Lost Ark: The complete guide to cards and best sets

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The cards in the Lost Ark will give you a variety of stats to power up your character, depending on what cards you have. Getting the cards completing the decks and books is a long process and will take a long time, but it will reward your effort. Let's see what the Lost Ark Card system is all about.





How to get Cards in Lost Ark?

Cards are items that you can obtain in different ways. Some are farmable, but most will be more challenging to get. You can buy them from Auction House and other ways, get them as Affinity rewards, Abyssal Dungeons, Guardian Assault, Cooperative Sea, Adventure, and Story Missions.

You can have, in principle, 120 cards, with the possibility of increasing the store's capacity by buying more slots with blue crystals.

Getting the cards you want will be a slow process, so be patient!



Sets, Decks, and Books?

The benefits granted by the cards are shared throughout the cast, and you will get them in different ways. You can see your cards and benefits in the Cards window (ALT+C). There you will see three main sections.

In the Equip section, you will see the different Card Sets and your benefits from using them. Hover over the "Set Effect" magnifying glass to view set details.

Trigger set effects by equipping cards in your Deck.

You can equip up to 6 cards in your Deck, and if these cards belong to any of the sets, you will get different benefits. You can save the presets of your favorite decks to change them as needed quickly.

By using the cards from the same set, you will activate up to 3 levels of benefits. You can reach more levels with much more significant stats when you reach a certain amount of Awakening on the cards in the set.

It is not necessary to use six cards from the same set. You can mix the cards to get benefits from up to 3 different groups.

With six cards equipped, the effect of the Desert of the Sky 2 set and the Trixion Set 2 and 4 is activated.

But you won't just get buffs from the sets you equip. You'll also get them passively based on the cards you get from Card Books.

Books are groups of cards that, when completed, will give you passive stats for all of your characters. It is unnecessary to use the cards in your Deck to get these benefits. Just by having the cards, you will already receive them.

The benefits of Card Books can be enhanced by Awakening the cards that make them up.



Level Up Cards – Card Awakening

To level up or Awaken the Cards in Lost Ark, you need to get special items that give card experience. There are five levels of improvement. Get card EXP from the following items.

  • Soul blade
  • essence of eternity
  • creation shard
  • Menelik's Tome

Consume these items to add card EXP and use it in the "Upgrade" section. Select the card you want to awaken, and it will tell you how much EXP you need.

But it is not enough to have the card EXP. To Awaken a Card, you also need copies of it.

  • Level 1: +1 Copy
  • Level 2: +2 Copies
  • Level 3: +3 Copies
  • Level 4: +4 Copies
  • Level 5: +5 Copies

Awakening the cards will allow you to reach the highest levels of benefits in both your Decks and Books.



Best Card Sets

There are so many sets with so many possibilities that it can be difficult at first to decide which set to complete. But the best thing is to make your experience and, now that you know how the system works, investigate the different Sets and look for the one that will contribute the most to your character. Here we will list some of the most popular outfits that we think will help you the most on your adventure.



Forest of the Giants & We will meet again

These two sets are each made up of only three cards, so you can use them together and get both bonuses.


Forest of the Giants


Forest of Giants Bonuses

  • Three pieces: +15% effectiveness of recovery items
  • 9-Piece Awakening: Physical Defense +10% / Magic Defense +10%
  • 15-Piece Awakening: Physical Defense +20% / Magic Defense +20%


We will meet again


We Will Meet Again Bonuses

  • Three pieces: -12% damage from enemies with 50% or less HP
  • 9-Piece Awakening: -16% damage from enemies with 50% or less HP
  • 15 Piece Awakening: Quickly recover HP for 5s when receiving an attack below 20% HP (recovery: 10min)


Howling Cliff

It will take longer to get, and the bonus that makes it interesting will only come when you hit 12-piece Awakening, but it will be worth it if you want to maximize your damage.





Howling Cliff Bonuses

  • Two pieces: Dark Damage Reduction +8%
  • Four pieces: Dark Damage Reduction +8%
  • Six pieces: Dark Damage Reduction +9%
  • 12-Piece Awakening: Crit Rate +7%
  • 30 Piece Awakening: You and your party deal 3.5% more Holy damage against the target


Light of salvation

This is the most popular endgame card set. The dark damage reduction and holy damage boost will optimize your combat against some of the most powerful enemies you will face.





Light of Salvation Bonuses

  • Two pieces: Dark Damage Reduction +10%
  • Four pieces: Dark Damage Reduction +10%
  • Six pieces: Darkness damage reduction +10%
  • 12-Piece Awakening: Change damage type to Holy
  • 18-Piece Awakening: Holy Damage +7%
  • 30-Piece Awakening: Holy Damage +8%




Don't throw any cards. Stack them on one of the secondary characters if you don't have space, and if you have more than one better copy, register it, and it will be added to the original card, giving you the chance to Awaken that card if you need to.

Decide which set you want to upgrade before consuming card EXP. It will cost you to get EXP, so don't spend it without a plan. Investigate and analyze the set that best accompanies your build and focus on achieving and improving it.

Be patient, it's a long process, and it will take a long time to get the set you want.

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