Lost Ark: How to Earn Shillings?

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Like Lost Ark Gold, shillings are another currency in the game. Both are used for different things but are the most important currencies. Here, let's look at what shillings are and how to earn them in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark: How to Earn Shillings?

What are Shillings?

Shillings are a silver coin that is the bog-standard currency. They drop from monsters after you kill them, they fall from monsters, are rewards from certain quests and dungeons, and can be traded from NPCs.

Shillings are mainly used for trading and interacting with NPCs. This means buying things like crafting supplies, potions, gear adjustments, and much more. Keep in mind that these are character-bound, so you can't share shillings between your different characters.

How to get Shillings?

Shillings can be earned simply by playing the game. They can be gotten from numerous sources, and the more time you put into running the game's content, the more Shillings you will get. Here's how to earn shillings in Lost Ark:

• Defeating enemies
• Finishing quests
• Chaos Dungeons
• Cube Dungeons
• In exchange for Gold are certain NPCs
• Trading in the Guild shop

The common consensus among the community at the moment is that Cube Dungeons are one of the best ways to farm Shillings at the moment. Running them repeatedly might get a little boring, but it is certainly worth it for the number of Shillings it can generate.

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