How to Quickly Earn Lost Ark Gold?

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In Lost Ark, the upgrade materials for raids and dungeons are essential for later game progression and the Lost Ark Gold. This is required to upgrade equipment or as a payment method for the auction house - you can buy engravings, resources, consumables, and even skins from the real money shop there. This article will explain the possibility of getting gold in the Lost Ark.

How to Quickly Earn Lost Ark Gold?

The most straightforward and self-explanatory way to get your first gold in The Lost Ark is through quests. Even in the level stage, you will often find missions that reward a small amount of gold.
You'll unlock new areas regularly as you level up your items, so there are always new quests to discover in the final stages. In endgame areas like Punica, the gold rewards are, of course, much more extensive.

By the way, there should be another area in May where you can also complete new missions - you can find more information in the roadmap:
Next class in May - Destroyer: The next class is coming in May, the fourth advanced warrior class. Armed with a very large hammer, he plunges into the center of the fight and uses his powerful blows to manipulate gravity. Slow down, knock and tug on enemies - all of this is possible if you hit hard enough.

Other changes for May:

- New Judgment Guardian raid, defeating three Guardians per week.
- Improved group search
- Better UI and valuable features for marketplaces and auction houses
- New hairstyle
- Ability to summon a random mount

Exchange Una Tokens

The most valuable option is to complete enough daily and weekly tasks each week to earn the maximum amount of Una Tokens. You can then exchange these for gold loot boxes at a branded dealer in one of the capital cities.
In theory, a lot of gold is possible here, but the chances of winning - like in the Lost Ark - are about chance.
Bulky Gold (80 Una Tokens): 200 Gold + a chance to earn 100 or 1,000 Gold.
Small Safe (200 Una Tokens): 600 Gold + a chance to get an additional 100 or 1,000 Gold.
Large Gold Chest (500 Una Tokens): 1,250 Gold + a chance to earn an additional 100, 1,000, or 10,000 Gold.

Abyssal Dungeon

Successful completion of the Abyssal Dungeon will reward a large amount of gold. The only downside is that each character can only claim the reward once a week.
As a result, many players get extra characters to earn gold coins. You can make weekly rewards for up to six different characters.

Chaos Dungeon

Regardless, you're guaranteed to complete them every day, but you can occasionally earn gold in Chaos Dungeons.
If you are lucky, after defeating the boss in the second level, there will be a portal leading to the bonus level to get gold coins and various materials.

Auction House
In the auction house, you can not only spend gold. Of course, you can also take it. Popular trade items where you can always find buyers are as follows:
- Engraving Instructions
- Upgrade material
- Accessories such as earrings, rings, and necklaces with matching value
- Skill Stones with Demand Skills

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