How to Get and Change Pet Effects in Lost Ark?

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How to Get and Change Pet Effects in Lost Ark?


Pets are an integral part of Lost Ark. They will not only accompany you on your journey but will also perform very useful functions. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about pets, including what they do for you, how to obtain them, and every combat perk they can obtain.

Why does everyone want a pet?

If you're wondering why Lost Ark fans get so excited about pets, it's because they contribute quite a few benefits to the players. While adventuring, they will collect items and trophies, offer extra inventory space, and boost character traits and stats. It depends on the pet's buffs, but know that purple pets will provide better options than blue ones.

How to get a pet?

There are three ways of obtaining a pet in Lost Ark:

1). An early-game quest.
2). In-game events.
3). Lost Ark's cash shop.
        • Founder Packs also include an exclusive pet.

All players can get an Epic-quality pet for free by completing the "[Guide] Learning About Pets" quest. Make your way to the Working Achatemeow NPC located at the center of Prideholme to start the quest. As long as you finish all the quests that they need, you can get yourself a free rabbit as a pet.

If you missed this quest, there's also a Guide quest unlocked at level 50 that grants a walking egg pet when completed.

Also, most pets in Lost Ark can be purchased in the game's personal shop. With different events and updated packs, the game offers new pets regularly. They do cost real money, though, not just in-game currency.

At last, all Lost Ark Founder's Packs also contain a pet. Of course, it also includes other rewards like Lost Ark Gold.

How to summon your pet?

Once you have a pet, press "Alt + P" to open up the pet menu, you can use this menu to summon any pets you own, allowing them to auto-loot nearby items and grant additional buffs if you have Crystalline Aura active.

All pet effect bonuses

Every pet in Lost Ark comes with two combat effects, listed in-game as "Pet Effects." One effect is defensive, while the other increases your damage output. These effects are randomly rolled when you first obtain the pet.

Below is a table of every offensive and defensive buff your pet can obtain in Lost Ark.

1). Offensive

• Crit: +2-10%
• Specialization: +2-20%
• Domination: +2-10%
• Swiftness: +2-10%
• Endurance: +2-10%
• Expertise: +2-10%

2). Defensive

• Max HP: +1-5%
• Phy. Defense: +2-10%
• Mag. Defense: +2-10%
• Phy. Damage Reduction: +1-5%
• Mag Damage Reduction: +1-5%

How to change pet effects?

You can change the Pet Effects, but they cost Crystals, which are the premium currency in Lost Ark. Each change will cost you Seven Crystals.

You went to a Pet Management NPC to change the effects. There is one in Prideholme, Luterra Castle, and Vern Castle. The first one you'll encounter will be the one in Prideholme called Working Achatemeow.

Speak to him, and then click on the pet you want to have different pet effects. Then click on the pet effect you want to change. You'll notice an extension of the window appears called Changeable Pet Effects—these are six possible pet effects that may occur, and this choice is entirely random. Click Change.

A new window will appear. Three pet effects will be under the one you want to change. Click on one of the Reforge pet effects, and that one will be the one you keep to replace the one labeled Applied. Click Select and then Confirm. You can change these effects as much as you want, as long as you can afford the cost.

Crystalline Aura Pet Benefits

Players with the Crystalline Aura buff active can access additional benefits with each pet. Those effects are the following:

1). An offensive and defensive buff for your character.
2). A secondary inventory carried by your pet.
3). Remote access to storage, the auction house, and mail.
4). Allows you to repair your trade tools and standard gear anywhere.

That's all you need to know about pets, so now that we have reached the end, we hope you manage to find those pets as soon as the game is released. Also, we have lots more guides for Lost Ark to help you on your adventures, and please stay tuned to the news page at

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