Lost Ark Guide: How to level up items?

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Once you reach level 50 in The Lost Ark, a considerable endgame experience opens up. Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Island Quests, and even more await you. But before you decide to can delve into any of those activities, you may need to make sure your subject level matches the degree of information you're dealing with.



Leveling up your Lost Ark items is a simple but essential aspect of the end game. Like your character, the products you discover in Lost Ark also possess a level attached to them, called "item level" or "ilvl". Let's dive into what an item level is, how to level it up, and give some tips on how to level up an item quickly.


Updated March 22, 2022: Leveling up your character's item is crucial in Lost Ark. Lost Ark item level determines what content you can play and directly affects your character's overall performance. We've made some changes to this article to reflect better how the upgrade works and how to increase your honing chances when they're no longer guaranteed. We've made minor fixes to how harmony stones and higher-level resources are used to upgrade. Your equipment. 


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What is Lost Ark Items Level?

In the Lost Ark game, all weapons and Armor you might get are item level. This number is used to determine how strong your character is and what endgame content they can participate in. The higher your character's overall level, the more actions they can perform and the higher levels of content you can clear. You must increase this number after reaching level 50 to unlock most of Lost Ark's endgame content.


As you level up your character in the Lost Ark game, granting your character more powerful stats and even ability-based upgrades when you reach the endgame stage. To start with, the items are deficient item level. You will start the endgame at around item level 250, the first checkpoint for Chaos Dungeons and Guardian raids. With a honing system and endgame rewards, you'll be able to level up your item high enough to gain access to T3 content, the most challenging Lost Ark offerings currently available.


If you are degree 50 and don't have level 250 gear, finish Shushir's quest chain within the northern aspect of the map. This can provide you with a piece of equipment set with a sizeable adequate level to begin clearing Chaos dungeons.



Leveling Up Lost Ark Items

Your primary source of item level will come from honing your gear. When you start attaining level 50, you might have to complete numerous Chaos Dungeons to get your initially set of gear. You will need to speak towards the sharpener vendor with your city's craft district with this particular gear. In Verne, it truly is positioned in the southern component with the castle knot.


To sharpen an item at the beginning, three materials are required:

  • Stone fragments
  • Harmony Leap Stone
  • Harmony Shards 


Only weapons and Armor can be honed. Jewelry and ability stones do not affect the level of your item but instead give engraving progress and character stats.


The type of stone fragments you need will depend on the item you are trying to upgrade. Weapons require Destruction Stones, while Armor needs Guardian Stones. Harmony Stones and Shards are applied for all weapons and Armor. When you reach the contents of T2 and T3, the content types will also change. Fragments of stone will become stones, shards of harmony will become shards of life, etc. Clearing content at your character's max item level will ensure you get the right materials to upgrade your gear.


When you enter the sharpening interface, you will see a "refresh" button below the percentage sphere. This sphere tells you about the change that your upgrade will be successful. Yes, upgrading your equipment may fail because the process will consume all resources. Honing Refusal will not destroy the item you want to upgrade, only the materials you used. Failure will also increase your chances of successfully honing the system, as evidenced by the energy of the artisan of that item. If your artisan's energy reaches 100 percent, your next enchant attempt is guaranteed to succeed. Artisan's energy is reset upon successful enchanting.


To try to sharpen, you'll need to invest in the shards of harmony. Investing the maximum amount will permit you to try to hone. The very first handful of levels will constantly be productive. However, as soon as you exceed a specific quantity of upgrades, your upgrade opportunity is no longer guaranteed.


You usually ought not to reinvest Harmony Shards (or a higher-level equivalent) into an item if your enchant try fails. Once you have deposited your Harmony Shards, you can not do so until you complete the honing.


This is where additional sharpening items come in handy. You'll find three methods to improve your chances of enchanting:


Star Breath: Increases your enchant chance by 2% per item: 

  1. Can be used up to 20 per enchant attempt.
  2. The name of the item changes with each level, like other enchant materials.
  3. Items are consumed upon use, regardless of whether the enchant was successful.


Metallurgy Special Materials: Increases enchant chance by 10%:

  1. You can only use one per enchant attempt.
  2. The name of the item changes with each level.
  3. The item is consumed upon use, even if the enchant fails.


Fortress Research: Once you have reached item level T2, you can increase your honing chances T1 by 20 percent for your alts by researching the honing improvement in your fortress.

  1. Another research option is unlocked when you reach T3, increasing your honing chances T2.
  2. These honing buffs are account-bound.



Obtaining Honing Materials

Your main sources of enchanting materials are Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons. Complete the daily runs of both activities. You will be able to farm Chaos Dungeons with vendor Lost Ark currency, which you can use to purchase additional enchant materials up to a weekly limit. Clearing any activity will provide a decent amount of sharpening materials, so make sure you complete two of each activity each day.


The Lost Ark community has created a great resource showcasing each of the island's rewards, which you can view here. However, for novice players, we strongly recommend completing island quests sharpen materials. You will get numerous Stone Fragments and dozens of Harmony Jump Stones from these quests, so they're worth your time. We recommend that you clear Glacier Island and as numerous Shadow Islands as possible. Continue clearing islands as needed. Once you've completed these island quests, you'll need to rely on Chaos Dungeons, and Guardian Raids daily clears.


In addition, you can obtain Star's Breaths and their higher level equivalents by completing Ghost Ships, the Cube quest, and certain Una's Tasks. Special Materials for Metallurgy is a rare drop from the Abyss Dungeons.


You may also obtain enchant materials from other players at the auction home or Mara's Secret Shop inside the Lost Ark in-game shop. We usually do not advocate using the Auction House in this way unless needed.



Using Gear Transfer

Of course, while playing Lost Ark, you will find better items. You could spend thousands of supplies upgrading an item to possess a far better alternative readily available to you. In these circumstances, it is possible to use the gear transfer technique to transfer upgrades from a single item to a further, permitting you to upgrade your gear devoid of worrying about item leveling down.


Using the gear transfer system is incredibly simple:

  1. Visit a local honing machine dealer in your city.
  2. Click on the Gear Transfer tab at the bottom of the dialogue menu.
  3. Select the item you want to improve.
  4. Select a compatible updated item.
  5. Level up your best item, destroying the upgraded item.


This approach is highly inexpensive and has no likelihood of failing, so you'll want to change gear whenever you find the best products for your character.


You cannot transfer gear to a higher item level. For instance, you cannot upgrade a T2 set to +15 by transferring your T1 set.



Items Level Farming Tips

Complete quests on the island once you reach level 50. These quests shower you with upgrade materials. You can find a breakdown of the rewards for them here.


Use Star Breath and Metallurgy materials when you reach +13. We recommend using them to sharpen your weapons first. Boosting your gear from +13 to +15 is more or less a coin toss, so use these items to turn the odds in your favor.


If you're short on time, send your fortress team to clear the Chaos Daily Dungeon or Guardian Raid for you.


Always put the maximum amount of Harmony Shards into the enchanting process. This maximizes the chances that the update will not fail.


Whenever you find a higher quality weapon or Armor than what you are using, use the gear transfer system to move the upgrade process to a better item.


While not directly related to ilvl, make sure you only replace jewelry and ability gems when they have better stats or engravings. Do not give ilvl.

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