How To Level Up Fast in Lost Ark?

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How To Level Up Fast in Lost Ark?


Most Western region players are new to Lost Ark, and they are eager to know how they should level up their character. For that reason, this guide will discuss everything you need to know on how to level up Fast in Lost Ark so that you can reach max level quickly and get into endgame content to earn the best gear.

1. Main Story Quest

Completing the Main Story Quest, or MSQ is the primary source of EXP in Lost Ark. By completing MSQ alone, players should be able to reach level 40.

2. Side Quests

Side quests yield nearly as much exp as the MSQ, and players should be grabbing them out for a healthy boost to levels. They also provide you with different gear that makes high-level missions easier for you and thus greatly contribute to your future EXP farming.

3. Sudden Quests

Always focus on sudden quests. They will yield a larger amount of exp than side quests, so they should always be done when they appear.

4. Don't Waste Time Killing Enemies

You will encounter many random enemies in the game but killing them offers little to no XP. Therefore, kill only those you need to kill to complete your quests. Completing the quest will provide you with XP as a reward.

5. Use Potions

Potions allow you to get more EXP from killed mobs and make you faster and more efficient in your goal, so you can't horde Lost Ark items and potions but keep hold of percentage-based HP potions for later.

6. Utilize Speed Via Mounts To Level Faster

Use the fast travel feature to level up quickly in Lost Ark. Players are given a mount before leaving the starting city, so it should be used at every given opportunity to navigate the sprawling maps quickly. Additionally, to fast travel, open your map and look on the left side to find a list of Triports, which are locations you can teleport to in Lost Ark. Those ways save much more time and allow you to get that EXP faster.

7. Use Normal Difficulty

Lost Ark features several difficulty levels. Though harder difficulty does give more rewards, these are almost always in loot and not EXP. Therefore, making normal difficulties allows you to complete them faster and get the same EXP.

8. Play Solo

Unless you are playing with your friends at a party, avoid playing with random players. The game mainly forces your group to split off and do separate tasks, reducing the efficiency of your EXP Farming.

9. Switch up to World Quests when Finding the Arks

Once you get to Finding the Arks, you'll have to switch to World Quests to continue your Lost Ark leveling. This is the best way to level up rapidly.

That's how you can level up fast in Lost Ark. Follow these basic steps, and you'll shave off hours from your overall time! Also, be sure to visit for more tips and information on the game.

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