Best Support Classes in Lost Ark

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Following our last guide to "Where can we get Lost Ark Gold," we've brought a new class guide.

Lost Ark features six main classes, and there are subclasses in each category that excel at particular roles, such as DPS, Support, Healer, etc. In this guide, we'll take a look at the best Support classes in Lost Ark.


Best Support Classes in Lost Ark


Bards are the first support class in Lost Ark. It is capable of healing allies, buffing them, and applying crow control to foes. However, Bard is lackluster when it comes to damage output and relies on teammates for dealing damage. Similarly, play is more challenging due to the awareness you need to cultivate casting spells at the most critical moments. Bards are the ideal class with a relatively lower skill ceiling that's best suited for assisting allies.


The Gunlancer is super fun to play and works as a hybrid between a tank, DPS, and support class. Gunlancers use a Gunlance with a shield to aid them in effectively fulfilling the tank role. They're considered the tankiest Class in the game due to their high HP, Armor rating, and defensive skills, and as such, they always stay on the frontline. Gunlancers not only can block most of the enemy's moves, but they also have the skills to aggro and manage threats on them. Although they're still able to deal damage, it won't be as much as some other Classes, which is fine since they specialize in protecting allies anyway. Players new to the game will find more success with Gunlancer as it is easy to use.


The Paladin class is an MMO classic, one of the game's proper support classes. Not only can it set up allies with crowd control skills but also heal them. Furthermore, it also packs decent damage, which can come in handy in clutch situations. Paladins are not as beginner-friendly as Berserkers since you must have enough environmental and game knowledge to know when to cast support skills such as heals and debuffs. However, if you're used to supporting your party in other RPGs on top of inflicting offensive abilities, then the Paladin may be a challenging and exciting Class for you.

Hopefully, this guide helps you out a lot when choosing what you want your main support classes in Lost Ark. Also, we will keep this article updated when more and more of the Lost Ark class and subclasses arrive in the game. Stay tuned!

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