How to get and increase the Lost Ark Charisma Potion?

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How to increase the Charisma Potion in Lost Ark? What actions do you collect Charisma from, and where do you get your Charisma? This could be a question from one or another player standing in front of an NPC who won't talk to you due to a lack of virtue. This guide shows how to increase and increase Charisma Potion with relative ease. You must have some of the virtues described here for some NPCs, such as courage, kindness, or charisma.

Add Charisma
There are different ways to increase the four virtues, such as charisma. On the one hand, you can increase the potion of integrity by pressing a button, and on the other hand, you can also get higher charisma and Lost Ark Gold through different titles or skins. There's also always a Virtue reward for completing the main quest, which you automatically collect as you complete the search.

Complete the main quest.
Unlock and change titles. Under Squad, you can change the Title. Some titles have a positive effect on charm.
Complete mission books, improve relationships, and earn Charisma Potion.
Wear skins such as masks that positively affect the charm can be exchanged for amethyst shards at the dealer, etc.
Where do you see the Glamour value? These four stats are displayed under the Skin and Virtues tabs. The current charm value can be displayed under the character profile (press the P key).

How to get and increase the Lost Ark Charisma Potion?

Get a Charisma potion
The only question now is, where do you get the charm-boosting potion? Charisma can be obtained by completing adventure books or other quests. Where to find the quest to get the Charisma, easily viewable via Codex. Use ALT + D to open the Codex and look for Charisma under Search. In the list, all Charisma will show their location on the right once you select an entry.

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