How to Get, Use, and Change Mounts in Lost Ark?

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How to Get, Use, and Change Mounts in Lost Ark?


Mounts are an essential tool in Lost Ark, and you can ride them to travel between objectives like quests and dungeons quickly. However, you won't just be given mounts throughout the game. In this guide, we give you all the information you need about mounts, from how to get them, what the fastest ones to use, and how to change them.

What are Mounts in Lost Ark?

Mounts are creatures or animals your character can ride in Lost Ark to move around faster.

How to Earn Your First Mount in Lost Ark?

Once you arrive in the first city, Prideholme, you will reach the main story quest called Tower Where Light Lingers. Finishing the quest and speaking to Brother Alfael will reward you with a choice of three horse mounts. There are:

    • Loghill Black Horse
    • Yudia White Horse
    • Dyorika Brown Horse

Once you have selected your mount, it can be found in your inventory, where you can right-click it to activate it as part of your mount list. It's recommended to drag it to your Hotbar, too, so you can easily access it for quick travel without going into the menus.

How to Get More Mounts in Lost Ark?

Mounts can be obtained in a couple of ways in Lost Ark:

1. Quests

The primary way of obtaining them is simply by playing through the main story quests and picking up any side quests you come across. Some quests will offer you mounts as a reward, and one of the early story quests will give you a free horse when you first reach Prideholme. Here you'll get to choose between three colors of the same horse.

2. The Lost Ark store

Some mounts can be purchased from specific vendors, like the Turtle mount, which can be bought from Florian in Arthetine after completing the long questline starting from Turtle Island.

Some mounts can be purchased from the Auction House with Lost Ark gold. These are usually legendary mounts that players have purchased with real money and then set for sale for gold on AH.

3. Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming often gives away free reward packages as a part of their giveaways. For example, the Silver Combat Raptor mount was given away for free alongside some Amethyst Shards and Crystalline Aura. If you have an Amazon Prime account, link it to Prime Gaming so you can get these mounts when they're released.

4. Collectibles

Some mounts can be received as rewards from collectible collections. If you collect one Ignea Token, you unlock the White Scarab mount. Check your collectibles and see which ones lead you to receive specific mounts in the game.

5. Events

Many mounts can also be obtained from events, including login events, Twitch drops and other in-game time-limited activities.

How to Use Mounts in Lost Ark?

Here's how to summon your mount:

1. Press Alt + V on your keyboard to bring up the mount menu. You should see a list of all of the mounts in your possession.

2. Click on the icon for the one you want to ride, and it'll appear.

3. For easier access, you can also use your mouse to left-click on a mount and drag it to your Hotbar.

4. Once you do that, you can click on your Hotbar to summon it or press the keybind for that Hotbar slot.

When you're on a mount, you move around the same way as when just walking around – by clicking where to go. Auto-move, which can be enabled by pressing 'T,' also works on mounts.

Most mount skills are purely for visual effects and have no impact on combat. Some mount skills do, however, make the mount move faster temporarily, like the Chamkuri's skill Run.

Some mounts also have a dodge, like your character does, making them move faster. To use a mount's dodge, click the spacebar while mounted.

How to Change Mounts in Lost Ark?

change mount


Before riding any mount, it needs to be added to the player's collection. New mounts first appear in the inventory. Open inventory, locate the mount and right-click on it. This will add the mount to the player's collection.

The default shortcut to open the mount collection is Alt + V. Players can mount up from here by right-clicking the desired map. However, a better, more functional alternative would be dragging one of the mounts to the Hotbar for quick access.

What Skills are Available for Mounts in Lost Ark?

Mounts can also benefit from using mount skills that are unique to them. These skills can range from speed, flying, running, and summoning to amazing effects like releasing water, sunbathing, bubbles, and talking.

This wraps up the Lost Ark Mount guide, and now you know how to earn and use your mounts. Try them in the game!

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