Lost Ark Roadmap reveals two new classes Lancer, Destroyer, and a raid Valtan

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Lost Ark is probably one of the most popular MMORPGs to date. This South Korean SmileGate RPG project, which was introduced to the West by Amazon Games, was a blockbuster, setting the second highest concurrent player peak in the history of the Steam platform. Only here, an MMORPG that exists in time, rather than repeating the mistakes of the new world, was too quickly abandoned by a community tired of all kinds of bugs and lack of content. Amazon Games and SmileGate RPG are planning a ton of new content within the week in the next few days.

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The future of the Lost Ark was revealed to us through a blog post on the MMORPG website. LostArkGold Editor found that some updates mentioned there are dedicated to improving ergonomics and the overall quality of life of the game. SmileGate RPG also states its intent not to punish players who don't spend money in the game, providing more ways to earn end-game items and free components. These different elements should make it relatively easy for the free player community to get into the end game content (Legion Raids), which unfortunately should only be introduced into the game for players who are already very high-level players.

In April, things were different, as SmileGate RPG confirmed its intention to introduce a new in-game class, the Lancer. Lancer is a martial artist with two melee combat stances, one based on heavy hits and one on attack speed. She will soon join the ranks of other warriors. Globally, the new continent Bern-Sud will launch in-game in April. This is a level 3 continent, and the item level required to get there is 1340. Ruled by Queen Irene, this peaceful kingdom is haunted by mysteries, and it's up to you to discover. Explore to discover its secrets

Lost Ark Roadmap reveals two new classes Lancer, Destroyer, and a raid Valtan

In May, another new class appeared in the Lost Ark, the Destroyer, a fighter based on melee combat and crowd control. It's unclear exactly what his playstyle is, but he seems to be very focused on area damage and has stunned, kicks slows, and other crowd control abilities. According to SmileGate RPG's forecast, May will also be an opportunity to introduce higher-level content to the game or team. Next, the devs mentioned the arrival of a new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda, which should be the hardest among its teammates, with a recommended item level of 1415. To wrap up this busy month, SmileGate plans to give us our first Legion raid on Valtan, available in Normal and Hardmode. Legion raids are grueling group events, and Valtan will require you and your companions to reach level 1415.

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