Lost Ark: How To Get, Equip and Upgrade Cards?

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Cards in Lost Ark are a particular type of collectible that enhances your character's combat stats, defenses, and more. So in this guide, we'll be walking you through all the information you need to know about the Card system, including how to get, equip, and upgrade cards in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark: How To Get, Equip and Upgrade Cards?

How to Get Cards in Lost Ark?

Cards can drop from just about every activity in Lost Ark. Below is a shortlist of the most common sources of cards:

    • Daily and weekly missions
    • Dungeons
    • Raids
        ◦ Guardians can drop their Legendary card
    • Chaos Dungeons
    • Vendors
    • Rapport Rewards

If you're trying to get as many cards as possible, make sure to do the daily and weekly quests first. Then, after that, beat all the dungeons and raids that you can to rack up many cards. Of course, there are other rewards, such as Lost Ark Gold.

Raids are a perfect place to go when trying to get cards. The reason for this is Guardian bosses in raids have a small chance to drop a self-titled Legendary Card. Legendary Cards are the rarest cards in the game and provide the greatest bonuses.

You can also purchase three weekly card bundles in the shop that give you some additional XP-only cards to help you awaken.

In addition, open the Codex (Alt+D by default) and click on Cards. In this menu, players can see exactly how they can collect a card they are missing. Some come naturally through the story, others require knocking out an achievement, and others do dungeons and world bosses. It's a great way to get a collection going.

How to Equip Cards in Lost Ark?

Equip Cards


Follow these steps to equip cards in Lost Ark:

1). Hit Alt + C to open your Card Catalog.
2). Alternatively, navigate to the bottom right of your screen and click the "Roster" menu.
3). Once here, you'll see a tab for Card Catalog in the listed options.
4). Click that to enter the Card Catalog.
5). When you're in the Card Catalog menu, you can equip a card by dragging it from the left and equipping it at one of the empty spaces on the right.
6). Once you have added all the cards in the card deck, you can look for the set bonus you will receive to the right of the card deck section.
7). You can see under the "Set Bonus" menu that the more cards of the same set you equip, the more buffs you get.
8). You can also see which cards are from which are set on the Card Catalog's left side.

How to Upgrade Cards in Lost Ark?

All cards in Lost Ark are upgradable, generally start at level 0, and can go all the way up to level 5, which is depicted by the gems at the bottom of each card. Follow these steps to upgrade your cards:

1). Press Alt+C to open your cards catalog.
2). Go to the "Enhance" / "Workshop" tab on the top left.
3). Select the card out of all the cards you want to upgrade.
4). You will have to spend XP points and silver to upgrade your cards.
5). Now, you can also feed duplicates of the card to upgrade its level.
6). Once the card's XP gauge is complete, you must feed duplicates of the same card to upgrade it fully. Since you'll need duplicates of the same card to Awaken it, we recommend you stick to XP cards for the previous step.
7). The duplicate cards required by each Awakening Level are listed below:
    • Awakening Level 1: One duplicate cards
    • Awakening Level 2: Two duplicate cards
    • Awakening Level 3: Three duplicate cards
    • Awakening Level 4: Four duplicate cards
    • Awakening Level 5: Five duplicate cards
8). At level 1, you need just one of the same card, then at level 2, you'll need two of the same card, and so on. The cards that you use as upgrade materials can all be level 0.
9). Cards can be upgraded up to level 5.

That's all you need to know about how to get, equip, and upgrade cards in Lost Ark. If you're looking for more help as you venture into this action-packed MMO for the first time, check out the news page of LostArkGold.com.

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