Lost Ark - FAQs About Classes, Pumping, and Skills

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This guide has collected answers to the most frequent questions about classes, pumping, and skills to help beginners understand it comprehensively and in-depth before starting the game and get started more quickly.

How do I change my skill sets?

This can be done in the skill interface (K).

How to level up fast?

Complete the storyline completely. Then complete the quest chains marked in blue.

What is the maximum level?

There are three types of levels in Lost Ark: Combat, Life, and Exploration.

The maximum level for Combat/Battle is 50, the maximum level for Life professions is 50, and the Exploration level maximum is 150.

You gain Exploration levels after reaching Combat/Battle level 50.

What to do after level 50 (leveled)?

You can continue to complete daily tasks, go to the Chaos dungeons, pick up the maximum equipment, pump the profession, fill the Atlas, pump Legacy levels, and much more.

How do I change a class or subclass?

You cannot quickly switch between classes, and once you decided which class you want to play, you will have to stick with it (at least for now)...After you finish the prologue, you will be able to test which class suits you the best, and there will be a monster with all skills that the class has, and when you pick which class is best for you, it's permanent.

If you need to change a class or subclass, you need to create a new character.

Which shooter is better?

Each of the Arrow subclasses has its own strengths for different play styles.

The most balanced is the Demon Hunter. He easily switches between ranged, medium and melee, but does not do the most damage.

The Mechanist is slow but deals a lot of damage in areas.

The Ranger is more suitable for dealing with large one-time damage from afar.

How to get the Awakening skill ("ultu")?

Closer to the end of the storyline, you will receive a task for the Awakening skill if you manage to reach level 50.

Awakening Quest: Adventurers who successfully open the Chaos Dungeon at Bern Castle will qualify for Awakening. Beatrice can perform awakening quests, and upon completion, one type of combat skill, Awakening skill, and an Awakening slot will open.

The skill will be issued after completing a special task and placed in the inventory. It will need to be activated.

Which class should you choose?

There is no definite advice here.

There are five different base classes in Lost Ark to choose from, with 14 different sub-class. Each of these classes comes with its very own special weapon or item.

You can unlock three tiers of customization for each of your abilities and keep on exploring until you find the fighting style that's right for you!

Which class is stronger in PvP?

Many players recommend Avatar (Monk), Crusher (Warrior), Arcanologist (Mage), or Demon Hunter (Archer). Still, it is possible, of course, that your favorite class is more suitable for you if you have not played any of the above.

Next, we will sort out more details about the game, so stay tuned! Certainly, we also sell safe, fast, and cheap Lost Ark Gold to help you enjoy the game better!

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