Lost Ark: How to Get Gold?

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Lost Ark has been well-known and well-liked by more and more worldwide players now. So what do you know about Lost Ark Gold? And how to get them?

In this guide, we will explain what is Lost Ark gold and some ways to make it.

What is Lost Ark Gold?

Lost Ark Gold is the main currency of the MMOARPG video game Lost Ark that players will want to get to facilitate trades. It can be gained and acquired through battling bosses, discovering islands, doing quests, participating in PVP matches, and much more. With Lost Ark Gold, the player can purchase in-game goods and services. If you are looking for a particularly hard to get part for your build, it might make sense to spend Gold on it at the Auction House than grind it out.

How to Get Gold?

There are several activities in the game that players can complete to get gold, but it is essential to understand that many of these are time-gated. You cannot simply endlessly run them, gathering up more gold each time. Here's how you can earn gold in Lost Ark:

    • Daily and Weekly quest rewards
    • Island Events
    • Leveling Achievements
    • Trading with other players (given them gear for gold)
    • In-store purchases
    • Void Dungeons
    • Raids

There may seem like many ways to earn gold. However, a lot of these are time-locked. It would help if you attempted to do as many of these as possible whenever they are available to do.

So, there you have it – everything we know about how to get Lost Ark gold. Make sure you bookmark this page, as we'll be updating it with all the latest Lost Ark information.

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