Lost Ark Destroyer Guide with Recommended Build and Tips

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Lost Ark is preparing for the arrival of a new class on the occasion of the May 2022 update. Destroyer will take over from the Gujista to join the game, ready to snatch one of the gaps from our secondary characters. A specialization that is part of the Warrior archetype. It is not too popular in most regions. However, this situation should not fool you: he is very proficient in combat and hits extraordinarily hard.

Destroyer's strengths and weaknesses
Before deciding if you want to use the Destroyer as a secondary character or even make him your main character with all the effort that entails, you must consider his strengths and weaknesses.

+ Very high DPS potential
+ Very high defense
+ Good support capabilities

- Very low attack speed
- Very little mobility

Identity Skill
The Identity Ability is the one that most differentiates the class you are playing from the rest of those that are available in its category, giving it a series of unique characteristics. In the case of Destroyer, this spell is related to gravitational charges, a resource that he gains when casting abilities. You can stack up to three, and activating them empowers your next ability. In this way, a playable loop is generated that launches a rotation of abilities that charges the Identity Ability to the maximum and then uses it to improve our next spell. In this aspect, it is easy to use but need to buy lost ark gold. However, its low mobility and slow animations mean that it requires quite a bit of skill to be effective and to unleash massive damage.

Awakening Skill
Like the rest of the characters, Destroyer has access to an Awakening Ability when he reaches level 50. This exclusive spell joins the Identity above Ability to make your class even more unique. In addition, as we progress, we can unlock the second act of this team from which we must choose.

Telluric rupture
Cooldown: 5 Minutes
Slam the ground in front of you with your hammer to deal damage and create a gravitational zone that traps enemies and drains their life over time. Then launches the opponent into the air to finish charging against the ground. This last attack knocks them down.

Big Bang
Cooldown: 5 Minutes
Destroyer builds up gravitational energy for several seconds, then detonates it to deal damage to all enemies in an area of ​​effect. While channeling, he can dash, reduces all damage taken, and grant immunity to control the impact—damage and blast radius increase over channel time.

Recommended Engravings for Destroyer
Hammer of Rage (Temporary translation)
Ambush Master
cursed doll
brawler master

Best Cards for Destroyer
The Destroyer's best deck of cards is Goodbye, Gun :
Set of 2 cards: Maximum Life +4%
Set of 4 cards: Maximum Life +4%
Set of 6 cards: Maximum Life +4%
Set of 6 cards (maximum awakening): Increases critical rate by 24%

The best builds for the Destroyer

PvE dungeons

Lost Ark Destroyer Guide with Recommended Build and Tips



PvE Raids


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