Lost Ark Signatus Boss: How to Find and Defeat It?

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Signatus is a gigantic mech world boss, and defeating it is also the eventual task of the Lost Ark. However, this is not an easy task. This guide will help players know where to find Signatus and how to defeat it in Lost Ark.

Where can gamers find Signatus in Lost Ark?

Signatus Location


Here, we will take you through the process of where to find Signatus in the Lost Ark:

1). Players can find Signatus on the continent of Arthetine, which they can find by bringing up the world map.
2). They should first head to this continent and then go to the Scraplands.
3). Once inside the Scraplands, users will want to head to the area north, where Signatus spawns.
4). Signatus can be located in a rectangular area southeast of the Soldier Ant Nest Dungeon.
5). To get there, you can use an ocean liner to reach Arthetine.
Then use the Soldier Ant Nest Tripod and walk southeast.
6). If they cannot find Signatus, it may be on cooldown for the spawn timer.

Lost Ark Signatus Respawn Time

The Signatus World Boss is a Raid World Boss, which means he does not spawn after 30 minutes like other bosses. Signatus only spawns every two or three days, at the top of every hour from 11 AM to 5 AM. These dates and times are all tracked under the "Field Bosses" section of Procyon's Compass.

How to Defeat Signatus Boss in Lost Ark?

Defeat Signatus Boss


Here are a few things you need to know to defeat Signatus Boss in Lost Ark:

1). To defeat Signatus, you must be at least level 50 and have item level 250.

2). Signatus' attacks are primarily area-of-effect and may cause a lot of damage if you don't avoid them. The best way to prevent its deadly attacks is not to confront it from the front. Signatus mostly always attacks in a frontwards direction, meaning that players should be smart enough to attack from its rear.

3). Remember that defeating Signatus alone will be fairly difficult. You should look into the area chat to recruit other players for the raid. Strength in numbers is a good rule of thumb for any world boss in Lost Ark.

4). Signatus features a mountainous 63,855,000-point health bar. If not defeated within 15 minutes, it will enter berserk mode, instantly killing any players within range and resetting its health bar back to full. So you need to coordinate in large parties and group up against it, working to defeat the boss within that limited time.

Lost Ark Signatus' Loot

Here are the items that you can collect after defeating Signatus:

• Forbidden Elemental Earrings: 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality.
• Forbidden Elemental Ring: 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.
• Forbidden Magick Earrings: 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality.
• Forbidden Magick Necklace: 351 primary stat (your class), 243 Vitality.
• Forbidden Magick Ring: 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.
• Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare): Grants a rare battle engraving.
• Battle Engraving Recipe (uncommon): Grants an uncommon battle engraving.
• Bleed: Gives a bleed effect to your skill.
• Signatus: Rare collectable card.
• Destruction Stone Fragment: A fragment used to upgrade honing armor.
• Epic Ability Stone: An epic ability stone that matches the character's item level.
• Guardian Stone Fragment: Honing armor fragment.
• Star's Breath: Increase the Honing success chance on T1 gear.
• XP Card: A Legendary XP card will be sent to any character on your server's roster.

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