Lost Ark Lagoon Island: Location, Quest, and Rewards

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Lagoon Island is a great location to gather helpful currency and even obtain special items. However, it's also an Adventure Island, making it difficult for players to access it. This guide will look into Lagoon Island, its location, quests, bosses, rewards, Mokoko seeds, and how to get the island token in Lost Ark.

How to Get to Lagoon Island in Lost Ark?

Lagoon Island Located


This Island is located near the west of Ister and Tooki Island. You can find this island crossway from Rohende and southwest of Bern continent in Arkesia.

You would have first needed to unlock the sailing ability in Lost Ark before they could travel via ship on Arkesia's World Map. The sailing ability can be unlocked after completing the Set Sail quest, the final quest in the East Luterra storyline.

However, this Island is an Adventure Island, so it's not always present in its location. It only appears on some days of the week, and to receive its news of spawning, you can use Procyon's Compass or alarm clock. Follow these steps to make sure you catch the Lagoon Island event while it's active:

1). Select the compass icon under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD to open Procyon's Compass.
2). Click on 'Appearance Info' for 'Adventure Island' from the activity tab menu.
3). Set and in-game alarm in Lost Ark to track when the Lagoon Island event begins.

It's recommended that players should at least reach the following levels for this island, as taking down this boss can be quite a challenge:

• Combat level 50
• Item Level 250

Lost Ark Lagoon Island Questlines and Rewards

Lagoon Island features a cooperative quest triggered after arriving on the island's shores. This co-op quest will begin 3 minutes after players drop anchor and enter Lagoon Island. It requires you to defeat the island's boss, Iar Kaya. However, you need to activate a questline on Lagoon Island by speaking to the Boatman NPC after arriving. Following are the quests you'll be doing around Lagoon Island:

Quests How to Complete the Quests? Rewards
#1 That's Deep 1). Receiving the "That's Deep" quest from the Boatman.
2). Ask you to travel deep into the sea to witness the bizarre phenomenon of a floating fish.
3). Go down the deep path leading to the sea.
4). Interact with Angler to complete the quest.
• 150 Roster XP
• 4600 Silver
#2 Fishy Fish 1). Angler will assign the "Fishy Fish" quest.
2). Head over to the Biologist and interact to complete the quest.
• 1 Wisdom
• 150 Roster XP
• 1 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
• 4600 Silver
#3 Trouble in Paradise? 1). The Biologist will assign the "Trouble in Paradise?" quest.
2). Ask you to try catching flying fish.
3). Capture all three flying fishes nearby.
4). Head back to Biologist to complete the quest.
5). Fishes nearby and head back to Biologist to complete the quest.
• 150 Roster XP
• 2 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
• 4600 Silver
#3 Afraid of the Dark 1). The Biologist will assign the "Afraid of the Dark" quest.
2). Explore the strange sounds coming from a cave deep within Lagoon Island.
3). Travel there.
4). Interact with Merefolk Porsica to complete the quest.
• 1 Courage
• 150 Roster XP
• 3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
• 4600 Silver
#4 Mending the Merfolk 1). Interact with Porsica.
2). She will assign the "Mending the Merfolk" quest.
3). Gather three edible corals and a Bandage that can be obtained from the Biologist.
• 1 Kindness
• 150 Roster XP
• 1 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest
• 5600 Silver
• 2000 Pirate Coin
#5 Culture Shock 1). Once you heal Porsica, she'll assign the "Culture Shock" quest.
2). Gather four coal corals.
3). Install Porsica's workbench.
4). Interact with Porsica again and complete the quest.
• 1 Wisdom
• 150 Roster XP
• 1 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
• 4600 Silver

How to Find the Lagoon Island Token in Lost Ark?

Earning the Lost Ark Lagoon Island Token is part of a cooperative quest that begins three minutes after dropping your anchor. The quest tasks the players who have landed to kill Iar Kaya, and upon killing it, there is a chance the Island Token will drop. The Lagoon Island Token is an RNG drop, and this means that if you don't get the island token the first time you face Iar Kaya on Lagoon Island, you may have to come back until you've received the island token.

Lagoon Island Mokoko Seed Location

Lagoon Island Mokoko Seed Location


There is only 1 Mokoko Seed location on Lagoon Island, which players can use to acquire awesome rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. You will need to take the boat on the east side to the other island and interact with a tombstone to get to it. Doing this unlocks an area you can jump to and find a cave that houses the Mokoko Seed.

That's our breakdown of the Lost Ark Lagoon Island, and now you know where to find the place, how to complete the quests, and how to earn the Island Token. You can check out our website for more Island locations and other related content and guides or buy Lost Ark Gold here while enjoying cheap, fast, and safe service.

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