Lost Ark: The complete guide to stronghold and sailors

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A complete checklist of sailors is now available for your expedition and wherever to obtain them.


Lost Ark: The complete guide to stronghold and sailors


There are 126 fortress sailors mentioned at the moment, 52 of which are available in our current game version. Among them:

  • 2 legendary sailors
  • 12 legendary sailors
  • 15 rare sailors
  • 9 senior sailors
  • 14 ordinary sailors


They can be obtained from several sources, detailed in the guide. In general, the total resources needed to get 50 sailors are:

  • 4 rapports (total 47,400 points)
  • 850 mokoko seeds
  • 4,008 Gina coins
  • 40,080 pirate coins
  • 50,720 wins
  • 70% completion of Arthelyth's Tome of Adventure
  • 80% completion of Rohandel's Tome of Adventure
  • 70% completion of Punika's Adventure Tome
  • Rooster Seeds
  • Legendary Sailor - Good Paruru
  • Epic Sailor - Mukomuko
  • Senior sailor - Chikachika
  • Traveling on merchant ships
  • Fortress visiting merchants
  • Fortress Merchant - Rami
  • Stronghold Merchant - Flark
  • Fortress Seller - Astiel
  • Fortress Seller - Floor
  • Fortress Seller - Nasha



What to look out for?

Many sailors can be purchased with Victory Seals, which you can get by sending sailors you already have on expeditions. If you're looking to upgrade quickly, it might be wise to focus your Expeditions on Seals of Victory. However, note that this will delay your access to other merchants (raid seals/adventurers) who may be selling interesting resources or collectibles.


The best sailors are mostly limited to one ship. If you want to be efficient, you need to acquire new Lost Ark ships as you accept new sailors.


The sailors used in your fortress are entirely different from those used for navigation! Be careful when exchanging: the sailors of the fort are marked accordingly, and the way their resistance is displayed is separate. This guide only applies to fortress sailors.




At the moment, four sailors can be obtained from rapports. All of them are fast rapports, available pretty early in the game. One of them is a legendary sailor. They cover eight distinct weaknesses… and icing over the cake. They can all be utilized on any ship to your expeditions.


The main disadvantage is that some significant collectibles(primarily giant hearts, island tokens, potions, or masterpieces) require other connections. According to your priorities, it would help if you aimed for all of them as early as possible.


Legendary Sailor - Anabel

How to get: Improve relations (17,800 points) with Anabel in the Rania Village (North Verne)


It is recommended to use gifts to improve your rapport because one of the two actions you can use (emotion of Joy) requires a maximum connection with Mokamoka in Mokoko Village. Using Melody of the Heart only, it may take up to 70 days.


Epic Sailor - Orne

How to get: Improve rapport (5900 points) with Ornn in Totrich (Argentina)


If you can unlock Song of Resonance quickly, it will take only ten days to reach maximum rapport with Ornn, which is the best way to unlock him as a sailor. If you cannot receive the Song of Resonance, it will take no more than 24 days without any gifts.


Rare Sailor - Poppy

How to get: Improve rapport (17,800 points) with Poppy in Icewing Height (Sushi)

It would help if you had the Totopia Attachment to emote to increase this rapport as quickly as possible. It's easy to get, so don't sweat it. Without the need for Lost Ark gifts, it is going to take 34 days to develop a rapport with Poppy. By achieving this, you can also get a cute mount puppy.


Rare sailor Jude

How to get: Improve relationship (5900 points) with rancher Jude in Frozen Sea (Sushi)


As with Anabel, you are using gifts is an effective solution because Joy emotes maximum rapport with Mokamoka in Mokoko Village. However, Jude is far less efficient as a sailor than Anabel. If you are only using Song of Valor, it will take no more than 24 days.


Mokoko seeds

These sailors are due to the collection of Mokoko around the Lost Ark world. These are the sailors you want to have on your team as soon as possible, given that two of them can be used on any ship and three covers 5 different elements. What's more, if you start farming early, you can get your first sailor even before accessing your fortress expeditions. The task is not difficult but, alas, a long one.

A total of 850 mokoko seeds are required.


Legendary sailor - Good Paruru

How to get: Collect 850 Mokoko Seeds and bring them to Totoma in Mokoko Village (Tortoik)


Epic Sailor - Mukomuko

How to get: Collect 500 Mokoko Seeds and bring them to Totoma in Mokoko Village (Tortoik)


Senior Sailor - Chikachika

How to get: Collect 150 Mokoko Seeds and bring them to Totoma in Mokoko Village (Tortoik)



Traveling Merchant Ships


These ships are:

  • Appears every hour (for example, at 00:00, 14:00, or 17:00).
  • Disappears after about 30 minutes (00:30, 14:30, or 17:30, for example).
  • Can change location every time.
  • Sell ​​different sailors each time.


Resources required for the New Vernese Research Ships (blue path):

  • 4008 Hyena coins


Resources required for Lutteran's Royal Trade Ships (Red Path):

  • 40,080 pirate coins


Blue Path (purchased with Gina Coins)

New research ship Vernese (Blue Path)

Epic Sailor - Alice Silver Chain - 1,336 Gina Coins


Rare Sailor - Mercenary Captain Ronimus - 1002 Gina Coins


Chief Sailor - Merchant Daniel - 668 Gina Coins


Chief Sailor - Derrick - 668 Gina Coins


Common Sailor - Daniel - 167 Gina Coins


Ordinary Sailor - Gaon - 167 Gina Coins


Red Path (purchased with Pirate Coins)

Luterra Royal Merchant Ship (Red Path)

Epic Sailor - Austin the Fighter - 13,360 Pirate Coins



Merchants Visit The Fortress

The last (and longest) way to get fortress sailors. Visiting Traders are merchants who regularly appear in your stronghold and trade your sailors for Victory Seals.

Traders and their inventory are in rotation (the trader changes on a schedule, and each time the trader returns with different sailors to trade).

Even if you hire a sailor merchant, they will only sell one at a time.

You start with 3 merchants, and only one (Rami) can sell you, fortress sailors.

You need to complete the Tome of Adventure on each continent to unlock more.

We are interested in Flarke (70% in the Artetin volume) and Astiel (80% in the Rohendel book).

Another merchant of interest to us, Floor, can be unlocked by completing several of Oona's quests x28 times in the Great Castle on the Yorn Continent.


If you want to unlock your stronghold's sailors as quickly as possible, avoid hiring any merchant other than these three (Flark in Artetin, Astiel in Roendel, Floor in Yorn), as rotation makes it difficult to get the sailors you need. However, this may delay other collectibles, specifically 1 Masterpiece, 1 Adventure, Common Sailors, and a few Skill Runes.


Stronghold Merchant - Rami

Rami is one of three available starting merchants. She sells a lot of low-quality (regular/senior) sailors, but she sells them for next to nothing, and they can be used on any ship. Never worry about them if you've presently gotten more excellent high-quality Sailors from Mokoko Seeds or Rapports unless you need to cover a particular weakness you don't previously have.


Resources required to get each sailor from Rami:

  • 14,885 seals of victory


Stronghold Merchant - Flake

Clark can be unlocked by completing 70% of Artetin's Tome. Then you need to complete the Morlo Guild Invitation quest and study the contract in the laboratory of your fortress (this will take about 5 minutes).


Resources required to get each sailor from Clark:

  • 12,910 seals of victory


Stronghold Merchant - Ariel

Ariel might be unlocked by finishing 80% of Roendel's Tome. Then you need to complete the Silver tide Merchant Guild Invitation quest and research the contract in your stronghold lab (it will take about 5 minutes).


Resources needed to get each sailor from Ariel:

  • 9,170 seals of victory


Fortress Seller - Floor

The Floor is the hardest (or rather longest) to find as a merchant, as you need to complete 28 Una quests in the Great Castle (Yorn Continent) before unlocking the "Umar's Cosmetics' Invitation" quest. Then you will need to study the contract in the laboratory of your fortress.

I can't confirm if Floor is selling these Sailors as the quest is very long. Sources seem to contradict this point: some imply that Floor does not sell sailors, others indicate that she sells 4 of them, and some third state that she only sells 2 of them (Joffrey and Hilder), while others 2 (Wat and Phoebe) are not currently available in our version of the game. If you go with this sailor quest, proceed at your own risk.


Resources needed to get each sailor from Floor:

  • 9,170 seals of victory


Fortress Merchant - Ours

Ours is obtained in Punica. Once you have completed 70% of Punica's adventure book, you will have access to the quest "Invitation from the Lailai Traders Association". Complete it to unlock Nasha as a merchant in your stronghold.


Resources required to get each sailor from Our:

  • 4585 seals of victory


Epic Sailor - High - 2615 Seals of Victory


Rare Sailor - Plione - Seals of Victory 1970


Starting Sailors

These two are included in making this guide as complete as possible, but they are technically impossible to skip. You automatically get contracts for Zenith and Austin when you complete the quest in Good Neighbor Cales Fortress, which unlocks the Expedition mechanic.


Senior Austin

How to get: Complete the Good Neighbor Cals quest in your stronghold.


Ordinary sailor - Zenith

How to get: Complete the "Good Neighbor Kals" quest in your stronghold.

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