Lost Ark Roadmap - New Classes Glaivier, Destroyer

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After the hype generated by the latest update, Amazon and Smilegate say they will focus on " horizontal content and offering clear progression paths without anyone feeling they have to pay ". It comes with the new Lost Ark roadmap for April and May. We tell you below everything that will go in now Lost Ark:






The Glaivier(Lancemaster) class arrives. It is a class of the Martial Artist group, deadly with spear and glaive attacks. The Glaivier joins the other four advanced classes of the Martial Artist: the Warrior Dancer, the Spirit Fist, the Bully, and the Striker. Glaivier can switch between two skill sets: Focused and Burst. Each of them is represented by one of their weapons.



The new South Bern region will bring new characters and quests. South Bern joins Punika as the second class 3 continent. It has an item level requirement of 1340.



There will be no details yet, but new login rewards, events, skins, shop upgrades, and a Feiton Power Pass will award level 960 items. Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Teamwork improvements on secret maps: All four members will be able to select a map to get Lost Ark rewards in one attempt.
  • The entire cast of players will share chat tab settings.
  • Book of Coordination Settings Improvements: Skill presets, tripod level, skill runes, gems, item set effects, etc., can now be used.




There are firm plans to launch the Destroyer class and more quality of life adjustments in May, but the altar and Deskaluda horde raid could be delayed if it is defined that it may increase the pressure on the community.



The Destroyer has a wide variety of abilities focused on charging into the heart of combat with devastating attacks. The Destroyer joins the other three advanced warrior classes: the berserker, paladin, and spear gunner.


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The challenges of guardian Assault are a new weekly activity for players looking for a challenge. Each week players can attempt to defeat three Challenge Guardians. Each of them has its level requirement to access, and each week a Guardian will drop out of rotation to be replaced by a new enemy. Unlike normal Guardian Strikes, Challenge Guardian Strikes will apply “Harmony Scaling,” causing their characters' item level to adjust to the enemy's.



Extra high-quality daily life improvements, for example, a fresh menu to check out when you participate in daily and weekly content, interface updates, improvements to party finder and invitations, changes to loot disassembly, comfort improvements for the market and the auction house, and a few fun new features, like the ability to summon your favorite mounts and new hairstyles randomly.






A new guardian arrives, Deskaluda. He'll be one of several most potent guardians in Arkesia. You will need a higher item level to face him (1415). As with all other Guardian Strikes, you can attempt to win solo, in a group, or find up to three heroes to automatically team-up.



Valtan is an eight-player horde raid with several new mechanics. Valtan will be the first horde raid of the western version of  Lost Ark. These raids are complicated team activities that will force them to collaborate, understand and carry out the appropriate strategy to combat the unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics of each legion commander. Horde raids are difficult and take a long time, so there are gates (checkpoints) that will save your progress as you go. You need to reach item level 1415 to participate.

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