How to Build Your Astray in Lost Ark?

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The Astray is considered the best ship in Lost Ark, having the highest speed and good resistance to all dangers. This guide will explain how to build the Astray ship in Lost Ark, including all steps with details and instructions.


How to Build Your Astray in Lost Ark?

What are the Materials required to Build Astray Ship?

Building the Astray Ship will require the following materials along with a 10,000× Silver fee for the vessel's construction:

    • Astray Construction Blueprint (×1)
    • Astray Operation Manual (×1)
    • Certificate of Pirate (×1)
    • Timber (x570)
    • Uncommon Ship Parts Material (x375)

How to Get Astray Construction Blueprint in Lost Ark?

The Astray Construction Blueprint: rewarded for reaching Reputation Level 3 for the Daily Quest "She Drifts, Sea Gifts."

    • Tier one – 50/50 (five dailies), rewards 12,000 pirate coins.
    • Tier two – 80/80 (four dailies), rewards 19,000 pirate coins.
    • Tier three – 80/80 (eight dailies), rewards Astray Construction Blueprint and 29,000 pirate coins.

To complete this daily quest, "She Drifts, Sea Gifts," you need to:

1). Click on the Adventure icon at the bottom right of the screen.
2). Click on Una's tasks > Reputation Status. Search for Astray in the search bar.
3). This should show you Pirate Star: Astray – Pirate's Companion. Click on the search icon at its right.
4). You should see the She Drifts, Sea Gifts quest details, and you can accept it from there.
5). To complete this daily, you need the Co-op Sailing Events to be active. The Arthetine and Yorn events reliably spawn the treasure salvaging event you need to complete Una's Task, so keep a lookout for those. The other events only have a chance to spawn them, so only go to them if the former two aren't active.
6). It requires a total of 25 days to complete. You will need 5 days to get the first reward, 8 days for the second, and 12 days for the third reward, including the Astray Construction Blueprint.

How to Get Astray Operation Manual in Lost Ark?

Astray Operation Manual: quest reward for finishing "Pirate Star: Astray." You can get this quest from Mariner Rosa at Blackfang's Den for 300,000 Pirate Coins.

The steps are as follows:

1). Find Blackfang's Den near Tortoyk island. It's to the southeast of Tortoyk.
2). Talk to Mariner Rosa NPC by approaching him and pressing G on your keyboard.
3). Upon interaction, the Exchange window should appear where there's a Special Sales tab.
4). Click on "Pirate Star: Astray."
5). The exchange cost is 300,000 Pirate Coins.
6). To complete this quest chain, you must reach Trusted rapport status with Blackfang. It is recommended that you use rapport gifts to speed up this process.
7). After the quest, you will get Astray Operation Manual.

How to Get Certificate of Pirate in Lost Ark?

Certificate of Pirate: rewarded for reaching Reputation Level 3 for the Daily Quest "Pest Control."

    • Tier one – 30/30 (three dailies), rewards 6,000 pirate coins.
    • Tier two – 40/40 (four dailies), rewards 8,000 pirate coins.
    • Tier three – 80/80 (eight dailies), rewards Certificate of Pirate, a vitality increase potion, and 16,000 pirate coins.

To acquire the Certificate of Pirate, you need to:

1). Click on the Adventure button at the bottom right of the screen and click on Una's Tasks.
2). Click on Reputation Status and search for Certificate of Pirate.
3). Accept the Pest Control Sea Cleaner quest.
4). This daily is simple to complete, as you need to kill some pirates on Blackfang's Den, but the pirates you need to kill only spawn during the island's event, which occurs every 15 minutes.
5). So it takes 15 days to complete this Una task. You will require 3 days for the first reward, 4 days for the second, and 8 days for the third reward, which includes the Certificate of Pirate.

How to Get Timber and Uncommon Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark?

Timber & Uncommon Ship Parts Material: can be found in chests or rewarded for completed quests.

In addition, you can also buy them. Here's how to buy them immediately:

1). Go to the Market > Sailing > Ship Materials.
2). Go to the Market > Trader > Logging Loot > Timber.
3). You can buy the item from there by exchanging Lost Ark Gold.

Those are all we need to know about building the Astray Ship in Lost Ark. It takes quite a bit of effort to get there, but making the Astray Ship will be worth it. If you need more help with Lost Ark Guides, check out

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