Lost Ark: How to Equip Your Equipment?

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Lost Ark: How to Equip Your Equipment?

In Lost Ark, the better equipment you use, the more powerful your character. So do you want to wear the best weapons and armor for your character? This guide will share how to equip your equipment in Lost Ark.

There are two ways to equip equipment in Lost Ark:

The first method is by pressing I on the keyboard. It would help if you opened up your character's inventory by clicking the I button on your keyboard. Your backpack menu will open up, showing you all of the items you can equip that you're currently holding. Hover over the item you want to equip with your mouse, and you'll be able to see its stats and compare to the item you currently have on your character.

If the stats are better than the weapon you're using, all you have to do is right-click your mouse button, and you'll automatically equip the item. This goes for any weapon or armor on your character at that time. You can visit your inventory to find anything else you've looted during your travels. You can also visit your character's Character Profile by clicking the P button on your keyboard to bring up all of the weapons and armor they're wearing.


The second method is by having both your Inventory and Character profile open simultaneously. Then drag the piece of equipment you want to the relevant slot in the Character Profile. So if the item was a sword, drag the sword to the bottom slot in the Characters profile screen, where your weapon slot is, and it will be equipped. You can do this with any piece of armor or weapon, and your old pieces of equipment will be in your inventory.

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