How to Set Lost Ark Estoque Sailor and Upgrade Lv10 Materials?

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The Estoque is the base ship of the Lost Ark and the most commonly used. The reason is that it has specifications with uniform tolerances and suitable speeds. Although the owners are level 10 in Astray, we have upgraded to level 10 in Estoque, and the cooperation is smooth sailing. Crew and upgrade information and ride quality? Let's write a review.

How to Set Lost Ark Estoque Sailor and Upgrade Lv10 Materials?

What is Lost Ark Estoque?
Ships were obtained after clearing the Crying Storm dungeon of the Eastern Lutheran Church. I think it's the #1 upgrade boat because of its durability, resistance, and speed. Especially if you like sailing co-op, if you don't like it, you can use level 10 to move, and then use level 7 to prepare an Astray.
The advantage is that I increased the required resistances, such as skill points, by using the hull. After putting on the tempo set Kalcal Calpupu to give the dead a 5 and 4 storm, I looked back at Peyton Dead.



Lost Arc Estoke Upgrade Material (LV1~10)
Material Count Cost Place of sale
Plain wood 180 45,000 Pirate Coins  
Fine wood 190 71,250 pirate coins  
General Ship Parts 1,045 Exchanges and crafting merchants  
luxury ship parts 117 Exchanges and crafting merchants  
rare ship parts 94 Exchanges and crafting merchants  
Estoke Blueprint 60 pieces 1,500 Guiana Coins Lutheran Harbor
Bilbrin wood 112 2,800 Krater Coins Rohandel port
Gray Hammer Iron Ingot 170 pieces 4,250 Arturs Coins Yon Harbor
Mane Wave Canvas 128 3,200 Ancient Coins Peyton Harbor
Steel sheet 230 115,000 Pirate Coins  
Special steel plate 130 pieces 81,250 pirate coins  




Lost Arc Estoque Sailor Set
For the speed setting of the Estoque units, Kalcal Calpupu is mainly used. At level 10, there may be a higher speed than the expected 38.3 in regular operation. I think it isn't easy because the tolerances are different for each voyage co-op area. Still, it would be great to set it with Calputatata, as Tasha will increase the overall tolerance evenly. In this case, the speed is deficient, so I recommend selecting Kalcalpuputa as I did.

Artifact Sailor
Artifacts Karl and Fuling can be purchased from the Grand City Sailor Merchant (Iaru) for 80,000 Pirate Coins.
Alternatively, Kars can exchange 80,160 Papunika Tumblr Pirate Coins and Abyssal Tears for the Sailor Merchant in the Misty Isles, but the former is the most efficient. Please buy it from Iaru.

legendary sailor
Legendary sailors also use Carl and Fuling. Both can be purchased from Sailor Merchants in major cities for 40,000 Pirate Coins.
Kars can be exchanged for 4008 Big Horns on the Harpoon Line!

Hero Sailors and Rare Sailors
You can gain hero rank when you gain Karth's trust in the Eastern Lutheran Church's Zongbo Harbor. Rare Tasha can be purchased from Slime Island merchant Yulia. Many channels are open when the Battle of the Three Spirits event is held on Sunday. Collect 6,000 Jelly Coins and exchange them. Buying on Sundays is a rule of thumb as each channel sells random, premium, and rare items.



So far, I have sorted out the Lost Ark sailor upgrade materials. If you have enough Lost Ark Gold and the ride is good enough to level 10, I hope you can move around the island comfortably with at least level 7. (I think it's better to go up to level 7 and prepare for Astray. If you are strong, use level 10!)

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