Lost Ark: Argos Phase 1, 2, 3 Guide

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This guide will explain ways to get with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd phases in the Argos boss in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Argos Phase 1, 2, 3


The newest Guardian raid has also been added to the list with the latest Lost Ark update. Guardian Boss Argos is a new boss to fight and is split into three different phases when you fight him. Each player has their duty and must complete the mechanics to not wipe on the boss and win. This interesting raid is unique among others in that there are eight players instead of 4 in the arena.



Lost Ark: Argos Phase 1 Guide



At the start of the fight. Each side will be assigned two affixes. The parties are divided into two groups of four. Affixes:

  • Moon affix
  • Sun affix

Four players from the same group will receive the moon, and the remaining four will receive the sun affix. These affixes can be seen by simply checking under your feet to see if you have a yellow mark or a purple one.


This can be vital for keeping track of the entire boss fight.


The first attack is his basic AoE attack, where Argos smashes the ground and creates a giant circle, either purple or yellow, depending on which affix he applies.


People with the same affix as the circle's color can safely stand in that circle. However, members of the group with the opposite affix will die if hit.



Next, Mechanic to Watch For Argos, he creates a giant circle under his feet split into two different colors, yellow and purple.


This is where the party members should stand up and pair their affixes with the AoE ability from Argos.



If Argos uses this ability and the inner circle is yellow, and the other is purple, once he completes the damage ring, you will continue the fight, and soon he will apply the same mechanic, but this time the circles will be reversed.


The purple circle will be the inner circle, and the yellow circle will be the outer circle.



Sometimes the boss will spawn floating balls in the arena of two different colors: Purple and Yellow. The person with the appropriate affix should consume the Lost Ark orbs because they explode and wipe out the entire raid if they don't.


NOTE. The player can only consume up to 1 orb, meaning that all four party members must consume at least one orb to reduce damage.



His next ability is the "Pizza" formed attack. Argus will draw a giant circle, divided into colors, in which the party members must stand. If they are in the wrong spot, they'll be knocked down and broken.



His last attack is when a yellow or purple ring appears around him. Players of the same color as the ring can stay inside, but be careful because a stripe will appear above your head.


This bar must not be fully charged, or you will die. When leaving the ring and re-entering, its scale is reset.



Be sure to pay attention to the color of the boss when you stun him.


Its first main mechanic is that Argos will spawn eight different safe zones. 4 yellow and four purple. These are the zones in which players must stand based on the color of their affix.



After completing this mechanic, Argos will create a circle of charges around him. This is the second when you need to stop attacking the boss and wait for the payment to disappear.



The memory attack that Argos does is that it spawns another circle similar to "Pizza", and players must memorize the spells in order not to die. To strengthen this attack, you need to stand in the right place.


The sun affixes should be on the bottom left, and the moon affixes should be on the bottom right. This way, you won't get hurt as these attacks constantly appear in this area.




Lost Ark: Argos Phase 2 Guide



The main important mechanic at this stage is communication with both group members. As soon as the message appears on your screen, you need to go to the upper right corner of the arena and find the circle with the sign.


Go to the top right corner of the map, and you will see a marker on the ground. You can want to let your workforce know what will subsequently occur and what they need to perform.



There are six different patterns that you can find in the corner, each with its meaning. Here is a list of templates and what they do.



The first mechanic is that purple orbs will spawn on the ground, and the task of the solar team is to tell the lunar affix team where the balls will generate.


The second mechanic is that Argos will create an arrow, which will point in 4 different directions. The sun team must tell the purple team where the arrow is pointing.


And the purple team should go there and avoid the AoE damage.


The third mechanic is when Argos spawns a yellow safe. Areas around the arena, and he will have a sun icon under his feet. The moon team should go up to where the template is and say when the safe zones will switch places.


The party with the sun affix needs to stay inside the safe zones from time to time.


The fifth mechanic is when the Lunar group collects stacks at 11, 1, 5, and 7 o'clock when the circle turns purple. They need to collect up to 10 stacks and then hit the boss. Repeat this process.


The sixth mechanic is that the team with the sun affix will have to alert the moon team when they need to move to the center of the battle arena to avoid damage.


In the seventh mechanic, the purple team is now warned when they need to exit the center of the arena.



Lost Ark: Argos Phase 3 Guide



Once you enter the third phase of this boss, the sun and moon affixes will be removed. Here you will be responsible for dodging all attacks. Attack patterns are similar to those in the last two phases.


One of the primary attacks that Argos will perform is that he will disappear, and many random attacks and images of Argos will appear in the arena. An easy way to avoid this is to run to the arena's edge.


Argos will change the weather with his attack into two different types of weather:

  • Day-Time
  • Rain
  • Night-time

Argos will spawn many seeds in the arena that you can collect. Make sure you collect the correct sources for the current weather.


To collect the seeds, you need to step on them for a few seconds.


The green seeds you collect will remove the slow debuff during the daytime. If you collect a red seed during the day, the seed will explode and deal a lot of area damage.



During the day, Argos will have a mass destruction mechanic where he slowly starts to charge up and turn the arena yellow. There will be one seed that all eight members of the group must stand for in order not to die.



If one person does not stand by the seed, the group will perish.


When blue seeds start spawning around the arena, there will also be rainy weather. The rain will constantly damage you. To avoid this, you need to collect blue seeds that will protect you and positively affect you.


Be careful not to step on the green seeds when it rains. They will put you in jail and give you some trouble.


Your vision will be severely reduced at night, making it difficult to dodge attacks. You can regain your sight by stepping on red seeds.


By stepping on a red seed, a small red circle will appear, which several people can enter and receive a buff to see clearly in the arena.



At night, the blue seed will be harmful to you. Stepping on this seed at night will poison you and deal a lot of damage. You can cleanse the poison with a panacea.


The cleanup mechanic that Argos will perform at night will be that you must collect all the purple seeds that spawn around the arena.



You can view all purple seeds by pressing the TAB button where the seeds will be located on the map.


A random mechanic that Argos will use in all three weather conditions is that he will create a sun mark on two party members. A safe zone will be made under each player who has a symbol.


When using this mechanic, you need to stay close to that player to avoid damage and stay alive.


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