Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos: The Definitive Guide to Phase 1

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In the following guide, discover what you will face in the battle against Argos and the mechanics of the different phases . Each one has its differences and some mechanics are somewhat complicated. Here is a guide to Abyss Raid Argos phase 1 and Find everything you need to know to defeat argos here.








Phase 1: Item Level 1370

At the beginning of the fight, glyphs will be randomly assigned to the two groups, Sun and Moon. These assigned patterns will determine immunity and safe zones in some attacks.



Magic Circle

Argos moves to the center, Sun and Moon magic circles will be created. The magic circle pattern is an attack that inflicts instant death. You have a few seconds to avoid damage by moving to the circle that matches your glyph. There can only be one character per circle, so we recommend assigning each member's safe spots beforehand. If more than one character per circle or the circle does not match your assigned attribute, you will die.

After this mechanic, don't attack the boss while you see the bar around it, about 30s. If a Sun party member attacks by mistake, a Moon party member must also attack them to compensate. Of course, the same thing happens if a Moon party member attacks the boss first. If it is not compensated and when the bar disappears, there is a Sun / Moon mark, the opposing group will receive great damage. Ideally, it would be best if you waited until the bar disappears without attacking.

When the bar disappears, the glyphs assigned to each group will change. If your group were Sun, it would become Moon and vice versa.




It lifts its paw and claws forward. If he raises his left paw, he goes to the right; if he raises his right paw, he goes to the left. It's not easy to see and dodge, but it's not a strong attack. The range is wide to the side, so you can take damage even if you're not facing it.




It lowers the antlers and then raises them. It can be easily evaded as it hits slowly and only forwards. Occasionally adds a shockwave to the front, so it's not recommended to evade by moving forward, evading to the sides, or backward.



Slow Charge

Lower your head and slowly charge forward. It's easy to dodge but dangerous as it's a multi-hit attack to the front. You can use it up to 3 times in a row and combine it with Antlers.



Fast Charge

Lower your head and quickly run forward. It starts similar to Antlers, and you can avoid it if you're not facing it. However, when the dash ends, he jumps on the spot, knocking back and dealing damage, so don't get close until after you see him jump on the spot.



Horned Charge

It is similar to Quick Charge but shorter and raises its head after the charge. The attack range is less compared to quick charge. However, keep in mind that you can also take some damage to the sides.



Back Kick

Jump on the spot and use then kick back, and it will launch you into the air. You won't be safe on the sides either, as it can change direction during the jump. It won't be easy to dodge if Argos spins in the air due to his fast attack speed. Fortunately, the damage is pretty low.



Jump & Spin

Jumping and landing, the body rotates. After a while, it deals heavy damage outwards in all directions. You will avoid damage by staying close to Argos. While Argos is running the pattern, you can deal damage, as he will not hit you if you are close to him.



Shock Wave

Raise your front legs and generate a shock wave forward. The range is quite wide. It can be dangerous if you are in the front. However, the attack speed is very slow, so you may not take any damage if you quickly dodge to the side. You can use it up to 3 times in a row.



Fire Orbs

Argos fires orbs at the aggro target. The orbs deal splash damage; if you have aggro and are targeted by the orbs, it is best to avoid them while staying as far away from your allies as possible, so they don't take damage.



Big Leap

Jump on the spot and disappear from the screen to land on the target of the aggro. Move quickly and try to avoid it. It can be dangerous as it deals a lot of damage. If you dodge the hit but don't get far enough away, you won't take any damage, but you will take an earthquake.



Flash Attack

Disappear from the screen, and you will see some cracks appear at the position of the one who has the aggro, quickly dealing damage in the area. It will not be easy to escape due to the speed of the attack, but try to escape when you see the cracks appear since the damage received can be high.




Long cracks appear in the ground in front of and behind Argos. After a while, a huge explosion occurs in and in that direction of the crack. It's not difficult as the sign announcing it is long and visible, but it can be dangerous if you don't see cracks in the middle of a fierce attack. It is one of the important patterns to avoid because the damage is quite high.



Sun and Moon Patterns

Unlike normal attacks, in the case of a sun or moon mechanic, the way to evade the attack changes depending on the glyph. For example, Argos's yellow tile attack doesn't work on the sun glyph, and the violet tile attack doesn't work on the Moon.



To Be

Fire a laser forward. It's not hard to avoid. Be careful, though, because a mosaic is created around it. The laser and tile attribute always match, and if your glyph matches the attribute, you will not take any damage.




The moon or sun glyph is drawn around the boss, one in the center and the opposite on the outside. You can dodge it by quickly moving to the area that matches your mark. After a time, the area with the glyphs explodes, dealing damage to party members with the other glyph.




Create a mark on the floor identical to the character's glyph. The mark of your glyph won't harm you, but it's not easy to avoid it completely because the marks often get mixed up with each other. If it is difficult to find a safe place, one of the ways to avoid damage is to stay away.




Argos creates an aura around himself that lasts for about 30 seconds. If you have the same glyph as the aura, you can ignore it, but you will see a new bar below your life bar if you have the opposite mark and stay inside the aura. If that bar reaches 0, you will take a lot of damage.

To avoid taking damage, you must recharge the gauge before it reaches 0 by exiting the aura area for a few seconds and entering again.



Explosive Mark

A moon or Sun is drawn around Argos, and it explodes after a while. If you have the same glyph, you can ignore it, but you should quickly escape and avoid it if it's a different make than yours.



Orb Generation

Four Sun or Moon glyph orbs spawn around Argos and move slowly. After a while, a large explosive mosaic is created around the orb. Party members with the same glyph must consume one orb each to avoid an explosion. Anyone who consumes more than one will be stunned and take damage. However, it is possible to use the shield and process more than two Lost Ark orbs.




Argos uses one of two wide-area attacks at the end of the disabled. You don't have to dodge the attack if it matches your glyph. If Argos is yellow during the neutralization, he will attack the surrounding area after the neutralization is complete, and if he is purple, he will attack the outside.



Mechanical Pizza One

A pizza-shaped mosaic is created around Argos and explodes after a while. You will take a lot of damage when hit, and you can use it up to 3 times in a row, so it's important to stay tuned until the end. You must stay in the yellow portion if you have a sun glyph. If you have a moon glyph, you must stay in a violet portion to survive.



Mechanics Pizza Two

Argos creates yellow and purple mosaics around himself in the shape of a pizza. The slices flash rapidly up to 5 times, and the color changes. In this case, it does not deal any additional damage. After a while, the board will flash in the same order again, and in this case, the damage will be dealt with each time it flashes. Memorize the sequence on the first blink and move accordingly on the second blink. After dealing damage five times, on the 6th blink, it will deal very high damage, so keep an eye out for it until the end.


The most important thing in this pattern is to avoid the last big damage. If we think of the slices as a clock, the final position of the Sun glyph is fixed at 2 and 7 o'clock and 5 and 11 o'clock in the case of the Moon glyph. In other words, even if you didn't manage to avoid the previous pattern, it's important to stand in the right position at the end and avoid big damage.


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