How to unlock Lost Ark Chaos Line Dungeons and get rewards and protection tokens?

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The Chaos Line is a new weekly event for The Lost Ark that rivals Torment Island. Dungeons were introduced in the April Update and the new continent South Vern.

Chaos Line Facts
A weekly dungeon in the Bellion Ruins area of ​​South Vern.
Normal: ilvl 1370
Difficulty: ilvl 1415 (not yet available)

Two weekly passes for weekly missions.
Tickets are available for Normal and Hard.
Group size: 1-4

You will receive currency for each difficulty level, which can be exchanged at the merchant:
Ordinary: Shunt Blutmagiestein
Hard: not applicable
It takes about 5-10 minutes to run

Unlock Chaos Lines
Unlock the Chaos Thread after completing South Fern's main story (after completing The Lost Ark Weltquest-Icon Chaos Invasion)
Near the Chaos Dungeon in Fern Castle, you can do the advisor quest The Lost Ark quest icon Lyra [Advisor] to become a member of the Knights Magic Scholar Yeneka to accept.
This quest will take you to the Chaos Line in the Bellion Ruins area.

Get your Chaos Line ticket.

You get 2x logo every week from the weekly quest Lost Ark quest icon Gelb [weekly] I must protect at Bellion Ruins.
This task takes about 5 minutes.
Regular and hard tickets are the same.
Quest Lost Ark quest icon Laila [Strategy] Become a member of the Knights, take you to the Chaos Line, and bring you two trademarks.
Logos are stackable. This means you can collect them and run them several times a week.

Chaos Line Rewards
Split Brut Magician can be exchanged with Professor Farhat at the Berrian ruins. Chaos Line rewards are unique and apply to the whole team! You can purchase all items at once, after which the rewards will not be renewed. Normal and Hard bring Lost Ark Gold and different currencies.

How to unlock Lost Ark Chaos Line Dungeons and get rewards and protection tokens?

You can earn approximately 750 Split Brut Magistani for each Chaos Thread functioning correctly. According to this infographic from civo, it will take about three weeks to buy all the rewards.

Hardmode is currently unavailable in the game.

Full Ship #7
Chaos line bosses have a chance of #7 drops for the entire ship. So even if you've collected all the rewards, there's still a reason to run dungeons regularly.

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