How to quickly level up to level 50 in the lost ark

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In Lost Ark, you reach level 50, the so-called soft cap, in a relatively short time. On the other hand, the road to level 60 takes weeks or even months. At LostArkGold reveal how to get to level 50 fast and what to do after.


How to quickly level up to level 50 in the lost ark

How to quickly reach level 50? You can get the soft cap relatively quickly by completing tasks:
1. Complete all missions with orange markers - this is the main story
2. Complete all assignments with purple and blue characteristics - these will give you stats and skill points
3. Complete all quests marked in red - these quests will disappear after a while. So these have the highest priority.

After unlocking the boat ride, you should stick to the given path: Tortoyk -> Anikka -> Arthetine. After that, all you have to do is go to North Fern. There you get about 33% of the last level. So make sure you already have level 49 and 66% experience.
After graduating from North Fern, you will reach level 50.

Three essential tips for Leveling:
1. Activate Triporters in the world. To do this, you have to select them with a mouse click. Don't forget this, as teleportation can save you some walking distance.
2. Complete the required dungeons only on Easy difficulty. Dungeons have almost no experience points, which is why it's not worth it to stay in them for long periods.
3. First, turn your skill points into damage. You can relearn skills later for free to emphasize aura and team support.

How long does it take to get to level 50?
Experienced players will need a 12 to 15-hour journey. However, this includes not reading the task text and being done dully. Beginners and fans can plan about 20 hours.

Fast leveling makes you miss a lot.
What are players missing when leveling up quickly? In addition to the three task types mentioned, there are two more:
Quests marked in pink are related to NPCs and the flirting system. These bring good credits experience points and are needed later to get these NPCs to your island and use them to place orders there.
Missions marked in yellow are classic side missions. Sometimes you have to do some of this in Artthetine.
But otherwise, there is no reason to rush to level 50. You miss the story and steal a portion of the game for yourself.

How to level up more characters to 50?
In theory, you can use other classes for the Leveling process. You experience the same missions and tasks again. However, there are several ways to skip this.
You can buy more power passes for real money. For one thing, Amazon gave us two power passes. If you play it right, these can get you two more characters straight to level 50.
Alternatively, you can level up with new characters on your island. This requires 600 Lost Ark Gold and an 8-hour wait.

What's the next step after level 50?
Once you hit the soft cap, you'll hit your following significant milestones, levels 55 and 60. However, from then on, you'll need so many experience points that you'll spend weeks leveling up.
However, the extra levels give you skill points that you can use to strengthen your skills further. This is important for higher-level dungeons and raids.
After level 50, you level up primarily through new quests in the main story and side quests and dungeons. The sheer crush of monsters brings almost nothing to Lost Ark.
The Western version of The Lost Ark even got new content at launch from Dungeons and Raids.

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