Lost Ark: How to Increase FPS?

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Some players may have struggled with low FPS when playing Lost Ark, but there are a few ways to improve it. Here's how you can increase your FPS in Lost Ark by changing some settings from in-game.


Lost Ark: How to Increase FPS?

Make sure your Windows settings are optimized for gaming

There are Windows settings you'll want to turn on while others need to be turned off for a better gaming experience.

1). Turn on Game Mode

It would help if you turned the game mode on for a better gaming experience since it'll allow your system to focus more on providing you with the best in-game performance.

    • Click on the Start menu and choose the cog icon to bring up the Settings.
    • Select the Gaming section and find Game Mode on the sidebar, which will be to your left.
    • Turn on Game Mode.

2). Disable Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is one of those Windows features you may need to disable. It's located in the same directory as Game Mode, so you'll need to navigate the gaming section inside Settings.

Once you're there, look for the Xbox Game Bar on the sidebar, turn it off completely, and disable background recording.

3). Turn on hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (NVIDIA GPUs only)

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is a handy feature that can reduce the processor's work while reducing latency at the same time. This feature is only available for NVIDIA GPUs, and it can be found inside the Graphics settings located inside Display Settings.

You can access your Display settings by navigating to Settings and selecting System.

4). Keep your drivers updated

Players can suffer from low frames due to driver errors that can only be fixed with new updates. This means keeping your drivers updated is the best way to avoid these types of situations since developers do their best to roll out fixes as soon as possible.

5). Activate High-Performance mode

You'll want your PC to use all the power it has at its disposal while gaming, and activating the High-Performance Mode will allow you to do just that.

Click on the Start button and type Power Settings. If you haven't made any adjustments before, the Balanced mode will be active. Switch it over to High-Performance mode, and you can always turn it back to Balanced when you're done gaming.

6). Check out the control panel for your graphics card

Both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs have control panels in which players can customize the performance settings of their graphics cards. Players can access these control panels by right-clicking on an empty space on their desktop, and the control panel setting should be listed as one of the menu items. Once inside, the tooltips under each set should be enough to make necessary performance adjustments.

Adjust your in-game settings

The natural way to gain more frames will be through adjusting your in-game settings.

Launch Lost Ark and head over to your in-game video settings to make the following adjustments.

Video settings

    • Texture Quality: Low/Medium
    • Shadow Quality: Low
    • Character Quality: Low/Medium
    • Particle Quality: Low
    • Anti-Aliasing: Low/Off
    • Bloom Effect: Disabled
    • Flare Effect: Disabled
    • Distortion Effect: Disabled
    • Motion Blur: Disabled

If you're looking for high average frames, it'll be best to keep your video settings around medium and low. These may be set to High by default, so lowering these to Medium or Low will boost your FPS.

Additionally, features such as Better Depth of Field and Indirect Shadows will affect your framerate, particularly in areas with many enemies or other players. Turning these off can boost your FPS.

But graphical settings are not the only thing that affects FPS. In online games, your connection can drastically alter your frame rate. Optimize your connection by not running other online programs, including web browsers, in the background. Ensure no other device is using your connection, and if you're on WiFi, consider moving to a wired connection.

Want a better gaming experience? Ensure your setup for playing Lost Ark hits the recommended specifications to play the game. To check out more game guides and get cheap Lost Ark Gold, please follow our website.

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