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This guide was written as part of the official Lost Ark competition and authored by Lostarkgold. Currently, in the world of Lost Ark, there are 36 types of game currency, the presence of which the player can observe through the game interface located in the upper left corner.

Four types of collectibles such as "Giant's Hearts", "Island Hearts", "Paintings", "Mokoko Seeds". In addition to these main items, the game also has many side items that are obtained by killing some monsters, collecting resources, and sea adventures.



Silver Crystals Gold Feather of Resurrection Shilian's Orders Pirate Coins Seal Lupeon Rift Shards PVP Coins SunStone Fragments Cashew Seeds Collected
Black Tooth Mark Drifting Soul SG7 Core Ancient Magical Stone PvP Tokens Silmael Blood Stones Tokens Antares Coins Platinum Coins Sea Travel Island Tokens Soul of Elins
Fake Pieces Jelly Coins Shard of Blood Peaches Goblin Gold Coins Crystalline Scales Collectibles Lonely Island Opher








Mining: The main places to mine silver are the Cube and mazes. Side places are completing quests, selling NPC items, exchanging special items, converting gold into silver, completing the chaos of dungeons, killing Guardians, participating in-game events held on the islands, passing treasure maps.

How to use: The player spends silver in absolutely all activities related to improving equipment. Activities such as increasing the level of equipment, changing the effects of strengthening equipment, applying engravings to rings, changing and inserting runes into special slots, grinding special stones, buying consumables for making "Peaceful" items, repairing equipment and a ship, buying combat items, and so the purchase of fragments of chaos to use the ultimate ability.







Mining: The main ways to get this currency are the F4 game store and the game exchange between players. But the game provides players with the opportunity to save a certain amount by completing various tasks, namely collecting collectible items and receiving a reward in the form of crystals for them, closing locations in the adventure book, and increasing reputation with some NPCs.

How to use: This type of currency is spent exclusively in the game store to purchase various useful items. It will be impossible to ignore this currency in future updates, as it is necessary to unlock pet abilities and open chests with equipment.



Exchange interface

Buying / Selling crystals and gold between players.




Mining: Gold can be obtained for trading on the stock exchange, selling various items at auction, in a small amount for quests, for participating in auctions after killing world bosses, participating in trading after passing through the gates of chaos, participating in events on the islands, completing treasure maps, killing weekly Guardians, as well as as an exchange with special NPCs for pieces of fish.

How to use: There are three main uses of gold in the game.

  • Buying/selling items at the auction
  • Buying crystals on the exchange to buy the goods you need in the store
  • Bidding for valuable equipment, rune inlays, treasure maps, and books to engrave rings.

This currency will already be relevant for improving equipment at certain stages in future updates.



Feather of Resurrection

Loot: Feathers are obtained as a reward for completing some quests, completing some stages of the Tower of Doom Tower of Shadow, increasing reputation with NPCs, completing daily quests, winning card battles, and buying in the game store.

How to use: Feathers are used to resurrect a character after death. The peculiarity of the resurrection is that the character is reborn in the same place where he died. It is necessary to use feathers deliberately because you can suddenly run out of feathers. In activities like the "Ghost Ship" and the Guardians, you can substitute the team and lose valuable rewards on the ship.



Shilian's Orders

Loot: Orders are issued daily in the amount of 3 pieces per character. You can also get a good amount for winning card battles.

How to use:

  • Cube
  • Elite Cube
  • Platinum Islands
  • tower of fate
  • shadow tower
  • BOSS rush

1 ticket = 1 activity. If you die in one of the towers, you lose the ticket and spend another ticket to try again. There are many activities, but only three tickets per day.



Pirate Coins

Loot: It is obtained from all sorts of activities at sea. Scuba diving, raising treasure chests from the seabed, fishing, exploring sunken ships, rescuing sailors on the high seas, lifting floating barrels, completing daily quests, completing ghost ships, participating in island events.

How to use: Pirate Coins are needed to buy island hearts, sailors, ship upgrade items, engraved books, runestones, and restore some ships' durability.

Examples: But the most interesting thing that can be bought for these coins is the Astray pirate ship! The cost of the ship is 2,000,000 pirate coins!



Seal Lupeon

Loot: Seals can be obtained by killing World Bosses, completing dungeons, dungeon chaos, and participating in inventory islands.

How to use: Used to buy equipment, buy gifts to increase reputation with NPCs, and buy books with engravings. NPCs from which you can buy goods are located in all major cities.





Rift Shards

Loot: Gates of Chaos.

How to use: For this currency, you can only buy one chest. The chest contains ~147 items, and one of them may drop.




PVP Coins

Loot: Obtained as a weekly PvP rank reward. Access opens after increasing 20 "pre-levels" from G20 to G1. There are 20 ranks in total.

The name of the ranks and the amount of the reward received.


How to use: I am buying PvP equipment, combat items, runes to inlay in equipment, and an item to change slots for PvP runes.





SunStone Fragments

Mining: This type of currency refers to the future continent called Yorn.

The item is obtained from chaos dungeons, normal dungeons, labyrinth, treasure maps, chaos gates, event islands, world bosses, and kills of Tier 6 guardians.

How to use: The only purpose of this currency is to increase the equipment experience for subsequent leveling.




Cashew Seeds

Loot: Increasing reputation with NPCs on Tortoyk Island, completing quests, and completing daily quests.

How to use: Seeds serve as currency on Tortoyk Island and can buy ingredients to create food to complete an adventure book achievement, a piece of equipment, a base stat booster jar, an engraved book, and a sail skin.





Part III "Tokens"

This category is divided into four sections





  • Stone of Madness
  • Dark Stone
  • disease stone
  • mantle stone


Mining: All four types of stones are mined in the Gates of Chaos. The event takes place according to the game schedule. According to the weekly schedule, one or another portal appears on the map. All of them have different colors and names. Portal locations are indicated on the calendar.

Types of portals: 

How to use: It is used to buy items that open (change color) slots for runes in equipment, runes, items for engraving, and special stones for equipment.





Black Tooth Mark

Loot: With a low chance for completing chaos dungeons, increasing reputation with NPCs, completing quests, and completing daily tasks.


How to use it: Buy equipment, books with engravings, emotions, items to improve the ship, sailors, runes, sail skin, and engraving rings.





Drifting Soul

Loot: Marine hunting, in-game shop, NPC reputation, daily quests, and World Boss kills.


How to use: I am buying gifts to increase reputation with NPCs, a painting, a sail skin, a melody, game cards, items for equipment, sailors, books with engravings.





SG7 Core

Loot: Increasing reputation with NPCs, in-game store, passing the dungeon on the island of Secret Base X-301, world bosses, and daily tasks.


City of Stern

How to use: You are purchasing combat items, amount, equipment upgrade items, engraved books, game cards, a sailor, a sail skin, and a piece of equipment.





Ancient Magical Stone

Loot: Daily quests, in-game store, World Bosses, Cube, sunken ships, and a ghost ship.


How to use: Purchase open slots for runes, sail skin, melody, equipment items, painting, books with engravings, special chaos tickets, sailors.





PvP Tokens

Loot: We obtained victories/defeats in PvP arenas (3x3,1x1,1x5) and participation in GvG wars (guild vs. guild).

How to use: It is used to buy items of equipment, books with engravings, items for changing slots for PvP runes, special stones for equipment, items for changing equipment characteristics, game cards, items for improving PvP equipment.





Silmael Blood Stones

Loot: Wars take place in the form of PvP events (GvG) and PvE events (Guild against monsters). They are obtained by participating in the battlefields of Silmael. The event takes place three times a week. The amount of currency received depends on the victories and defeats of the guild and which territory was chosen for participation. Rewards come to the mail before the start of a new gaming week.


Shields (PvP, GvG), Bull (PvE), Gray Fortresses (Sieges)

Methods of application: Items are bought such as gifts to increase reputation with NPCs, equipment upgrade items, pirate coins, books with engravings ("Peaceful" and "Combat"), Weekly Guardian Tickets, and a Runestone Chest.







  • Wreckage
  • Fragments of the Void
  • Fragments of the labyrinth
  • Fragments of Pride


Mining: All four tokens are mined in labyrinths. 2 of which are located on the Rohendel continent and one on the North Bern continent.


How to use: Used as a currency to buy equipment upgrade items, open rune slots, runes, engraved books, special chaos dungeon tickets, emote, mount, and equipment crafting items.





Antares Coins

Loot: These coins are obtained by completing the Boss Rush activity.

How to use: It uses a mystical chest with gifts for NPCs, runes, silver, tickets for trips to weekly Keepers as a purchase. There are legendary special stones for equipment and many books for engraving.





Platinum Coins

Mining: Coins are mined to complete the task on the platinum islands. The more tasks you complete, the more reward you get.

Ways of application: Various goods are bought from NPCs, such as healing potions, mounts, and items to create "Peaceful" equipment.





Sea Travel


  • Epic Crew Token
  • Legendary Crew Token


Mining: Tokens are obtained for all naval activity. The chance of getting a token is low. In addition to sea activity, these items are sold in the game store for crystals that can be obtained as an exchange from NPCs and for some achievements in the game.


How to use: Used to buy epic and legendary sailors.




Island tokens



Soul of Elins

Loot: This currency is obtained by participating in a cooperative quest on the Monte Island calendar island.


Ways of application: Exchange for gold, sailors, and books with engravings.




Fake Pieces

Loot: Participation in a PvP event on the Island of Erroneous Desire. The island spawns every 6 hours. First, there is a PvE event, and then PvP, where it's every man for himself. For prizes, these tokens are obtained.


Island of Erroneouse Desire

How to use: Exchange for gold, island heart, runes, sail skin, equipment items, engraved books, special equipment stones, and a sailor.





Jelly Coins

Loot: They were looted on Slime Island. It can be obtained as a reward for completing daily quests and in exchange with NPCs for items obtained from killing.


Slime Island

How to use: Exchange gifts to increase reputation with NPCs and buy a sailor.





Shard of Blood

Loot: Participation in PvP event on Surado island. The island is the calendar and appears according to the schedule in the calendar. There are two PVP events on the island. Points are awarded for killing players. After completion, everyone is given a reward in the form of this currency by the place they occupy.


Surado Island

How to use it: Purchase the heart of the island, special stones for equipment, runes, and a sail skin.






Loot: Obtained from the island of Mureungdo won. The island appears in three random places on the map every 6 hours.

How to use: I am buying the island's heart, runes, gifts to increase reputation with NPCs, and items to unlock slots for runes.





Goblin Gold Coins

Loot: Obtained by killing monsters on Goblin Island, completing daily quests, and increasing reputation with NPCs.


Goblin island

How to use: Purchase of Pandora's box (contains nine items and 1 of which can drop you), a sailor, engraved books.





Crystalline Scales

Drop: Complete a quest on Crescent Island. The island appears every four hours. Rabbits must be killed.


How to use: Buying the heart of the island.





The view menu is opened via the keyboard shortcutAlt+K. There are four types of items of this type. Many of these items take a significant amount of time from the player, but the time and effort pay off with very nice rewards.

This category of items will not be discussed in detail. Obtaining each of the following items is a great achievement, and the description of the difficulty of obtaining some of the items claims to be a separate article. Information about the location and method of getting some items is available in the Alt+Din-game database Giant Hearts.

List of items: Pirate coins, equipment items, game cards, sailors, ship sail design, engraving books, gifts to increase reputation, secret chest.


Wisdom Island





Lonely Island Opher


List of items: Silver, pirate coins, epic and legendary crew tokens, the island's heart, items for changing the characteristics of equipment, sailors, engraving books, gold, ship upgrade items.


Sunflower Island

Mokoko Seeds:

There are 1051 seeds available in the game. They are scattered across all continents and islands. You will have to be patient to collect them. They are hidden in the bushes, mountains, caves, and many other hidden places on the map.

All rewards are received once per character.

List of rewards: Gold, golden keys, game cards, items to improve the ship, crystals, sailors, character selection menu wallpapers, equipment items, gifts to increase reputation with NPCs.


Tortoyk Island



Thanks for your attention!

This guide is for informational purposes only. The guide is based on the current Korean version of the game. The locations, items, and other mechanics may differ from the official translation. The presence or absence of certain mechanics items depends on the game patch.

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