Everything You Get with the Founder's Packs for Lost Ark

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The award-winning MMOARPG Lost Ark can start players with its Founder Pack. In this guide, we'll show what Lost Ark Founder's Packs are, what you get in them, and which one you should buy.

What do you get with Lost Ark founders packs?

In total, there are three founders packs currently available for players to purchase for Lost Ark, includes Silver ($25), Gold ($50), and Platinum ($100). Here's everything you get with all founders pack versions for the game.


Item Explain
Beta access

Fairly obvious; you get to play the beta once it's out.

Head start

You get to play the full game three days before everyone else.

Royal crystals

Premium in-game currency.

Founder's exclusive pet

Pets are a must in the game because they collect loot, letting you fight freely. Having one right at the start is a huge advantage.

Crystalline aura

This is Lost Ark's premium subscription that grants you all kinds of bonuses.

Founder's Silver/Gold/Platinum Title

Let's people see you bought one of these packs.

Silver/Gold/Platinum Supply Crate

Come fully to the brim with all sorts of consumables and other goodies. Note that the contents of the Silver and Gold crates are the same.

Founder's Exclusive Avatar

Basically a skin to show off the fact you bought the Gold or Platinum pack.

Character Expansion Slot

Let's create one extra character.

Founder's Avatar

An additional skin for Platinum-paying people only.

Founder's Exclusive Mount

Mounts are unnecessary for Lost Ark, but this is another way to lord your expensive purchase over other people.

Platinum Welcome Crate

A few extra items in the Platinum Lost Ark Founder's Pack, including an animated wallpaper for the login screen, a special building for your stronghold, cards that give you stats, and a chest of goodies to give to NPCs to make them like you.


In-game currency.

Resurrection Feathers

Items that let you resurrect your fallen character on the spot.

Daily Una's Task Instant Completion Passes

Items that let you automatically complete a daily task after you've completed them at least once before.


Which Founder's Pack Should I Buy?

The following are my comments on the three versions:

1. Platinum Lost Ark founder pack

If you're planning to spend money on one of the Lost Ark Founder's Packs, the Platinum is by far the best value. Players will receive a few more rewards than the other two packs. The most notable of them all is perhaps the mounts and the increase in royal crystals and the welcome crate. However, it is a hundred bucks, which is fairly steep.

Here's a roundup of everything in the platinum founder pack:

• Beta Acess
• Price: $99.99
• Head start
• 7k Royal Crystals
• Founder's Exclusive Pet
• 30 Day Crystalline Aura
• Founder's Platinum Title
• Platinum Supply Crate
• Founder's Exclusive Avatar
• Founder's Avatar
• Founder's Mount
• Character Expansion Slot
• Platinum Welcome Crate

2. Silver Lost Ark founder pack

If you're on the fence but still want to throw some cash at Lost Ark, then maybe Silver is the way to go. Players will receive seven rewards, with the most notable being getting access to the early beta and having a three-day head start before release.

Here's a roundup of everything in the silver founder pack:

• Beta Acess
• Head start
• Price: $24.99
• 1k Royal Crystals
• Founder's Exclusive Pet
• 30 Day Crystalline Aura
• Founder's Silver Title

3. Gold Lost Ark founder pack

Honestly, the Gold pack seems to be the most "meh" of the bunch. Sure, you get extra premium currency and some bragging rights via the exclusive avatar, but it's not really worth double the price. Ultimately, though, the decision is up to you and your budget.

Here's a roundup of everything in the gold founder pack:

• Beta Acess
• Head start
• Price: $49.99
• 4k Royal Crystals
• Founder's Exclusive Pet
• 30 Day Crystalline Aura
• Founder's Gold Title
• Gold crate
• Founder's Exclusive Avatar
• Character Expansion Slot

Upon Fall release, players purchasing all the Founder's Pack will include beta access, and the 3-day head starts before the official release date. Players will also receive a large slump of Royal Crystals and other resources to help on the journey. Most importantly, players can visit the news page of lostarkgold.com to learn more about Lost Ark.

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