Lost Ark: How to Get and Use Harmony Shards?

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Like Lost Ark Gold, Harmony Shard is a currency needed to increase the Item Level of equipment, so it's an essential resource used in the whole honing process. This guide will provide tips on farming and using Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark: How to Get and Use Harmony Shards?

What are Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

1. Harmony shards are the materials used for upgrading your weapons and armor in Lost Ark.
2. They cannot be dismantled, and the maximum stack count for these shards is 999.
3. You will need these materials to increase the XP of an item or equipment through Gear Honing.
4. While perception shards increase your health, harmony shards upgrade the XP points of your gear.
5. To upgrade your weapons, you must destroy stone fragments and shards.
6. Similarly, you will need Guardian stone fragments to upgrade your armor through Gear honing.

How to Farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

Here are the best ways to gain Harmony Shards in Lost Ark:

1. Island Quests

Completing Island Quests is one of the simplest and most reliable ways in Lost Ark to increase one's stock of Harmony Shards.

The Island quests should be completed in the following order for optimal results:

• Serenity Isle
• Toto Silver Island
• Freedom Isle
• Blackfang's Den
• Lullaby Island
• Astella
• Starlight Isle
• Panda Island
• Peyto Island
• Dreamgull Island
• Golden Wave Island
• White Wave Island
• Kalthertz
• Shadow Island

By running the Islands in this order, the player will be snatching up Harmony Shards and improving their Lost Ark gear in no time.

2. Chaos Dungeons

Another way to get Harmony Shards to start farming in Lost Ark is by clearing Chaos Dungeons, which will reward players with a currency known as Perception Shards. Players can take these shards to Magick Scholar Jeneca in North Vern, who will exchange Perception Shards for Harmony Shard Pouches and Harmony Leapstones.

3. Chaos Gates

Pay attention to world events like Chaos Gates. When one of them appears, immediately head over to a Chaos Gate close to your gear level, as completing them will reward you with Harmony Shards.

4. Rohendel Dungeons

If you have not stepped foot inside the Phantom Palace Dungeon, now is your chance, as the reward is a hefty amount of Harmony Shards.

5. Join a Guild

It doesn't matter which guild you decide to join but do so. Once you're in a guild, you need to follow these steps to acquire Harmony Shards in Lost Ark:

1). Donate 6,000 Silver to your guild every day.
2). Complete weekly guild quests.
3). Level up Silmael Bloodstone shop to Tier 2.
4). Exchange Bloodstones to Harmony Shards once a week at the Silmael shop, which can be found in every big city.

6. Grind The Tower On Your Alt

Switching to an alt character to progress the main character is precisely what a player must do to get Harmony Shards from the Tower. The Tower rewards the player with potions and Engraving chests when they first complete it; however, a second run rewards you with Harmony Shard Pouches, which are bound to the character who picks them up.

7. Dismantling Items

When players dismantle gear they no longer need or use, they have a chance to gain some Harmony Shards during the dismantling process.

8. Guardian Raids and Abyss Raids

By completing Guardian Raids and Abyss Raids, players can gain some extra Harmony Shards.

How to Use Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

Here's how to use the Harmony Shards in Lost Ark:

1. You will need Harmony Shards to upgrade your weapons and armor after you have unlocked the Gear Honing Process in Lost Ark.
2. Go to the Vern Castle and talk to the Gear Honing NPC, marked on your map with a grey hammer icon, to unlock the Gear Honing Process.
3. This will bring up a menu with all the available pieces of gear you have for upgrading.
4. Choose the one you want, and click on the Upgrade button to confirm your selection.
5. You will also need Harmony Leapstones and some other resources to upgrade your weapons and armor, as upgrading an item further will be expensive after each upgrade.

That's all on harmony shards in Lost Ark. Follow LostArkGold.com to get all the latest information, guides, and news.

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