Lost Ark Sailing: How to Unlock, Use & Upgrade?

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Sailing is a significant part of Lost Ark that allows you to travel over the Oceans to go to the countless islands. This guide will show you the basics of sailing, how to unlock, use, upgrade, and other things in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Sailing: How to Unlock, Use & Upgrade?

What is Sailing in Lost Ark?

Sailing is a fundamental advancement tool in the game. It is also the sole means to travel between continents and one of the easiest methods to develop your skills and gear at the end of the game.

How to Unlock Sailing in Lost Ark?

1). Unlocking the Sailing feature in Lost Ark requires you to Reach Level 35.
2). At level 35, you will receive a quest called "Set Sail," which will teach you the basics.
3). To start this quest, you must travel to the Wavestrand Port at East Luttera.
4). The start of your joining to unlock sailing starts with "The Wind Stays while Dreams Fade" and ends with "Set Sail!".
5). Once you reach Fort Royal, you'll quickly run into your first sailing mission and unlock your first ship.
6). You'll start with a galleon, but you'll be able to unlock different types of ships as you progress easily.

How to Use the Ship in Lost Ark?

1). To use the Ship, you have to open up the Map.
2). Then, click on the Set Sail button.
3). Another way is to enter your Ship through the Port.
4). In the beginning, you will have the option to choose between 3 Ships.
5). Later, you will be able to buy all of the Ships if you can satisfy their Conditions.
6). You will need to do this as the Oceans of Arkesia is filled with Hazardous sections & rough seas, and different Ships can handle different types of obstacles. Also, this will give you access to new areas, new quests, new POIs, & more.

Every Ship in Lost Ark

The 8 ships you can find in the Lost Ark are given below.

    • Brahms
    • Estoque
    • Tragon
    • Eibern's Wound
    • Sturmbreecher
    • Eurus
    • White Wind
    • Astray

How to Upgrade Ships in Lost Ark?

1. Pay a High Fee

Ships in Lost Ark can be repaired by visiting the nearby port and paying a high fee for the repair.

1). While on the Sailing menu, select the ship you'd like to upgrade.
2). From there, click the Upgrade button at the top-right corner of the screen. This will bring up a Ship Upgrade menu.
3). Here, you'll find a detailed rundown of all items needed for the process.
4). Upgrade materials typically include: Timber, Ship parts, and Blueprints.
5). Many of these parts can either be purchased from merchants near ports, crafted at the Processor NPC, or found on the Auction House, but you'll need to pay a lot of LostArk Gold.

2. Equip Sailors

Also, you can improve your ship's performance by hiring and equipping Sailors.

1). To equip sailors, dock your ship at any port.
2). Select the Sailors tab from the menu.
3). This is where you'll find any available Sailors.
4). Many can be used with any ship in your fleet, but some of the best Sailors will only ride on specific ships.
5). You can buy Sailors using the Sea Coins, or sometimes you can get them as a reward for gathering collectibles.
6). While buying Sailors, make sure you have the ship you can use them on since some of the Sailors are Ship specific as well.

What Can You Do While Sailing in Lost Ark?

The activities which can be done with sailing in Lost Ark are given below:

    • Discover New islands
    • Fishing
    • Recovering cargo
    • Hunting for treasure
    • Exploring sunken ships

That's all for our Lost Ark Sailing guide. Interested in Lost Ark and want to read more? Follow the news page of lostarkgold.com for easy guides, news, and updates!

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