Lost Ark: How to Get All Emotions?

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Emotions are often used to complete tasks and develop relationships with certain characters, and therefore are an integral part of the social component of LOST ARK. But how do you get all the emotions in Lost Ark?

In the following list, we list all the emotions and explain how to get them:


Emotions How to get them
Bragging Purchase in the Ash Mountains with Purple Labyrinth Fragments.
"Battle Cry and Threat" Can be knocked out in the Halls of Chaos.
"Pain" Complete the plague quest for the Efonian union.
"Plea" Complete the purple quest on the Runaway Village.
Despair Complete the purple quest on Totosilver Island.
"Bow" Complete the yellow quests in Lutheran's library.
Taunt Buy on Liberty Island for 20 Marks of the Black Fang.
"Joy" Make friends with Pen on the island of Tortoik.
Warm-up 80% full atlas of Western Lutheria.
"Heart" Complete the main quest on Totopia Island.
"Boredom" 70% complete atlas of Artemis.
"Shame" Complete the quest from the island of Lieberheim, which will lead to the island of Bikini.
Dance 2 Complete the yellow quest on the Paradise Waves ship.
"Direction" Fill in the Ardetine atlas 90%.
Flirt Buy for 5000 silver coins from Yuri on the Paradise Waves ship.
Laughter Buy from Kir-Rik in East Lutheria (Birnian Valley). To get to it, you must first complete the yellow quest chain.


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