Lost Ark: The Complete Guide To Atlas Seeker Roven

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In May 2022, the PvP continent Roven appeared in the game Lost Ark, and with it, another chapter of the Seeker's Atlas with its features, unique gifts, riddles, and hidden stories. The Atlas will be finalized. The information will be specified, and the names of the objects of the Atlas will appear immediately after the introduction of Rowen into Lost Ark.




For 30% completion, you will receive a new emote, "Tea Party", for 60 %, you will receive a unique painting #56, "Apotheosis of Conflict", and for 70%, you will receive a potent elixir "Rufeon's Blessing".

As you progress through Rowena's storyline, you'll have another Wolf Song melody added to your collection. It will be helpful in collecting mokoko and in future tasks.

Please help us find inaccuracies and give more detailed information in the comments! All players need this.



1. How to get to Roven in Lost Ark?

You need to complete the South Bern storyline up to The Third Invasion quest and raise your gear level to at least 1445 GS. After that, the purple mission "[Guide] Roven" will appear in the quest log (J).

You need to sail to the port of Rowena (west of Shuvierd) on your ship and then find the paladin Osphio in the coastal city of Edelgate.



2> Important features of the Roven continent for the Atlas

1. There are only three locations in the region: the Delta of the Wandering River, the Land of the Wolf, and the Great Plains.

You will get to the Great Plains only after choosing a faction.

In the future, the developers promised to add one more location (it is not but clear whether or not this may be completed). But the Atlas can be closed on the three existing ones. The new area will just add mokokos, quests, and another PvP location.


2. In passing the story, you have to choose a faction (Freigel or Libertan) for which you will fight. The important thing is that the faction can be changed once a week, and this choice applies to the entire account. However, if too many people are in a faction, it will not be possible to select it. The limit is unknown to us, but it is large enough. In addition, the number of faction players is constantly changing, and you may have to wait a short time to "free up space". When changing factions, the accumulated experience, and rank are preserved.

When choosing for the first time, you can change it without a limit.


3. In Rowena, set bonuses are disabled, and all characters' attack/defense indicators are balanced. Elsewhere, you and the opposite faction are in constant PvP mode. Safe zones are marked in green on the maps.


4. You need to increase your PvP rank and earn Rowena currency by completing daily and weekly tasks, shaking reputation with characters, and participating in battles. Some Atlas items are tied to a specific faction rank. For the Rovno crystals of Silmael earned in competitions, you will need to buy items necessary for the Atlas.

You can find out your rating by pressing Alt+R. You will see the available tasks and activities in the same menu to increase your rank.


5. From the "Magic Stone" marked on the map with a particular sign, you can buy invulnerability for 20 minutes. You will have a scroll in your inventory with which you can instantly remove invulnerability, and a specific signal will light up over the character.

This can come in handy for gathering ingredients and mokokos if you don't feel like waiting seven days before switching factions. However, if you enter the territory of the enemy's main base, the invulnerability will be canceled automatically.

Limit - 10 invulnerability per week. The first time is free, the rest of the time it will cost 300 gold.


6. The battle of the factions for the fortress to occupy the huge mine with Rivne Silmael crystals will occur according to the calendar schedule and is available from 1490 GS.


7. No dungeons need to be completed for the Atlas in Rowena.  


8. Craft resources in Rowena - high level (T3), but you will not get secret dungeon cards for them. To cook Atlas food, you will need the "Hunting" and "Fishing" skills.


9. In the region, you can only move on exceptional vehicles, which you will acquire while completing the first assignment of the selected faction.



3> Rowena location cards

There are only three locations in the region: the Delta of the Wandering River, the Land of the Wolf, and the Great Plains. The Atlas can be closed by examining these three. Whether a fourth will be added is still unknown.

All artifacts needed for the Atlas are knocked out of mobs and can be bought at the auction.

There are no dungeons in Rowena.

We marked panoramas, ingredients, and unique opponents on the map with serial numbers according to the numbering in the Atlas.

This is done to avoid confusion, which sometimes arose in other Atlases. The localizer has a habit of renaming hidden stories, recipes, or uniques literally from update to update.

We will add names as soon as Roven comes out, but we will leave the numbers.

We have noted the mokokos and the conditions for their collection. However, if you have any problems, refer to the Rowena section in the guide to all Lost Ark mokokos. There is a more detailed description of the conditions for collecting each bean.

The Traveling Merchant sells gifts and rare cards and is unimportant to Atlas.

Finding the people of Rowena (they are all in Edelgath) and collecting the hidden stories of the Atlas will not be difficult at all. Most of the hidden stories and all the reputation characters are concentrated in Edelgath, the Wandering River Delta safe zone (some only partially), and it is impossible to mark them all on the general map. Therefore, the stories and reputational characters are placed in separate parts of the Atlas article (see the table of contents).


3.1 - Wandering river delta

There are six uniques and four panoramas in this location, a cook, an ingredient merchant, and a merchant of Rovno Silmael crystals. There are ten mokokos in the location.

Atlas recipes No. 1 and No. 6 are also collected and prepared here. You will be able to buy dishes #5 and #7 from the Crystal Merchant when you collect enough crystals in PvP.

There is one hidden quest in the Wandering River Delta. It can be taken from a pile of earth on the road after completing the main plot of the location.


3.2 - Land of the Wolf

When completing the story at the beginning of this location, you will receive "Song of the Wolf", a melody needed to collect some mokoko (here, there are 7).

In the Land of the Wolf 3 panoramas, six unique opponents.

Here, you need to beat mobs to collect meat for recipe No. 2, rye spikelets for recipe No. 3 are collected here, and bags of rabbit for Atlas recipe No. 4 are farmed.


3.3 - Great Plains

The most dangerous and controversial territory. You will get here only after choosing a faction.

Here the world boss of the region appears, and in two copies at once (you need 1490 GS), on the Land of both factions.

The Great Plains has three unique enemies, two panoramas, and eight mokokos.

There are also mobs from which you can collect meat for recipe #2, but it is better to farm them in the Land of the Wolf - there is less chance of being killed by the opposite faction.

There are no hidden stories, no food ingredients, and no traveling merchant.

However, Rivne Crystal Merchants, with the same stock as the merchant in the port city of Wandering River Delta, cost one on each faction's Land.



4> More about Rowena's recipes in Lost Ark

Dishes that require cooking will be taken care of by a cook, who can be found in the port city of Edelgat, in the Delta of the Wandering River. Next to him are an ingredient merchant and a merchant of Rovno crystals of Silmael. These are all three NPCs needed to purchase and cook Atlas dishes.

There is one crystal merchant in each faction's zone in the Great Plains.


4.1 - Recipe No. 1

We are gathering a dish in the Wandering River Delta that requires 350 Wisdom. Go to the house at the indicated point (next to the entrance - a friendly squirrel), inside a dish and one mokoko.


4.2 - Recipe No. 2

You need to farm 100 pieces of meat from wild boars, you need them both on the Great Plains and in the Land of the Wolf, but it's easier to do it in the second location because there is less PvP.

Then cook a meal at the chef for 6000 silver.


4.3 - Recipe No. 3

This recipe has two components, bread, and yogurt, from which the Atlas dish is created. The cook will prepare all this, but first, you need to collect the ingredients.

1. To make rye bread, you need to collect 300 spikelets of rye in the Land of the Wolf (3-5 from each plot). Then go to the cook, he will bake bread. This is the first ingredient of the dish.

2. For yogurt, you need to buy five pieces of "reindeer butter" from the ingredient merchant next to the cook. Note that after an hour, the "butter" will turn into another product (needed to collect mokoko), so IMMEDIATELY use it to make yogurt. This is the second component.

3. Now, you can cook a dish of bread and yogurt at the chef for 9600 silver and add it to the Atlas.


4.4 - Recipe No. 4

You need to collect 10 "Bunny Bunny Bags" in the Land of the Wolf by "hunting" and cooking "kebab" from the cook in Edelgath, the port city of the Wandering River Delta, for 12,000 silver.

The process of catching rabbits is rather inconvenient. There are several necessary "minks" in the Wolf Lands. Immediately switch to the craft panel.

  • 1. When you get close to the burrow, a message about the juicy taste of the wild rabbit roast will pop up, and an immobility debuff will appear above the mana bar (on the right). Freeze.
  • 2. You can immediately remove the debuff "Monastic amulet" from yourself (put it on the active panel in advance), and then the desired buff will instantly appear. If you don't have "Lanka," just wait and don't move.
  • 3. After 10 seconds, the debuff will disappear, and a buff of the same name with the same icon will appear above the HP bar (on the left), "lure" the rabbit. Continue to remain still until the moment the rabbit appears.
  • 4. An animal emerging from a mink must be caught with the "hunt" skill. When collecting loot, you will have a chance to receive a "Bag of Wood-Rabbit".


After collecting ten bags, go to the cook in the Delta of the Wandering River and prepare the desired dish for 12000 silver.


4.5 - Recipe No. 5

You were purchased from the Crystal Merchant for 5,000 Rovno Silmael Crystals. Purchase condition - 3rd position in Rowena's PvP rating. To reach this position, you need to complete various daily and weekly faction quests.

You can find out your rating by pressing Alt + R.


4.6 - Recipe No. 6

Herring is harder than rabbits!

  • 1. Purchase a Fish Pickling Barrel from the Ingredient Merchant in Wandering River Delta for 200,000 Silver.
  • 2. Catch 20 herrings at a specific location in the Wandering River Delta. Work points are not consumed when catching this fish, and several fish are caught at once.
  • 3. At the cook, cook herring in a barrel (12000 silver, blue quality) and go to a special place in the Delta of the Wandering River (the "inspect" sign will appear at the desired point) to fill the barrel with seawater.
  • 4. There is a chance that you will receive Aged Herring, a purple quality item that must now be aged in your bag for 6 hours to receive Atlas' Dish. It is not necessary to be in the game for all 6 hours. The ripened dish will not deteriorate and will not go anywhere.

If you fail, you will have to start all over again. Therefore, if you do not want to waste time, catch 40-60 herrings at once and buy 2-3 barrels for a safety net.


4.7 - Recipe No. 7

Purchase Conditions: You must be at least 7th position in Rowena's Faction Wars rankings. You need to take part in the daily PvP event of the region. You can exchange 12500 Rovno Silmael Crystals earned in PvP at a crystal merchant for the desired dish in the city of Edelgath (in the Delta of the Wandering River) or your faction's base.

You can find out your rating by pressing Alt+R.


5> Hidden Stories of Atlas Rowena

There are traditionally seven hidden stories in the Rowena Atlas. Parts one and five are scattered in two locations: the Delta of the Wandering River and the Lands of the Wolf, the sixth of the three parts is entirely in the Land of the Wolf. The rest of the stories are collected in the Delta.

There are no hidden stories in the Great Plains.


5.1 - Hidden Story #1 (4 parts, charm +1)

The first part is in the Wandering River Delta.

The three others are in the Land of the Wolf.


5.2 - Hidden Story #2 (3 parts, charm +1)

All parts are in the Wandering River Delta safe zone.


5.3 - Hidden History #3 (3 Parts, Wisdom +2)

All parts are in the neutral zone of the Wandering River Delta, in a small area in front of the Cathedral.


5.4 - Hidden Story #4 (4 parts, responsiveness +3)

Entirely inside a cathedral in the no man's Land of the Wandering River Delta.


5.5 - Hidden History #5 (4 Parts, Courage +1)

Parts one and two are in the Wandering River Delta.

The other two are in the Land of the Wolf.


5.6 - Hidden History #6 (3 Parts, Wisdom +2)

All three parts are in the Land of the Wolf.


5.7 - Hidden Story #7 (4 Parts, Responsiveness +1)

All parts are in the Wandering River Delta in the western part of the port city.



6> Additional stories of the Roven region

Traditionally, there are two such tasks. Complete the region's storyline and complete yellow and daily quests.

We will add a thorough and detailed description of each story a little later. Please help with comments!


6.1 - Additional Story #1

Perhaps, to receive Nathan's tasks, you need to complete Roven's hidden quests, described separately just below and marked on the maps of the "Locations" section.

So, after completing the story, you need to complete the yellow quest chain from the adventurer Nathan, who can be found in the port city of Edelgate and three other places in the Wandering River Delta.

It will be necessary to return to Nathan daily for the next task. A different story will be credited to the Atlas when completing Nathan's second assignment.

We've added all spawn points for this character. Check daily for a quest icon to spawn at one of these points.


6.2 - Additional Story #2

After completing the task "A Fork in the Road", you will be able to complete the daily task of the Efon Union "Research of Silmael".

After the first completion of the "Research", go to the Cathedral of the port city and talk to the priest. He will ask you to explore a hidden room in the Cathedral. The entrance is behind the altar, in the northwest corner of the Cathedral.

Carefully inspect everything inside. There are two small rooms. Then you will need to return to the priest and go again into a hidden room.

If you have any inquiries or are having difficulty, watch the Korean video for this quest.



7> Raven's reputation. Silos, Genard, Anna Craig, and Fiona

There are four characters in the region with whom you can improve relations. These are Professor Silos, the stern warrior Genard, the brave Anna Craig, and the seductive elf Fiona.

They all live in Edelgate, the safe port city of the Wandering River Delta.


7.1 - Professor Silos (38200 reputation points)

To open a reputation with Silos, you need:

  • 1. Complete the story mission "The End of the Rivne Delegation".
  • 2. The daily task of the Eflon Union, "The Great Wolf Remembers," will open (in the location of the Land of the Wolf). To appear, it must be done five times for another new daily ("Greetings from the wind").
  • 3. Complete a new daily routine one time (care for turnips in Khakan's field in the Land of the Wolf).

To start a friendship, you still need 130 charm and wisdom, and to fill the reputation to the maximum, you need 330 units of the same characteristics.


7.2 - Genard (18,000 reputation points)

To make friends with a black warrior, you need to complete story quests up to choosing a faction.


7.3 - Anna Craig (38200 reputations)

The opportunity to improve relations with Anna will open after choosing a faction in the story.

To get started, you need 130 courage and responsiveness and 330 units of the same characteristics for full reputation.


7.4 - Fiona (38200 reputations)

Also unlocked for offerings and serenades after the faction selection story quest.

You need 130 charms to start a relationship with Fiona and 330 charms to earn Revered.



8> Boss Rowena Helmer

The regional boss Helmir appears in two points of the Great Plains at once a day, in the territories of both factions.

This monster has about seven billion HP. More precisely, 7327964199 health units.

Loot from Helmir is available from 1490 GS. Perhaps, as with other bosses, loot will be available if you are in a group with players of the required equipment level.

Helmer's loot contains a lot of useful things: gems, various hardening materials, catalysts, engraving sketches of the 3rd and 4th levels, relic fethranites and jewelry, and cards for the experience.


Special loot: Rowena deck of cards

Spark of Chaos for making amulets,

"Star of Albion" No. 8

And a battle rune "Jar" ​​of legendary quality.

If you are interested in knowing in advance what this monster can do, you can watch the video of killing Helmir in Korea.



9> Rowena's Hidden Quests

In Rowena, there are only two hidden quests and one non-obvious one, taken from a mysterious box, which opens the daily "Erase Together!".

(Perhaps completing the hidden quests will unlock the first Atlas Extra Story.)


9.1 - Non-obvious task "Let's do laundry"

This quest can be found in Edelgate near the port. Examine the box on the ground.

After completion, the daily task of the Efon Union, "We erase together!" opens. Reputation rewards include boxes of catalysts and three Rivne decks of cards.


9.2 - Hidden quest in Wandering River Delta

To get it, you need to complete the Delta story missions. Then go to the west of the location and find a pile of earth on the road.

Rewards: "Courage" +1, character experience and heritage experience, Lost Ark gold and silver, "Alphonse Vedici's Big Deck," and two pieces of "Hero's Bag with a sketch of an engraving of the second level."


9.3 - Hidden Quest in the Land of the Wolf

First, you need to complete the location story missions. The quest itself is located on a turnip field in the neutral zone of the Land of the Wolf. Just check the fence.

Rewards: Alphonse Vedic Small Deck, Rowena Atlas Artifact, Character XP, and Legacy XP.

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