Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds: How to find seeds in runaway village and Zagoras

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Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark are a particular type of collectible item in the game, for which the hero receives a rich lost ark reward. They are scattered across all continents. In this guide, read where to collect seeds in Runaway Village and Zagora and how to destroy the barricade in Zagorye. 



1> Why Mokoko Seeds?

2> Mokoko Seeds in Runaway Village

  1. Seeds #1-2
  2. Seed #3
  3. Seeds #4-6 

3> Mokoko Seeds in Zagoras 

  1. Seed #1
  2. Seed #2
  3. Seeds #3-5
  4. Seed #6
  5. Seed #7
  6. Seed #8
  7. Seed #9
  8. Seeds #10-12

4> Video walkthrough 



Why do you need Mokoko Seeds?

These seeds are scattered all over the world. There is a legend that once a giant on the island of Totoika sneezed, and all the roots from the tree spread across the globe. Now travelers and heroes have to collect these seeds and bring them to the inhabitants of Totoika.


You'll find more than 1200 seeds from the world. In the game, these seeds serve as a particular type of collectible item, for the collection of which a good reward is expected. For every 50 seeds collected, a reward is issued according to the in-game chat:



Thanks to this chart, you can check where and how many seeds you have already collected. Many seeds are guarded by mobs, tasks, or are inside dungeons. This guide will examine the Village of the Runaways and Zagorye.



Mokoko Seeds in Runaway Village

Runaway Village is a tiny island in the north of the Ardetain continent:


There are a total of 6 Mokoko seeds in Runaway Village: 


Seeds #1-2


The first and second seeds are located inside the village, close to the center of the map, as shown in the screenshot below. They are hidden between two ruined houses with iron sheets on the roof: 


Seed #3


Head on the western part of the island. There you will find an empty half-ruined house. There is a Mokoko seed near the dead-end tree.


Seeds #4-6 


The last three seeds are hidden in the room, the path to which is hidden. To open the passage, you need to solve some puzzles. 


Head to the north of the island. There, look for a statue of a man in a hoodie. 


Play the Song of Resonance at this statue. When this is done, the figure will hear a melody and move from its place, opening the passage to the secret room for the hero. There are three seeds in this room, in different areas.


The fourth seed is next to the table, near the barrels and windows:


The fifth seed is to the right of the entrance:


The sixth seed is between two empty beds on the left side of the entrance path:



Mokoko seeds in Zagoras 

Zagoras is located on the continent of Western Lutheria. There are 12 Mokoko seeds in this location, three of which are behind a barrier to be destroyed. 


Seed #1


It is located north of the observation tower.


Seed #2


In the east of the location, there are pine trees around which coughing soldiers have gathered. There is a seed next to the box and the broken chariot.


Seeds #3-5


These three seeds are behind the barrier. The barrier is located in the southern part of Zagoras. 


This barrier has a massive HP, so it is challenging to break it alone. It is recommended to assemble a team of more than ten people and try to break through it together. You will invest considerably significantly less time destroying the barricade. 


Usually, if you follow the zone chat, you will find that other players are already about to attack the barrier - you can join them and help destroy the barricade. 


Here, behind the barrier, the seeds are scattered right across the middle of the arena, next to each other:


The barrier respawns very quickly, about a minute. Therefore, it is necessary to run in and collect the seeds very quickly, without delay. And it is also desirable to get out quickly, although if you get stuck behind the barrier, you can teleport at will to the point of movement.


Seed #6


Head to the Training Ground. On the road that leads through the gate there, there will be one Mokoko seed:


Seed #7


The seed is located in the western part of Zagoras, next to a small bush and pine trees:


Seed #8


In the east of Zagorye there are regular pine trees, between which there is one seed:


Seed #9


This seed can be found on the road to Western Ruins. Behind the stone arch in the passage, next to the wall, is a seed:


Seeds #10-12


The three seeds are located in the southern part of the Northern Ruins in Zagorye. To find them, you need to go down the cliff to the very bottom, to the platform with the seeds:


Here they are located close to each other - two near the bushes and one next to the rock:



Video Walkthrough 

Watch the video guide for finding Mokoko seeds in these locations:


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