How to unlock a relationship with South Vern Thar?

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Thar is one of the Lost Ark relationship NPCs in South Vern. It's not immediately available and must be unlocked first. This will take a few days. In this guide, you'll learn what tasks you have to complete and what rewards and How much Lost Ark Gold Thar offers.

Unlock Condition: Mission The Sun Rises Again
To develop a relationship with Thar, you must first complete the quest The Sun Rises Again icon for the Lost Ark Adventure quest, which starts at Avele in Vern Castle. To unlock this Mission, you must complete a quest chain and a follow-up quest within a few days.
Note: In addition to the Lost Ark Adventure Mission Icon The Sun Rises Again, you also need the Lost Ark Icon Valor 150 and the Lost Ark Icon Good 150 to interact with Thar.

Questline (takes a few days)
Once you've completed South Fern's main story until the Lost Ark Weltquest-Icon Chaos Invasion, you can begin a quest chain of five quests.
Tasks for this group can only be completed once a day. So you need five days to complete this questline.


  Quests Start NPC Zone
1 Ealyn's reputation Ealyn (Castle Vern) Castle Vern
2 Examine Candaria's holy statue Speaker Alberto (Castle Vern) Castle Vern, Candaria's territory
3 The moon looking at the sky Speaker Alberto (Castle Vern) Castle Vern, port of Krona
4 Eye of the Typhoon Speaker aker Alberto (Castle Vern) Castle Vern
5 sunset Speaker Alberto (Castle Vern) Vern Castle, Bellion Ruins

Mission solved, and the sun rises again.
After completing the questline, you can accept Chancellor Alberto's quest, The Lost Ark Adventure quest icon decision at Fern Castle.
The Lost Ark Adventure quest icon This quest is a prerequisite for searching for The Sun Rises from Avel at Castle Fern again, which ultimately unlocks Tarr's relationship.

Tal Relationship: Rewards and What He Likes
Lost Ark NPC Larhalt
Song: Song of the Sun (+300)
Prost (+250)
Schwur (+300)
Lost Ark Icon Valor Mute: 150
Lost Ark Icon Good Quality: 150
lost ark purple quest icon sun rises again
Note: Bringing your relationship with Thar into the Familiar is required to progress in Adventurer's Tome: South Vern.


Rank Awards Points points total
neutral 1 Ancient platinum coinx4 (= 80,000 Silver) 500 500
neutral 2   1,500 2,000
friendly 1 Pouch: Battle of Honor Engraving Guidex2
Ancient platinum coinx6 (= 12,000 Silver)
5,300 7,300
friendly 2   8,000 15,300
friendly 3   9,500 24,800
friends 1 Boost Potionx1 (+5 Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence)
Menelik's tomex3
11,000 35,800
friends 2   11,000 46,800
friends 3   11,000 57,800
Trusted courage potionx1 (+10 Courage)
secret card
Magical Vern Brandy(Poison report)


How to unlock a relationship with South Vern Thar?

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