Lost Ark Guide: Adventure books and how to get them!

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The Adventure Books, also known in their collective form as the Adventurer's Tome, are a series of documentary collectibles that Lost Ark players can obtain. Divided into books for areas of each in-game continent, completing each book rewards the player with consumables, collectibles, and Ignea tokens as they progressively discover more items and enemies. Contribute through research and completion.

The Adventure Book is divided into ten sub-categories, which differ depending on the type of contribution the player can make. Each book will auto-fill whenever the player completes something in a new area.




Main Quest

This category is registered after the player completes the last main story quest on a given continent. Common signs of the completion of the main story often include encouragement from NPCs or completing quests to move on to the next continent.


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Items on this list are sometimes dropped by regular enemies in a given area and serve no purpose other than right-clicking to add them. to the adventure book. Marked with a notepad symbol in the lower right corner of their inventory icons, these items drop at varying rarities. They often need to be added multiple times to fill a collectible category.


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Local restaurants and chefs will serve regional cuisine from each continent to the player. Players must purchase one of each meal to document that category of each Adventure Book fully.


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In the scenic areas of each location on the map, players can find vantage points marked with a telescope icon, from which they can observe the landscape. They must interact with every viewpoint in the region to complete the Tome of Adventure.


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Completing each dungeon in the region on all available difficulty levels will advance the Tome of Adventure. For example, completion of both Normal and Hard difficulty levels are tracked separately, and both must be completed independently to contribute to the Tome of Adventure completion percentage fully.


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Standard monsters have a rare chance to spawn with a golden crest hovering over their heads. These monsters, when defeated, will make some contribution to their region's respective Adventure Tome. However, the player must beat at least one enemy of each type with this effect to complete the category, which requires decent luck for all of them to spawn individually.


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Players must defeat each field boss in the region at least once to complete their Tome of Adventure. Dealing with these field bosses requires an item level that is often higher than the player can obtain during their first journey through the region, requiring players to return later to complete this category.


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Another Story

Each region has two side quests, marked with Lost Ark gold exclamation marks on the mini-maps, that will contribute to their region's Adventure Book. As long as players chase every quest marker in the area for their reward, completing this category shouldn't usually be a problem for most players.


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Hidden History

Several unmarked quests are hidden in each region that can be started and completed by checking the contextual locations. Each of these quests must be completed to achieve progress in the Adventure Book, but their incomplete entries will give players clues to their location.


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Full completion of each Rapport Relationship in an area is required for players to complete that area's Tome of Adventure fully. Since fully establishing relationships with these NPCs can become a long-term daily process, players must decide which continent's most valuable rewards are before entirely dealing with its connections.




This category is often the easiest for players, requiring them to unlock all Triports in a specific region of the Adventure Book. Because most players tend to activate every Triport reflexively they encounter during their travels, this section of the Adventure Book is often filled out without the player's knowledge.


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