FIFA 17 Best Defensive Tips

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As you guys know that the defensive skills are as important as attacking in the game, so here are some defensive tips to help you. The defensive techniques are given by the reddit user Lying_forever. You can apply and practice on your consoles.




You know cover option is right in custom tactics. You have to go through with it as well. All this is about how the defence will defend for you is utter bollocks, to an extent. You want to keep the back line as organised as possible, and that means dragging your defender back from your contain that you enabled 2 seconds earlier. That means anticipating runs and following them, whilst then covering with another defender.


Running Backwards

At the very least you should be holding contain towards your goal, to keep control and not go running off like a bell end. Hold LT/L2 and move backwards. It's so much more effective as your player will be able to intercept far easier. 


Place Defender in front of goal

Always keep your defender in front of the goal. That doesn't mean plant him on the line like a Nazi, that means jockey your player so that he is between the ball and the goal, don't worry about the opposition player, they'll do some daft shit like pass the ball to you as they have run out of options and panic pass; else, your defenders will clear up. 




You jockey the player backwards, you keep doing this until the player slows down as they can't get past, you wait a little bit and you will gain progress. You go in for the tackle quickly, efficiently and you're on your way to scoring corner goals.


By the way, here are some things you shouldn't do. First, defend with strikers like an idiot. The reason most strikers don't have the highest stamina is because they're goal hanging fucknuts, stop defending with them, leave them be, they will score. Second, stop using central defenders on the wings, unless it's the last resort. IF your fullback can catch up, let them catch up, you don't have to rush defend, it's unexpected and easier.


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