How to Farming Lost Ark Gold in Gear Route T3?

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The Lost Ark is the newest game to hit the market, and it has already caught the attention of many players with its exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics. But what about earning some quick gold? Read on for a guide on making lost ark gold in the Gear Route T3 that will have your pockets overflowing in no time! There are many different ways to earn Gold in the game, but the Gear Route T3 introduces a new way to farm for it. This guide will cover everything you need to know about farming for Lost Ark gold in the Gear Route T3.


1. Learning Tags
Let's start with the key combination: alt + J. You go to the training tab and complete all the tasks. Do these tasks separately if you suddenly see a helpful resource or Gold as a reward somewhere—the most accessible first enrichment option.

2. Special tasks
Click on the icon to the right for a gift. We get a task list. In some missions, Gold is obtained in the form of rewards. You click all the tabs, look for quests with Gold, and complete them.
In this menu, you can get quite a few Lost Ark Gold. Also, don't forget the limited-time express missions and the Legacy tab common to all characters.

3. Abyss Raid, Abyss Dungeon
The third item is the weekly Abyssal Raids and Abyssal Dungeons. During these events, you will always get a solid gold finish. Don't forget consumables, banks, etc. If you fail in this dungeon, the attempt limit for the week will be exhausted. These activities can be done weekly.
Go through these dungeons and complete quests based on these points. And don't forget, if you're doing a quest you need to do in the low-level Abyssal dungeon, you can go there with your high GS character. So even if your GS isn't suitable for getting rewards from that quest, you'll get Gold.


How to Farming Lost Ark Gold in Gear Route T3?

4. Daily and weekly tasks have a chance to get 10K Lost Ark Gold
Press the key combination ALT + J. Open the daily tasks menu. Your mission is to choose the daily newspaper that best suits you. Many people make dailies for silver. We recommend that you also make samples for a sapphire. Focus on what you currently lack.
Beginners probably don't have enough money. Sapphire will always be missed by those who have come a long way. So, look for everyday sapphire items in the general list, and do.
You will earn points, which you need to accumulate in week 70. Also, in the weekly tab, you can do any of the three chaos. If you manage to complete it within a week, you will be rewarded. You can't take the next one until you've done the first two, so do them in order.
Also, try to prioritize points for sapphire rewards, as they are always sorely lacking. And accordingly, after that, you come to the NPC - Gold Exchange.
To find it, enter the words Coin Exchange and press OK. The game will highlight the location of the NPC. Before encountering him, try to accumulate the maximum number of characters to buy gold chests for a chance to get 10K gold scrolls.
You'll always get some gold if this scroll doesn't trigger you. This is the stable gold income you earn for this event.

5. Maritime activities
Enjoyable activity. To participate, you open your calendar to view items such as sailing and current maritime events. These maritime events will often occur in different locations.
We recommend you to follow these steps: Once you see the time for a sea event, go to Bern. Stay on the dock and wait for the event icon and location to appear on the map. That is, wait for the event to start.
You will have your event separately if you are anywhere else, such as Dayton, Pier, or elsewhere. Each of these events will give a different type of key.
We recommend that you always go to Bern for your event as it is as easy and profitable as possible.
The point is that you perform an event on the calendar, and you get the key. Using these keys, you will need to find the corresponding icon on the map, depending on which one you received.
The icon indicates the position of the next event and the subsequent opening of the box by this key. If you have an event near Bern, you will receive the keys to Harmony. Next, you will need to go to the Gate of Harmony simultaneously, complete the quest and get the reward.

6. Pump NPC Alt + N
Very simple but very time-consuming. It may take over a month to complete. The bottom line is this:
You click on each NPC and in the ALT + N tab;
Look for things like Gold;
Anywhere you see Gold, head to that NPC and swing it accordingly.
You can find the location of the desired NPC in the same tab. If these are islands, the message states which island the NPC is on accordingly.

7. Compass Island
You can also earn Lost Ark Gold by studying and completing tasks on the compass. Compass quests are islands that appear at specific times each day.
Do the following:
You can choose one of two directions - left or right, depending on what reward you need;
Try to go where the currency works in your favor.
The catalyst increases the chance of sharpening, and the carnelian helps level up your NPCs (out of 6). Of course, there are usually rewards in the form of Gold in compass missions.

8. Collect pictures. Collection. ALT+L
The algorithm for the action is as follows:
Press ALT + L to go to the Painting tab;
We see an inscription such as Sunflower Island, enter it in the search bar;
So we highlighted the island;
let's start.
You will find a collection of paintings you need to collect, and you will get Lost Ark Gold. So you collect these paintings, come here and get your reward in the form of Gold.
Where to find paintings:
Press ALT + D, and you will see a project directory - this is a handy thing, and learning will not be superfluous;
Open the collection Painting Masterpieces, and click on the necessary objects;
You will get information on where to get it.
So you collect what you need, turn in quests, and get Lost Ark Gold.

9. The 25th-floor channel of the Tower of Destiny - 1.2K Gold
Another sure-fire way to guarantee Gold and lots of resources in the game is through towers. The first tower is the Tower of Shadows, and you go completely through it. On the right, you will see the level of equipment you need.
As a result, you get jars of skill points, plenty of resources for sharpening, and runes.
After that, you will go to the Tower of Doom. Since our goal is Gold, let's go up to the 25th floor and see what rewards are there. It can be a box in the form of 1200 gold.
You can go up to level 25 and get the same rewards. If you want to go higher and get more rewards, go higher.

10. Chaos Dungeon Raiders
In Chaos Dungeon, we can get rewards like crystals, weapons, armor crystals, jewelry, and carvings. All of these we can sell at auction for a specific price. Monitor auctions for current prices.
Things like sapphires and tickets are personal. We can participate in activities such as Rubik's Cube or Trial Road with these tickets. In it, we also have access to quite a few good resources to sharpen our equipment. But more on that later.
Never forget to go to Chaos Dungeon. You can visit two times a day if you have a ticket. You can still walk. We can also walk into them with twinks.
So our chances of getting good engravings will increase to get more Gold from this activity.

11. Raid the goalkeeper. twice a day
This raid on the Guardians can be done many times as you like, but we can only consume souls twice a day. Plus, you can get a run by spending one Soul Orb with weekend bonuses in mind.
From this dungeon, you can get things like crystals for weapons and armor, sapphires (which we also sell now), jewelry, and carvings.
If you come across good jewelry, you can try to sell it at auction for a certain price. The engraving has a fixed price. Check the auction and sell it if you don't need it yourself.
You can also get gear, runes, and fitranites that will be useful to you later.
Also, don't forget the second point, as it may require you to pass guards lower than yours.

12. The passage of the heroic raid
These are also guards, but heroic attacks on the guards have been made. These guards change with specific frequencies of others. Here you are limited by GS, and the whole group is equipped with balanced equipment. When passing through this event, you will need to execute the mechanism through the boss. This is also a helpful thing when drawing your character and getting Gold.

13. The faulty channel on the calendar
How to find these rifts: open the calendar, open the 'rifts' tab, select the GS you need, and get the location where you can do this. Also, an icon with this portal will appear on the map, and you've come to the right place.
After a while, the portal opens, and you enter it, go through activities, and get shards of the rift, some standard scroll stuff, and runes useful for your gear. You also have a chance to buy Rift Shards from NPCs in exchange for Rift Shards, use search again, and then exchange them for boxes.
Inside these boxes is a treasure map. You can find a certain amount of resources on the map that can be auctioned off. Also, these treasure maps have a chance to be obtained from rifts.

14. Cubes Passage, the road to ticket testing
For example, you can go to Cuba without forgetting the point of collecting pictures since this is also closely related. Also, sometimes you will rent rooms from NPCs. When you are killed, it will give you Gold, extra materials to hone your character: silver, carvings, and catalysts to increase the chance of grinding your equipment. All of these are very useful to you.
There are two modes - standard mode and hero mode. Each of them has its ticket, so it is recommended to use both methods and combine all the tickets you have.

15. Kwame Island. 900GS
There are six quests on this island, and when completed, an NPC will appear near the dungeon. From this NPC, you can buy a variety of items that will be useful to you as you level up your character and a limited number of engravings.
The limit applies to all items in this tab, i.e., you buy once. They will run out, and there will be no more updates to this store. So come here every day, do it once a day, go through dungeons, get redlines, and buy the whole store.
Some of these resources are useful to you personally, and some can be sold at auctions. So don't forget this dungeon. It can be obtained from item level 900.

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