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Lost Ark is coming to European and North American regions in autumn 2021. However, there is currently some discussion around the game's resources and economy. Here, we talked to players of the Russian and Korean version and summarized the following important information.

1. Where to pick mushrooms?

Most of them are on the Platinum fields. You can get there through the table with the Royal Orders in Bern, Lutheran or Ardetein.

2. Where to get (buy) Lazenis feathers?

1). You can purchase them in the in-game store ( F4 ) or get them for free for various achievements.
2). Lazenis feathers are given every day to the owners of a premium account, as well as for participation in various events.

3. Where to get (buy) crystals?

Crystals can only be obtained by crafting or buying from an auction. You can create them in a personal Estate for craft resources, gold and energy of the estate.

Catalysts can be obtained:

1). In various activities: Treasure Maps, World Bosses, Trials of the Abyss (available from level 915 equipment), Tower, Ghost Ship, Cube, some daily quests of the Ephonian Alliance and Islands of Adventure.
2). Buy at the Guild Shop for Silmael Crystals and at the Quartermaster's Shop for PvP Currency.

4. Where to get (buy) fetranite?

1). The most reliable way is to get it from the defeated world boss.
2). It also often given rewards in the form of fetranite for marine activity.
3). Fetranite can be also bought from some merchants or obtained after spraying unnecessary items.

5. Why are old gold coins needed?

They can be sold for silver.

6. Why do you need a sea emerald?

It can be exchanged for other useful items at merchant ships.

7. Why do you need cashew nuts?

This is the currency on the island of Tortoik.

8. Why do you need gold (and where to get it)?

Losk ark gold is the main currency for auction and player-to-player trading. You can earn at the auction itself for completing the "Cube" dungeon, for activities at sea and after successful raids on world bosses. Gold is also given out as a reward for secret dungeons .

9. Where to farm silver?

The easiest way to save silver is by going through dungeons and sorting out unnecessary things that accumulate. After disassembling, you can sell the trash, and keep the useful materials for yourself. And when you get to the sea voyage, you can get a lot of silver by lifting chests. In addition, silver is awarded for completing daily and other tasks.

10. Where to get acrasium?

1). Free Acrasium can be obtained no earlier than level 50. They will be awarded for daily, weekly and other regular tasks, as well as for participating in various events.
2). Acrasium can be purchased from the Black Market.

11. Where to get cryolite?

1). Occasionally it can be obtained by collecting other resources in the Platinum Fields. The main way is to get 20 purple ore units and exchange them for cryolite.
2). Cryolite can be also purchased at auction.

12. Where to exchange smoky topaz (herbion) for platinum coins?

In major cities, characters who exchange platinum coins.

13. Why spray things?

Sometimes you can get rare resources this way. It's also a great way to free up a lot of inventory space.

14. How to use the auction?

You need to find the auction manager in one of the big cities like Bern or Lutheran.

15. How to use the exchange?

We need a different character. He is usually next to the auction manager.

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