How To Get, Upgrade & Reroll Gems in Lost Ark?

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Gems are an essential part of Lost Ark's high-level progression system. They're introduced somewhat later in the game and are very useful items. So in this guide, let us learn the Gem system in Lost Ark from its basic principles and check how to get, equip, upgrade, and reroll them.

What Are Lost Ark Gems?

Gems are a method of giving your Lost Ark character a power boost. Here is a rundown of the basics of Gems:

1). Gems are attached to active skills.
2). Gems provide either increased damage or cooldown reduction for a skill.
3). You can equip a max of 11 Gems, and they have tiers and levels associated with them.
4). Gems can be leveled to improve them, and you can level up the gems by combining three of the same level.
5). You can only have one damage gem and cooldown gem per skill.
6). Gems come in Tiers (Tier 2 and Tier 3), whereas tiers are associated with the area you are in.
7). If you don't like the skill a gem has, you can re-roll it.

Gems can be leveled up to level 10, where the bonuses reach up to 40% extra damage and 20% cooldown reduction.

What are the Types of Gems in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, the gems have 2 different types of effects:

1). Reduced skill cooldown
2). Increased damage dealt by a skill

How to Get Gems in Lost Ark?

There are a few ways through which you can get gems:

1). Defeating world bosses and field bosses
2). Doing Chaos Dungeons
3). Finishing the Boss Rush
4). Doing Daily tasks/events
5). Doing Test Paths
6). By taking part in S rank guild hosted PvP Island Events
7). Buying them from Auction House

Remember that this is an endgame item, and you start getting them after you reach level 50.

How to Equip Gems in Lost Ark?

Once you obtain a gem, you can equip them:

1). You can be equipped by heading to the inventory and right-clicking the gem.
2). You can also be equipped by dragging it into the gem tab.

How to Upgrade Gems in Lost Ark?

Here's how to level up gems:

1). Talk to Gem Experts to obtain Gem Fuse window.
2). Once you have access to the Gem Fuse window, open your inventory.
3). Next, click on the bottom icon that looks like a diamond or a gem.
4). This will open the Gem Synthesis window, and you will be able to level up your gems.
5). You have to select three gems of the same level in the Fuse Gems slots will allow you to level it up by one level. The type doesn't matter as long as they are of the same level.
6). The button to Synthesize should activate, click on it, and you can upgrade your gems.

You can also choose specific levels in the Gem combiner to combine Gems to reach that level automatically.

How to Reroll Gems in Lost Ark?

To make getting the right Gems a bit easier, you can reroll the skill that your Gem is attached to, as follow:

1). Go to the Jeweler NPC in any major city (the diamond icon on the minimap).
2). Here, select the Reroll effect and choose the gem you wish to reroll.
3). Once both are selected, click on the Change button.

Re-rolling gems guarantee it will pick up a skill for your class, but it does cost silver (A currency similar to lost ark gold), and the price will scale with the higher level gems.

Below we have listed the amount of silver required to reface gems of different levels:

• Level 1: 7,000 Silver
• Level 2: 8,500 Silver
• Level 3: 10,000 Silver
• Level 4: 20,000 Silver
• Level 5: 30,000 Silver
• Level 6: 60,000 Silver
• Level 7: 90,000 Silver
• Level 8: 150,000 Silver
• Level 9: 210,000 Silver
• Level 10: 340,000 Silver

That covers everything you should know about how to get, upgrade & reroll gems in Lost Ark. Make sure to visit the news pages of to view our Lost Ark mount list to see which animals, beasts, or vehicles you want to use.

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