How to Get the Turtle, Wildwater, and Harmony Island Token in Lost Ark?

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This guide will show everything you need to know about how to get the Turtle, Wildwater, and Harmony island token in Lost Ark.

How to get the Turtle Island Token in Lost Ark?

Turtle Island Token


Five roster quests must be completed before the Turtle Island Token is rewarded. Here are the five roster quests required to unlock this Lost Ark Island Token:

  Quest Step
1 The Turtle and the Boy 1). Players need to find another person on Turtle Island.
2). Talk to Baham inside the cave.
3). Tell them a person can't become a turtle.
4). Use the talk emote.
5). Talk to Baham again.
2 To Look Like a Turtle 1). Players need to return to Baham.
2). Sail to Changun in Anikka.
3). Ask about making turtle clothes.
4). Talk to Ringling.
5). Drive out the Thief.
6). Find someone to take care of Flynn.
7). Return to Ringling.
3 To Breathe Like a Turtle 1). Players need to talk to Baham.
2). Sail to Arid Path in Arthetine.
3). Go to the Rizen Orphanage in Totrich.
4). Talk to Hoyte Reporter.
5). Talk to Housefather Viltri.
6). Move to Stern.
7). Make a Turtle Shell.
8). See if they are being followed.
9). Check the Equipment Crafter.
4 To Dive Like a Turtle 1). Players require to go to the beach to talk to Flynn.
2). Talk to Baham.
3). Talk to Flynn again.
4). Sail to Port Krona in Vern.
5). Talk to Scholar Irene.
6). Collect 100 Spectral Breaths.
7). Talk to Irene once more.
5 To The Sea 1). Players require to talk to Baham.
2). Talk to Flynn.
3). Then go and look for Flynn on the beach.

After completing all of the required quests on the island, you will get the Turtle Island Token automatically. As a reminder, Roster Quests can only be achieved by one character on a player's entire account, so make sure you're playing on the character you want to claim the rewards for.

How to get the Wildwater Island Token in Lost Ark?


Wildwater Island Token

1). Heading to Wildwater Island, which is located east of the continent Punika, and talking to a merchant.
2). You need to battle the Field Boss Aurion, which spawns on this island.
3). You will be able to know when Aurion appears if you check the Calendar under the Field Boss tab. This will let you know when you can go to Wildwater Island to find Aurion.
4). Fighting this Field Boss can grant you the Island Token as a random reward, but it can also drop necessary level-up materials such as Guardian Stones, some equipment, and the elusive Bleed Rune.

How to get the Harmony Island Token in Lost Ark?

Harmony Island Token


To get this token, you need to visit Harmony Island, and it's an Adventure Island that can only be accessed twice per day. Here are the detailed steps to get this token:

1.  Check if Harmony Island is available

1). Going to your calendar.
2). Check the Adventure Island tab that will tell you which Adventure Islands are available for the day and at what times.

2. Enter the Harmony Island

Harmony Island always spawns in the same place, and it's located northeast of Rohendel Pier, where you can reach if you head towards Rohendel. The island will only appear during the time it's slated to appear.

3. Complete "A Pure Sound" quest

1). Enter the island when it appears.
2). Once you enter the island, you'll have to complete a co-op quest called A Pure Sound.
3). You'll earn chests during this co-op quest as a reward.
4). After this, you will find 3 missions that will give you 4 more chests.
5). Each chest has a random chance to reward players with the Harmony Island Token.

This was all about getting the Turtle, Wildwater, and Harmony Island Tokens in Lost Ark. Hopefully, you can get those tokens as soon as possible. You can also visit to check out our other guides like how to get cheap Lost Ark Gold.

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