How to Farm Providence & Portal Stones in Lost Ark?

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Providence & Portal Stones are a vital part of Lost Ark, and they are also some of the game's most sought-after items. So, we'll show you what they are, how to use them, and, most importantly, how to farm them.

Lost Ark - Providence Stones

How to Farm Providence & Portal Stones in Lost Ark?


1. What are Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

Providence Stones are a form of currency you can obtain in Lost Ark, which can be used to buy Rapport items and free-to-play skins.

Described as "an elegant rose-colored stone" and shaped like a heart, the lore claims that the tiny pink rock "symbolizes new relationships."

2. How to Farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

The fastest way to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark is to:

1). Seek Out Elite and Alpha Enemies

The best way to farm Providence stones is to seek out Elite and Alpha enemies and defeat them. They are high-level enemies with an orange or yellow light surrounding them, so make sure you beat plenty of them to score some Stones. A single Elite/Alpha enemy drops around 3-5 Providence Stones.

2). Partake in Sudden Quests

Sudden quests that pop up are also a great way to get Providence Stones. As you scour Arkesia's plains, you may get pulled into random quests. These quests are denoted in red on the map and will ask you to kill vast numbers of enemies within a small area. Some of them may drop Providence Stones.

3). Complete Una's Daily Tasks

Una's Daily Tasks are easily the best way to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark.

Open up the Una Task menu by pressing Alt+J and searching "Providence Stones" to find all of the tasks that reward you with them.

Also, out of all of the daily tasks, the tasks that you need to do to get the most Providence Stones are:

• Whale Watching
• Meat the Challenge
• Whispering Harmony
• An Even Better Beer Snack

4). Conquer Dungeons

There are several different quests in dungeons that players can complete to get Providence Stones, and they are as follows:

• Ancient Elveria (Quest: Sigmund's Whereabouts)
•  Frostpeak Temple (Quest: Wolves at the Sanctum)
• Gorgon's Nest (Quest: Qualifications to Enter Balankar)
• Maze of Mirrors (Quest: Blinding Fog)
• Night of Walpurgis (Quest: Repair the Magic Barrier)
• Phantom Palace (Quest: Elzowin's Defender)
• Realm of Elementals (Quest: Fallen Flamekeeper)
• Vrad's Hideout (Quest: Finding Vrad)

3. What do Providence Stones do in Lost Ark?

You can trade Providence Stones to Nada or Travelling Merchants for some Rapport items and cosmetics. Rapport items have a straightforward yet specific function in the game, increasing your rapport with NPCs. Doing so increases your favor with them and can earn you rewards and quests. Remember, particular gifts will give more rapport than others—you can find their preferred gifts in the Rapport menu located in the Adventure tab at the bottom of the in-game screen.

Lost Ark - Portal Stones

Portal Stones


1. What are Portal Stones in Lost Ark?

Portal Stones are one of the Collectibles that Lost Ark players must obtain to complete the Adventurer's Tome for Rethramis. Because of how rare these Portal Stones are, they're found during a random dropping. Meaning there's no fixed time or place to find them.

2. How to Farm Portal Stones in Lost Ark?

Portal Stones can drop anywhere within the continent of Rethramis, but three of the major locations where you'll find the Portal Stones are Loghill, Ankumo Mountain, and Rethramis Border. Dungeons in the area, such as Aquilok's Head and Aquilok's Tail, can be a decent means of farming these drops. Remember that increasing the game's difficulty at the dungeon does not affect the chance of drops so that you can be done at a lower difficulty level.

Also, killing anything in the Rethramis continent can play an essential factor in finding Portal Stones as droppings.

You can additionally focus on exploring the Loghill side a bit and get one or two Portal Stones from the Red Whitebeak birds and Toxiclaw Robbers.

Alternatively, players may also purchase Portal Stones from other players via the Auction House, which can come in handy but in exchange for a lot of Lost Ark gold.

3. How to Use Portal Stones in Lost Ark?

Players can collect Portal Stones to complete their Adventurer's Tome and earn valuable rewards, such as Gustaven's Holy Water or the rare Prideholme Neria Card.

So that's how to get Providence & Portal Stones in Lost Ark! I Hope it works for you! You can also find all of the latest gaming news at

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