makes it a very beginner-friendly class. Furthermore, it boasts some of the best Crowd Control skills in the game.


The Infighter is a mana-less melee DPS whose skills are divided into "energy" and "shock."

Using one type of resource will fill the opposite resource gauge. While this may sound complicated at first, it just means her rotation alternates energy and shock skills. Both of her class seals enhance the damage and regeneration of one type of resource. While not on the level of Warlord or Destroyer, the Infighter brings a respectable level of impairment.

The infighter's versatility makes her a solid pick in every type of content and provides a rewarding yet straightforward mechanic that is beginner-friendly.

Lance Master

The Lance Master has all the hallmarks of an excellent PVP class: multiple dashes, knock-ups, good range, and as a cherry on top, a rare counter move. Even her class identity, which allows her to switch stances and receive new skills, is great for switching up patterns to throw off your opponent. However, it's a bit squishy class, and you need to be careful while maneuvering it.

All in all, the Lance Master is one of the more challenging classes to play as it requires particular gear to perform well, but once mastered, it is one of the best in the game.

Let me know in the comments which class you would pick and which one you like the best. For more Lost Ark content like this, check out

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