Lost Ark: How to Get Pets?

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Want to know how to get pets in Lost Ark? If so, you've come to the right place.

This guide will show the features of pets in Lost Ark and how to get them.


Lost Ark: How to Get Pets?

What are pets in Lost Ark?

This is one of the features that has attracted the most attention of players since it was launched because of all the benefits they offer, even though pets are not exclusive to any popular game. The game has a total of 64 pets to choose from, and that number increases with each month.

Features of pets in Lost Ark

The pet always follows the character and opens for him several advantages. Please activate it in the inventory, after which the functionality of pets can be opened through the bottom right panel or using the hotkeys ALT + P.

Pets can both collect trophies in the world of the game and strengthen the parameters of the hero. When you activate it, you will get additional random characteristics, which can be changed in the future by a special NPC – trainer located in any major city. You will also be able to quickly access the warehouse, auction, mail, and repair.

At the start, your pets will be divided into two types of quality. The blue ones will add one characteristic to your choice, and the purple ones will give you access to another characteristic. Activation of these enhancements is done once a month for blue crystals through a unique functionality of the pet.

How to get pets in Lost Ark?

Almost all pets can be found in the game's store, so one way to get them is to buy them, which is also the fastest way. The problem is that this will require using Lost Ark Gold.

Also, all of the recent Founder's Packs — something beta players can buy to give them special cosmetics and items — come with limited edition Founder's pets.

But if you don't want to invest real money in this, there is the option of a level 50 guide mission, in which you will be able to get a free pet egg. It would even help if you kept in mind that this is the only way to get a free pet, and you may not get the one you want.

Why does everyone want a pet?

If you're wondering why Lost Ark fans get so excited about pets, it's because they contribute quite a few benefits to the players. While adventuring, they will collect items and trophies, offer extra inventory space, and boost character traits and stats. It depends on the pet's buffs, but know that purple pets will provide better options than blue ones.

That's all you need to know about getting pets in Lost Ark, so we hope we have been helpful and that if you don't want a free one, you can get the pet you wish to by purchasing Lost Ark Gold via lostarkgold.com.

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