Lost Ark: A detailed guide to ship, navigation, and islands

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Earlier, we covered a detailed guide to all ships in Lost Ark. Today, let's take a look at some other detailed guides on ship and navigation in Lost Ark. In this guide, you will find everything related to the Ships, the navigation, and the Islands in Lost Ark. Having many topics below in Red, you will have direct access to each content.



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General Information

The information about the Ship and its current status can be consulted in the following interface:

  1. This is a basic ability that a ship possesses. It can be used with the keys  Q,  Wand  Euse the skills of raising treasure, throwing a harpoon, and catching a net, respectively.
  2. The current strength of the Ship is displayed. When it reaches 0, the Ship sinks.
  3. The Ship's speed is displayed. When stopped, the counter reads 0.0 knots.
  4. The positive/negative effect obtained by swimming is shown.
  5. You can moor at the port using this icon or pressing the key  Z.
  6. You can auto navigate the sea by pressing "auto move" or key  T.
  7. The full stroke indicator is displayed. The scale fills during the movement of the Ship. After filling by pressing the key defined, you can accelerate the Ship.
  8. Hazardous water sensors are displayed. When entering dangerous waters, the scale gradually fills. When it fills, a penalty of the Ship's strength is removed, depending on its resistance. Information about the dangerous sea area is indicated below the sensor.
  9. To send a signal to nearby ships, you can use the beep (  С).
  10. With the key,  Мyou can open the world map and set an automatic route.


In sailing, you sail the sea, controlling a ship, not a character.

You can move the Ship by clicking. Use the key  Тto make the Ship move automatically.

As the ship moves, the "Maximum Speed" scale accumulates. Once it's full, use it as a bascule (7) Tecla definida to move the boat faster over some time.



Ship Moving At Full Speed

The Ship's "durability" runs out when it travels a certain distance, the decrease in durability increases when the Ship is in dangerous waters.

When the durability reaches 0, the Ship will be shipwrecked. It is impossible to go to the island or use any skill in this state.

If the durability is below a certain level, the Ship's movement speed increases due to the coordinated work of the sailors. To make your navigation more fluid, we recommend that you control the strength of your boat.




The sea is large enough compared to any continent in the game, and it can take a long time to move to a certain point.

For more efficient navigation, use automatic routing:

  • While navigating, open the world map and press (  Alt+ M ) on the destination, and the Ship will automatically start moving to the specified location.
  • If there is an obstacle in the way, the Ship automatically moves along the shortest path.
  • You can specify up to 4 destinations. If there are dangerous waters on the way, it is recommended to take a detour.
  • If you use some of the Ship's abilities or press a key  Тduring the autoroute, the movement will stop. Press the key  Тto resume automatic routing.
  • To completely cancel the route, click the "Cancel" button on the world map.
  • If you press the key  Тwithout selecting a destination, the Ship will move straight.




If you dock with the (Z) key in a port on any continent, you will be able to enter the port.

While in port, you can check various items needed to navigate, such as changing the ship/crew, changing the look, upgrading, and repairing the Ship.

※ You can only change appearance, change crew on board, and restore durability when you are anchored near a port or Anchorage

  • List of sailors on board the selected Ship. You can right-click on the sailor to disembark him.
  • List of ships that are available to you. You can choose any available ship and set sail on it.
  • Shows general information about the Ship, a list of available skills, and information on how to upgrade the Ship.
  • The characteristics of the selected Ship are displayed.
  • Information about resistance to hazardous water is displayed.
  • When you change the Ship, its characteristics will be displayed.
  • Information about the strength and maximum strength of the Ship. [Ship Models: You can check and apply models to the Ship. Candle pattern: you can change the candle pattern. Command: Find information about the sailors and select the ones you need for the current Ship. Repair: restoration of the Ship's durability.]

Clicking "Go to Land" will take you to the continent that owns the port. If you click on "Go to the sea," you will go to the sea.



The Veil of Proceus

The Ocean of Arkesia is divided into the "Ocean of Gineah" in the east and the "Ocean of Procyon" in the west.

The journey begins in the ocean of Gineah. To enter the Ocean of Procyon, overcoming the Veil of Proceus or mist is necessary.

He visits the sailor Leonard, who is in the port of all the continents located in the Ocean of Gineah. After completing the Mission "New Sea," you will be able to break the Veil.

※ The New Sea quest can be completed once, and all characters can cross the Veil.



Ship Types

There are currently eight types of ships in Arkeria.

Each Ship has different characteristics and resistance to dangerous waters, so before setting sail, it is necessary to check the capabilities of the selected Ship.



Specialized in Seiren waters and underwater exploration

The most basic ship

  • Long distances are hard to come by, but you can repair the Ship at the Ports and continue your journey.
  • It helps you get through sandstorms and waters inhabited by mermaids.
  • It is obtained by default at the beginning of the trip.



It is a ship with the unique appearance of Anitz.

  • This is a fast boat.
  • Helps get through plants, sandstorms, and stormy waters.
  • You can find it by revealing Anitz's ominous energy.



An essential icebreaker for your first visit to Sushire

  • It is useful when going through cold waters, sirens, and storms
  • You can get it as a gift from Queen Eidalin if you stop the spirit of the invading man



It is a small and fast boat.

  • Although the Ship's durability is somewhat low, the speed is high, good for sea hunting or short-distance travel.
  • Helps get through plants, sandstorms, and waters in mermaid areas.



This business line reflects Bern's exceptional aesthetic.

  • It helps you get through sandstorms, sirens, and cold waters.
  • If you work responsibly at Roppang Co., Ltd., responsible for logistics transportation in Accra, you can get the reward.



A mechanical ship whose weapons are sealed in a forbidden naval battle after the Wars of the Chains.

  • This is very useful when traversing stormy waters.
  • Reach 30 Defendants in Hypnos' Eyes and gain access to a defending champion unlike any other in history.



The fastest Ship.

  • Very useful when traversing water and sirens.
  • Only those who Black Teeth have favored can obtain it.


Eibern's Wounds

You can check the Ship's characteristics through the navigation window by clicking on the key Zwhile navigating.

The characteristics of the Ship will gradually increase as the Ship improves.

  • Ship Rank: The higher the rank, the longer you can sail at sea.
  • Base Ship Speed: Refers to the normal speed of the Ship. Temporary enlargement or reduction effects, such as enhancements, are not displayed.
  • Full Drive Acceleration: This is the movement speed gained when using Full Drive.
  • Full Stroke Reserve: The time for which the full stroke is held. Each Ship has a different running time at full speed.
  • Full Turn Handicap: This shows how the far full turn is restored. Five hundred units are needed to restore.
  • Hull Wear: Wearing on a ship's durability over a certain distance while sailing. Ships have different hull wear.



Ship Skills

All ships have the same abilities:

Travel Skill 1.png
Lift sunken load It is used to raise treasures during quests.
Travel Skill 12.png
Harpoon release It is used to attack sea monsters during missions.
Travel Ability 0.png
To fish It is used to lift certain items or remove them during missions.
Travel Skill 97.png
Awesome harpoon Shoot harpoons at sea monsters, damaging and stunning them.



Upgrading Ship

Ships can be upgraded for more comfortable sailing.

Collect various materials from all over the sea to upgrade your Ship!

When upgraded, the level of the ship increases, and the characteristics of the Ship and its resistance to dangerous waters improve.

Also, as the level increases, the number of sailors recruited increases.

  • You can check the level of the current Ship. If you click the upgrade button, you can see the upgrade information and required materials.
  • If you click "Confirm" with all materials collected, the Ship will be upgraded.

Some ships will become more beautiful with improvements, for example, by adding sails, flags, or other decorative elements.



Change Candlestick Pattern

Galleon, Jonka, Bark, and Battleship can change sails. (Icebreaker, Caravel, Clipper, and Ghost Ship ships cannot change sail pattern)

A ship with a modified sail.

To use a unique candle, you need to buy it from an NPC or get it from other activities.

After obtaining and using the sail, its drawing will appear in the "Sail Color" menu and be applied to the Ship.

The sail design can only be changed in port.

  • You click the Candle Color button to see all the candles you have.
  • You click on the selected sail pattern to apply it to the Ship.



Ship Model

The appearance of the Ship can be changed using the selected ship model.

Some ship models have their abilities or resistance to dangerous waters.

Ship model hit points are given for each type of dangerous water.

You can independently distribute the Ship's hardiness points by choosing the required types of dangerous waters.

There are limits on the maximum number of resistance points for each type of dangerous water. You can only save if you use all the points available for the type of Ship.



Ship's Crew

Once the Ship is moored from the port, you can command your Ship. Sailors are generally adept at weathering dangerous waters and increasing a ship's normal speed. Some sailors have special abilities.

To check the sailors or select a sailor in the Ship's crew, it is necessary to press (Z key) in the port. By clicking "Crew" in the bottom panel, you can see all the sailors you currently have and select a team if there is free space on the selected Ship.



Loyal Sailors

Sailors attached only to a specific ship are called "loyal" sailors. Loyal sailors have a higher skill level than regular sailors.

Ordinary sailors can board any ship. Sailors can be hired for various currencies, such as traveling merchant ships.



Hazardous Waters

There are six hazardous water zones in the oceans of Arkesia. They are divided into levels from 1 to 4. The higher the level of hazardous waters, the more resistance the Ship requires.


Travel Skill 84.png
kelp forests This is an area with a lot of algae. The longer you stay in this area, the ship's speed will decrease drastically.
Travel Skill 85.png
muddy waters In muddy waters, the boat's durability steadily decreases. When a powerful sandstorm hits, durability can drop dramatically and field of view is temporarily reduced.
Travel Skill 88.png
sea ​​of ​​mermaids In the seas where mermaids live, the durability of the ship constantly decreases. Sometimes the temptation of the sirens affects sailors so much that they cannot navigate the ship, causing serious damage.
Travel Skill 87.png
frozen seas This is an area of ​​the sea with severe frost. When moving, the force consumption increases. Due to frost, the ship can freeze - the speed of movement decreases, and the strength of the ship drops sharply.
Travel Skill 86.png
storm waters This is an area of ​​the sea where violent storms break out. The force and speed of movement of the ship decreases. Due to heavy rain and wind, resistance to dangerous waters is reduced and ship skills may not be available.
Travel Skill 89.png
dead strait These are mysterious and dangerous waters filled with the dead. The ship's durability and speed have been significantly reduced. If she has no resistance to the Dead Sea, she will not be able to enter the islands located there. When the energy of the dead accumulates, the ship's durability decreases drastically, the field of vision decreases for a while, and the ship's abilities are also blocked.

By pressing the world map ( key  М) while you are in the sea, you will be able to see all the dangerous waters.

By hovering over the dangerous water icon, you can check its level and the Ship's stability. The stability of the Ship is established through the sum of the ship model, the crew, plus the Ship itself.

  • Durability: 60 or more
  • Normal: 30 ~ 59
  • Low: 0 ~ 29
  • Very Low: −1 ~ −29
  • Critical: -30 or less.

To participate in activities or visit islands located in dangerous waters, be sure to check the recommended level. Don't forget to select the right sailors to visit the dangerous waters.

※ By using some ship models, you can get extra stamina points.


Marine activity

Sailing is sailing the sea with the right crew on board a wonderful ship and numerous adventures. There is a variety of content that will make your browsing even more enjoyable.



There are many islands in the oceans of Arkesia. Each island has its own story and unique island tiles. Right now. If there are two crossed swords on the island icon, this means that this island is a PvP island. In it, you can fight against other players.



Lost Ark All Islands Guide - How to get island tokens?

The islands of LOST ARK are divided into "Regular Islands," "Temporary Islands," and "Adventure Islands."


Island type Explanation
Regular island
  • This island is always open and can be accessed at any time.
  • Some islands can only be reached after completing certain quests 
Temporary islands
  • They are islands that appear every day at a certain time and are only available at that time.
  • The island will appear 10 minutes after the crater appears.
  • The entrance is only available for one of your characters.
Adventure island
  • It is an island that only appears in Proceus' Compass.
  • The island appears 10 minutes after the crater appears.
  • The entrance is only available for one of your characters .

Additionally, hovering over each island's icon on the world map will verify the island entry information and recommended gear level. It is recommended to verify this information before entering the island.

"Island Tokens" is a unique collectible reward that can be obtained on the island, and depending on the number of souls collected, you can receive various rewards from the NPC.

You can find more information about the Souls of the Islands here. You have all the guides.



Proceus Compass

Unlike regular and temporary islands, they are special islands that appear according to the Proceus Compass timetable.

Islands of Adventure appear simultaneously at 9:00 p.m. (to be confirmed EU NA server) from Monday to Friday and at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. (to be confirmed EU NA server) on weekends. 

On the island, you can get the Island Token and buy some goods and materials. Check the calendar [Alt + H] or use the Proceus Compass icon below the minimap. Don't miss out on the various rewards.

※ You can check the weather of Islands of Adventure in the notification settings. With this setting, you can set notifications for the islands you need.




Various events are often held at sea. Participate in the events, form a team with other players, or compete to achieve the goal. Group/competitive events are completed during a certain time so that you can participate in several events in a row. Once finished, you will receive the corresponding reward.

To participate in events and achieve the best results, it is recommended to have a good boat and an excellent crew. [Tip] Before starting the event, check the conditions for participating in it by hovering over the event icon on the world map [M]. Some events take place in dangerous waters, so if you don't have the right stamina, you won't participate. Also, some group events take place in a separate area, to which you will be transported through the portal.




In some dead seas, ghost ships appear filled with hideous undead. Each ghost ship has a corresponding difficulty level. There are tier 1 and 2 ghost ships, and you can find them on a fixed schedule.


Level Recommended Equipment Level Location Name
1st level 415 Dead Sea near the Rohendel continent A ghost ship wandering in nightmares.
2nd level 915 Dead Sea near the Feiton mainland A ghost ship wandering in the shadows

Only 15 players can enter the Ghost Ship. When the event is completed, players receive various rewards based on their contributions.



Sea ​​Treasure Map

You will occasionally receive a sea treasure map when you travel by sea.

An adventure story, shipwreck, or sunken treasure can be found at the locations indicated on the Sea Treasure Map.

※ The treasure map can only be used by the character who received it.


Adventure Story Shipwreck Sunken Treasures
  • You can discover many adventures 
  • As you unlock adventures, you gain experience and resistance to dangerous waters.
  • Adventure stories are considered collectible, you can check the collection using [Alt + L].
  • You can get rewards for unlocking stories from the NPC on the Paradise Waves cruise ship.
  • You can enter a ship wrecked by storms.
  • By exploring a sunken ship, you can get a treasure chest and other rewards.
  • Sunken treasures can be discovered through 'underwater exploration'.



Floating Cargo

As you browse, you can find rum barrels and supplies. If you lift the floating weight [G key], you will get a useful buff for swimming.


Regular charge
GuideBookImg 2005--34.png
When received, it has an effect that restores a small amount of the ship's durability.
Golden charge
GuideBookImg 2005--35.png
When received, it has an effect that restores a large portion of the ship's durability.
Barrel of darkened rum
GuideBookImg 2005--36.png
When received, it has an effect that restores full turn meters.
Rum barrel for first aid
GuideBookImg 2005--37.png
When it rises, it has an effect that blocks dangerous waters from rising for a while.



Pirate Coins

While browsing, you can get Lost Ark gold to participate in various events and complete quests. For the gold received on ships, you can buy items to improve the Ship, materials for sharpening, or recruit new sailors for the team.

For example, Pirate Coins is the main currency used all over the world, for it you can buy items not only on wandering ships but also on some islands.




When traveling by sea, you may not notice how the Ship's durability has dropped to a critical level. If there is a port nearby, you can quickly go to it and repair it, but it can be difficult if it is far from the port. You can repair your Ship at Anchorage. Visit the nearest one to restore the Ship's strength. To use Anchorage, you must first reach it and open it.

To open, you will need Pirate Coins. After opening it for 20 minutes, you can use it as a personal port.

Unlike normal ports, Aboriginal villages cannot be landed and cannot be opened during a shipwreck.

Information about open villages is inherited. You can open towns that other seekers have discovered.



Merchant Ships

Merchant ships dock at the port or on an island. You can use them to purchase various items obtained while browsing.


Merchant ship This is a merchant ship that sells ship upgrade resources, character development materials, and other items. Always in a port.
Jonka of the Fishermen's Guild A merchant ship that sells ship and sailor upgrade materials for its crew. Each port has a different time.
Harpooners Guild Caravel A merchant ship where you can buy sea treasure maps, ship upgrade materials, and sailors. He spawns at different times in the port, so as not to run into the fishing guild ship, because they have a bad relationship.
Royal merchant ship This is a merchant ship that sells a limited number of rare items. The products change with each appearance. It only spawns in Gineah's ocean near different islands.
Bern's newest merchant ship This is a merchant ship that sells a limited number of rare items. The products change with each appearance. It only spawns in the Procyon Ocean near various islands.
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