Lost Ark: The complete guide to function of all currencies and get ways

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Lost Ark is an RPG game developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Game Studio. This game introduces a wealth of personalized characters, and like any other MMO, Lost Ark is full of currency. Currency can buy many items in the game, and they are all unique. So, what are the virtual currencies in the Lost Ark game? In this guide, we will share the virtual currencies in the game, the functions of these items, and how to obtain them.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to function of all currencies and get ways




#1. Gold

Gold is the trading currency of the game.

Functions: Used to buy things at auction houses, extremely important. At the beginning of the game, players' demand for gold is necessary.

How to get Gold: Gold is scarce in the game and can only be obtained in time-locked events, dungeons, and raids. However, you can also buy Last Ark gold from the in-game store. Therefore, You can visit How to make gold in the Lost Ark for detailed steps.



#2. Silver

Silver is the base currency of Lost Ark.

Functions: This currency is used for a lot of different things. Silver can be used for simple things such as making materials or repairs and can also be used for fast travel, item upgrades, and so on. They are essential, and you may always want more.

How to get Silver: You can get it through any monsters killed, and the silver coins dropped in certain dungeons, missions, and events.



#3. Peons

Peons are another trading currency.

Functions: It is essentially an additive to gold and can only be obtained from the cash shop in the game, whether it is real money or blue crystal.

How to get Peons: These are used in auction houses with gold to complete the transaction.



#4. Shards

There are three different Shards currencies in the game. They are Emerald, Sapphire, and Citrine Shards. Fragments are unique because they are one of the only character-bound currencies, which means you cannot share them between primary and secondary.

Functions: They are used to upgrading items, filling their experience, and then upgrading them. Each fragment is used for a different level of equipment, so you will first use Emerald's and then continue to use the other two as you progress.

How to get Shards: These are obtained by completing ocean events, which are events on or around the water, as you might imagine.



#5. Carnelians

Carnelians are the NPC relationship currency of Lost Ark.

Functions: You can then use these to buy affinity boxes or cosmetic boxes, which allow you to either build your relationships with NPCs or change how you look.

How to get Carnelians: Carnelians are the They can be obtained by killing specific monsters and completing certain daily quests. 



#6. Blue Crystals

This is a unique currency in Lost Ark.

Functions: They come from in-game rewards and can also be purchased with real money. They can buy items in the in-game store, including cosmetics, consumables, pets, and gold.

How to obtain Blue Crystals: They are controversial because they can be purchased with real money, but they are challenging to get in the game. Although they can trade gold at auction houses, you will never miss an excellent opportunity not to spend real money.



#7. Silmael Crystals

Functions: These can be exchanged for many different items in a guild-exclusive shop.

How to get Silmael Crystals: Silmael Crystals (aka Guild Crystals) are obtained from finishing guild pursuits. This incorporates things like GvG and GvE events, guild quests, raids, dungeons, and much more. 



#8. Rift Shards

Rift Shards is a currency used for only one purpose

Functions: Purchase a map box. You can exchange them for getting random map boxes, which makes it possible for you to make sure dungeons.

How to get Rift Shards: obtained by participating in the Rift Encounter, also known as the Gate of Chaos, a random event in the game.



#9. Resurrection Feather

Resurrection feathers are not a real currency

Functions: why resurrection feathers aren't real currency, because they have only one purpose and have nothing to do with genuine transactions. These are used to resurrect yourself at your current location after death rather than rebirth at a preset location on the map.

How to get Resurrection Feather: They can be obtained in various ways, such as missions, dungeons, raids, and events, which means they are widespread, and unless you use one every time you die, you will never run out of them.



#10. Pirate Coins and Voyage Coins

This is another critical currency

Functions: They can then trade with pirates (usually on pirate ships in ports) to obtain items such as additional resources or consumables. You can also trade them elsewhere to buy things like emojis, songs, and some collectibles.

How to get Pirate coins and Voyage coins: ...



#11. Estate Orders

Functions: They are mainly used for trading with traveling merchants in the manor. These merchants sell some valuable items and some collectibles. However, you can also use them to purchase crafting materials and life skill recipes.

How to get Estate Orders: These are obtained by dispatching your estate team to complete tasks. This is a bit like a strategy mini-game in Lost Ark, in which you don't engage in any battles or missions but organize and upgrade a squad that will do this for you.

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