Lost Ark: The Complete Guide To Class, Level Up, Daily, Weekly, Alts, Currency, Collectibles and Missions

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In this lostarkgold guide, we'll look at some standard guides in Lost Ark games in the future. Through various guides in the game to help players better integrate into the game, such as class, level up, carry out, daily, weekly, alts, currency(gold and silver),professionscollectibles and missions, etc., players can better improve the game experience!



There are currently 5 classes with 14 NA/EU subclasses. Honestly, there is no best class for PVE, so you could choose the class you like the most.

Below you can find All Lost Ark EU Classes | NA so far, you can see their skills and the difficulty of each of them



Berserker High High Medium Medium Low High High
Paladin Low Medium High Medium High Low Medium
Gunlancer High Medium High Low High High High
Destroyer High High High Medium Low High Medium
Striker High Low Low High Medium Low Medium
Wardancer High Low Medium High High Low Medium
Scrapper Medium High Medium High Low High Medium
Soulfist High Medium Low High High Low High
Glaivier Medium High Low High Low Low High
Gunslinger Medium High Low High Medium Low High
Artillerist High High High Low High High Low
Deadeye Medium High Low High Medium Low High
Sharpshooter Medium Medium Low High Medium Low Low
Machinist Medium High Medium High Medium Medium Low
Bard Low Low High Medium High Low Medium
Sorceress Low High Low Medium Medium Medium Low
Summoner Low High Low Medium High Medium Low
Arcanist Medium High Low High Low Low High
Deathblade Medium High Low High Medium Low High


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Berserker High Medium Medium Medium Low High Medium
Paladin Medium High Medium High High Low Medium
Gunlancer Medium High Low High High High High
Destroyer High High Low Low High High Low
Striker Medium Medium High Medium Medium Low High
Wardancer Medium Medium High Medium Medium Low High
Scrapper Medium Medium High Low Medium Medium Medium
Soulfist High Medium Medium High Medium Low Medium
Glaivier High Medium Medium Low High Medium Medium
Gunslinger High Low High Medium High Medium High
Artillerist High Medium Low Low Low High Low
Deadeye High Low High Medium High Medium High
Sharpshooter Medium Low High Low Medium Medium Low
Machinist High Medium Medium Medium High Low High
Bard Low Medium Low High High High Medium
Sorceress High Low Medium Medium High Low Medium
Summoner High Low Low Low Medium Medium Low
Arcanist High Low Medium Low High Medium High
Deathblade High Medium High High High High Medium


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If this is your first time playing Lost Ark, it's a good idea to take the time to do all the missions, watch the different cut-scenes, explore the various maps a bit, and never stress a lot about receiving to degree 50 quickly.


The idea is that you enjoy what the game offers and prepare yourself a little for what comes later. By following this style of leveling, the approximate time to reach level 50 is between 30 and 40 hours.

On the other hand, should you currently have some encounters while in the game, you can opt for a shorter style of leveling? This style involves focusing solely on the main story missions, colored blue or orange.


By following that chain of quests, you should be reaching level 50 within 10-13 hours. It should be noted that when completing the main quests (before traveling to the continent of Vern), you should be at level 49 with 2-3 bars. To reach level 50, just complete all the side quests on the continent of Arthetine.


Pro Tip: As soon as you get your first mount, place it in the Hotbar above the potion/bomb bar. That will save you loads of time!






CHAOS DUNGEON Attempt per day: 2 times
Cost per attempt: 50 energy
Energy recovery: 100 pts./day
GUARDIAN ASSAULT Attempt per day: 2 times*
Cost per attempt: 1 guardian soul
Soul recovery: 2 souls/day
DAILY MISSION Number of missions (per day): 3*
It can be expanded up to +3
ADVENTURE ISLAND Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. / 9:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m. *These hours are based on server time.
COOPERATIVE TRAVEL MISSION It appears several times a day.
PLATINUM FIELD Until time runs out (To access the platinum fields, you need special tickets)
GUILD SUPPORT 1 donation per day
1 research support (if available)
AFFINITY 5 songs/day
5 gestures/day



GUARDIAN ASSAULT 1 per week per boss (3 total).
Availability is per character.
ABYSSAL DUNGEON 1 per week per Abyss Dungeon.
ABYSSAL DUNGEON CHALLENGE 1 per week per Abyss Dungeon Challenge.
ABYSS RAID 1 per week per Abyss Raid.
Availability is per character.
LEGION RAID 1 per week (shared between difficulties).
Availability is per character.
WEEKLY MISSION 3 missions 1 per week.
It can be expanded up to +3.
CHIEF GVG | guilds Once a week
MERCHANT SHIPS Supply replenishes at the weekly reset
SILMAEL STONE The supply is replenished with the weekly reset
PVP - TOKEN The supply is replenished with the weekly reset
GHOSTSHIP Tuesday at 22:00
Thursday at 15:00
Saturday at 19:00
DOOR OF CHAOS Tuesday at 20:00
Friday at 20:00
Saturday at 22:00
Sunday at 15:00
  It is determined by the guild that occupies it.





Of course, there are more activities, but these are the usual ones.



Alts (alternate characters) play a relatively important role in Lost Ark. They allow you to collect additional gold, silver, and other materials to give to your main character or your alts.

It is unnecessary to have several alts, but 2-3 more alts can help your main character in the game very well.

*To maximize the efficiency of the alters, it is suggested to have them in the same tier as the main characters. That way, they can make use of the same upgrade materials.





Lost Ark provides you the chance to specialize in specific secondary professions by means of which you could gather supplies that can be employed to craft numerous things. With professions, you can be:




As you know, trades are an important part of the Lost Ark content. Therefore, it is useful to choose your profession well, since you will not do everything (Skill points are limited).


Herbalisa  Lumberjack Mining  Hunter  Fisherman Archaeologist

Keep in mind that it is difficult to give a ranking of the best Professions. This changes with every update.


HERBALISM It is a constant source of money. Players often collect different materials exclusively with life energy because these are needed to make potions. As you level up your profession, you will obtain more materials and special buffs. *You can also use better quality tools to get even more materials!
WOODCUTTER Being a lumberjack is another of the most common professions in Lost Ark. The usefulness of the profession lies not only in its versatility to craft different things but through it, we can obtain the necessary materials to climb our island; as well as to repair our ships and send them to do missions.
MINING The collected minerals are usually used with herbalism materials to create bombs and grenades. Mining is also extremely useful for leveling up our islands like the lumberjack profession. They also allow us to repair the ships to send them on missions throughout our island.
HUNTING Unlike the other professions, the hunter profession is not that popular. Nevertheless, that does not take away from its significance of it. Whether meat or leather, materials are required to craft many things that can be sold for a relatively high price.
FISHING Being a fisherman is not so popular either, but it is also a source of materials that allow us to create valuable artifacts combined with mats from other professions.
ARCHEOLOGY It is not usually the profession that generates the most gold. However, Pse can win a jackpot by getting crafting kits for high-tier tools.







Both gold and silver are two of the most common currencies in the game, and both are necessary to level up your characters. The ways to get gold are:

Epona medals: As you complete daily and weekly missions, you will be able to obtain a greater number of Epona medals that can later be exchanged for gold.

Epona medals are per account, not per character. This means that if you get the maximum number of medals with one character, you will not do the same with other characters.



You get medals from Epona for doing daily and weekly quests. The amount of medals you can get is determined at the commencing of your game week.

  • Void Dungeon: Every Void Dungeon you do will give you gold. They can be done once a week each.
  • Abyss Raids: Same as Abyss Dungeon. You get more gold for more phases cleared.
  • Legion Raid: They reward you with a large amount of gold, but you need to have a high level of equipment to enter. iLvL or HIGH BG.
  • Backcountry Islands: You have a small chance to get a key whenever you complete a co-op backcountry mission. Keys can be used at Gateway points in the sea at specific times when they are open. By completing a gateway map, there is a chance to get a considerable amount of gold.
  • Islands of Adventure: Every day, there is a daily Islands of Adventure that has additional rewards. You can see which the Island of Adventure is coming through the compass symbol below your minimap. The amount you get depends on your item level, ranging from 80 to 600 gold. Character Progression: Each character has its rewards for character development. Once they're done, you won't get any rewards for them again. You can find character development rewards via the box symbol below your minimap.
  • Trading: You can sell a lot in the auction house, for example, upgrade materials, stamp books, food, equipment, living materials, and more.
  • Merchants: You can buy upgrade materials and more from merchants and sell them at the auction house.
  • Rapport: Numerous NPCs will provide 100-200 gold as one-time compensation for reaching rapport with them. For example, on the continent of Papunika, many NPCs give you gold by completing max rapport with them.
  • Masterworks Collection: You get additional gold for your Masterworks at certain levels. Alts – This allows you to do additional Abyss Dungeons/Raids runs, resulting in more gold at the end.




A chain of Diaries (Lopang Quest) :

  • It is common to use the alts through the Lopang dailies. You can unlock the 6 daily ones after doing the yellow quests on Lopang Island. Recommended quests are Shushire, Arthetine, and North Vern. You can use your teleportation book to speed things up. This method requires 3 teleport slots. Accept the quests to see where the NPCs are. You can also set North Vern as your "spawn" point.
  • The first teleport point is at the Arthetine Terminal located on Lopang Island. The second teleport point is at the NPC in Arid Path (Barren Passage) in Arthetine. The third teleport point is at the NPC in Frozen Sea (Frozen Harbour) in Shushire.
  • Path: Accept quests -> Teleport to Lopang Island Terminal -> Talk to all terminals -> Teleport to Arid Path and talk to NPC -> Teleport to Shushire Harbor and talk to NPC -> Play Song of Memory to teleport back north Vern Main Town -> Use the local teleporter to teleport to the port and talk to the NPC


Epona's Weekly Quests: You can do Una's Weekly Quests like the Chaos Dungeon, Cube, or Trial Route to get extra silver. Chaos Dungeon: Offers you a decent quantity of silver. Cube: Offers you a very good quantity of silver depending on the amount of the cube. Guild Exchange: You are able to exchange Silmael Crystals for Silver Boxes or Chests containing them. They are for the entire account. Alts: Allow you to do additional daily and weekly quests from Una, dungeons, and chaos cubes, which generate more silver at the end.






Collectibles are account-bound trophies that can be redeemed for items. You can get them with different activities.



Rewards for collectible items can be very useful. For example, they give you permanent skill points, runes, or stat potions, as well as many other useful things. See the Collectibles tab for detailed information.




In Lost Ark, there are a lot of quests, from the main one to the normal one, to see the dynamics. Here is an explanatory table:


Main Mission

Required level: none.

Unlock none.

Description: Mission related exclusively to the Lost Ark story. Following it will take you to different areas of the game.

Reward: A large amount of experience.


Main quests are extremely important to progress through the Lost Ark.

If you play Lost Ark without considering the main quests, you may not be able to progress after a while, so keep those in mind.

After leaving Lutheran and heading to other continents, you may think that the main quest is over, but that is not the case. The main quest, "Searching for the Ark," will continue for a long time.


World Mission

Required level: none.

Unlock: Follow the main quest.

Description: World Quests are unlocked when you can navigate. They temporarily replace the main quest.

Reward: A large amount of experience.


When you finish the main quests, you will eventually leave Lutheran and travel through other continents.

From there, you can complete quests on different continents and continue your main story.

Mision Normal

Required level: none.

Unlock: Talk to the NPCs.

Description: Normal (or side) quests are standard quests like in any MMORPG.

Reward: Experience, Stat Points, Charisma Points, Silver or Gold Coins.

Normal Missions are found throughout the Lost Ark world and will give you good rewards and a medium level of experience.

Normal Mission

Required level: none.

Unlock: Talk to the NPCs.

Description: Normal (or side) quests are standard quests like any MMORPG.

Reward: Experience, Stat Points, Charisma Points, Silver or Gold Coins.

Normal Missions are found throughout the Lost Ark world and will give you good rewards and a medium experience level.

Adventure Mission

Required level: 50.

Unlock: Talk to the normal NPCs/Bonds at the quest's end.

Description: Adventure missions will take you through the world of Lost Ark.

Reward: Silver Coin, Gold Coin, Island Heart, Music, Craft Potion/Charisma/Stats.

As you navigate the continent searching for the Ark, you may discover some adventure quests with the purple icon.

Adventure missions are much more dynamic than normal ones, and we recommend that you try them at least once, as there may even be important rewards that you won't be able to find through normal missions.

Friendship Mission

Required level: none.

Unlock: reach certain levels of reputation or percentage of friendship

Description: Friendship quests unlock at a certain reputation threshold based on the NPC.

Reward: A large amount of reputation.

If you would like to have close to an NPC, why not try a friendship quest?

As you progress through the quest, the NPC slowly reveals his thoughts.

Then his reputation will grow enough to find out his secret history as he receives rewards.

Mission Dynamics

Required level: 50.

Unlock: Being in the zone at the time of spawn.

Description: Dynamic missions appear randomly and generally ask you to complete an objective on the spot at a given time.

Reward: Crystals, Silver Coins.

As you progress through your adventure, you might suddenly see a red quest come out of nowhere.

When this happens, don't worry and try to complete the quest.

Dynamic missions will automatically be lost when you leave the designated area. You have to comprehensive the quest before leaving the location.

Group Mission

Required level: 50

Unlock: Being in the zone at the time of spawn.

Description: Cooperative missions are carried out with the help of other players in the area with a time limit.

Reward: Crystals, Silver Coins.


Cooperative missions are missions where you must team up with other adventurers to complete them.

If you tried it alone, you might have trouble finishing them because you might run out of time before you can complete the mission.

If everyone works together, even cooperative missions can be completed quickly, so seek help.

Competitive Mission

Unlike other missions, competitive mission rewards vary based on your rank. Although we all live together in this world, it might be good to be a little selfish at this very moment.

Epona's Mission

Unlock: Complete the quest in the second tab of Apona's panel (ALT + J).

Description: Weekly quests are possible 3 times per week and reset every Sunday at 22:00.

Reward: Bounty Bag, Accrasiums, Silver Coin, Island Fragment.

Bonus Reward: Unknown.



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