Lost Ark: The complete guide to the economy system!

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Unlike other MMOs games, players need to sell their upgrade metal in the Lost Ark game market to get more gold. Since the player's ability to earn Lost Ark Gold is limited and always needs more than you have, there is no usual inflation. Here we will share a detailed guide to the economy in the Lost Ark game and tell you what the economic system in the Lost Ark game is like!

Massive re-control of how the various systems in the game work can affect the economy. As new tiers are introduced, the price increases, which increases your gold income. For example, higher tier raids reward you with more gold, and higher GS gives you more eponas per week for your Epona gold chest.




The Shop is an in-game service that allows you to make purchases from anywhere in Acrasia using currency (crystals, star crystals, and bonuses).

The store's assortment includes crystals, premium status, character skins, vehicles, consumables, and unique goods. The store also has a section Black Market Marie» and the currency exchange service — Exchange.




The Exchange is an in-game service through which each player can sell crystals for gold and vice versa. You can use this service from any corner of Acrasia after completing the prologue by selecting the section of the same name instore or with the help of special NPCs that can be found in major cities.



Having made a transaction to sell crystals on the Exchange, you can convert crystals into gold without commission. The transaction value is calculated using the following formula: the number of ordinary crystals × 0.8. It should be noted that star crystals are automatically converted into regular crystals in the following ratio: 1 crystal is equal to a 0.8-star crystal.


Crystals can also be purchased for gold. However, a commission of 5% is charged from crystals when making such transactions. Trade value formula: rate × (number of crystals / 100), where the rate is the gold that is planned to be exchanged. The number of crystals that can be purchased must be a multiple of 100.


The recommended rate is calculated by taking into account the most profitable offers on the Exchange. Because of this, the estimated value of the transaction (speed) will not be final - if there are more good offers on the Exchange, less gold can be written off from the player, but not more, and if he sells crystals, more gold will be obtained.

Once a transaction is completed, it cannot be canceled or refunded. The transaction is completed within 36 hours, after which it will be automatically canceled, and the funds will be returned to the player's exchange account.


You can receive gold, bonuses, and crystals credited to your exchange account after completing transactions in the "History of transactions" window. This section also contains information about current transactions and the latest actions on the Exchange.




The Black Market is a special section of the store where Marie offers you to purchase one of the six lots for crystals, which rotate randomly every 6 hours starting from midnight.

By default, the key is used to navigate to the Black Market F4, or you can select "Shop" from the main menu or the bottom navigation bar.


We recommend that you carefully familiarize yourself with the assortment and think over the spending of crystals in detail. Pay attention to the color of the product card - it reflects the quality of the lot, not the item.

Make purchases at Marie's Secret Shop conveniently for you in the game!




Premium can be purchased in the game store for three and six months. After the purchased premium expires, you will receive Bonuses - a special currency credited in the amount of 10% of the Star Crystals spent in the game store. The tip is available for purchase directly on our website for your convenience.


  • Owners of "Beatrice's Blessing" get access to the system of issuing useful items for being in the game every day. The blessing also activates beneficial effects on your characters.
  • Free use of portals and transport ships.
  • There is an additional opportunity to express an emotion or play a musical instrument every day when interacting with NPCs.
  • Additional cell in the Book of Travels.
  • Reduces the cooldown of Song of Memories by 50%.
  • Speed ​​of your ships +3 knots.
  • Character, Legacy, and Craft experience gain is increased by 10%.
  • Craft energy recovery rate is increased by 10%.


Get daily bonuses for the time spent in the game!

Passive effects and premium benefits will apply to all Legacy (i.e., a group of your characters on the same server). Gift items from Gifts of Beatrice can only be picked up by one character each day. You can choose who it will be each time.

Don't forget to collect "Beatrice's Gifts" by one of the characters every day! Gifts accumulated but not received in the Blessing of Beatrice window for staying in the game disappear every morning at 06:00 Moscow time.



  • Potion of the Witch of Glinnitsa (x5). Restores health in the amount of 30% of the maximum amount.


10 minutes:

  • Lazenis feather. Allows the hero to respawn on the spot instantly.


20 minutes - Items to choose from:

  • Fermented Silverleaf Tincture. Restores 1000 HP. Craft energy.
  • A special chest with an epic gift. Choose an epic gift to strengthen your relationship with the NPC.
  • Golden manashelk. Use this Manashel and Arcane Transfigurator to create skins (they can be used to change the appearance of equipment).


30 minutes - Items to choose from:

  • Certificate of the Efon Union. Allows you to instantly complete the daily task of the Efon Union, which you have already completed at least once.
  • Feon (x3). The necessary currency for trading at the auction and making deals.
  • Small box with a handful of gems (x2). Allows you to get one random level 1 or 2 gems of rank 2.
  • Large box with a handful of gems (x1). Allows you to get one random gem of level 1 or 2, rank 3.


60 minutes - Items to choose from:

  • Certificate of the Efon Union. Allows you to instantly complete the daily task of the Efon Union, which you have already completed at least once.


90 minutes - Items to choose from:

  • Sunny Diamond. Increases the chance of successfully tempering rank three equipment.
  • Givena Emerald (x20). A radiant green crystal contains a particle of the Goddess of Harmony's power. Used to upgrade rank one equipment.
  • Sapphire of Sirion (x20). A radiant blue crystal containing a particle of the power of the god of cold. It is used to upgrade equipment rank 2.
  • Small Citrine of Arctus (x10). A radiant orange crystal contained a particle of the god of mastery's power. Used to upgrade rank three equipment.




At the auction, you can purchase or exhibit various goods.

※ Some crafting resources are only sold in packs (100).

Auctioneers are located in every major city. Trading is carried out between all servers.

※ If you activate the pet's special functions, you can use the auctioneer's services at any time.

When buying or registering an item at an auction, gold and, in some cases, feons are used. The latter is set automatically depending on the type and level of the item and the number of available resales.


Sale of Goods

Product registration

You can register a product by clicking on the "Place lot" button in the lower right corner of the interface.

The goods can be put up for 1 or 3 days. The deposit amount depends on the time of registration and is determined in the amount of a certain percentage of the established price.

You can remove the lot from the sale, but the deposit is not returned in this case.

※ Commission is not charged on goods with a price of 1 gold per item.


End of Sale

Upon successful sale of the item, you will receive the amount of the sale and the security deposit by mail.


Purchase Returns

If the item is not sold within the registration period, you will receive it in the mail and a deposit.



You can find a product both in the list on the left and using the search by name. The search only shows items that are available for sale.

Goods exhibited at different prices are purchased at the minimum cost. Click around the "Buy" button to purchase the item. You must select the desired number of items in the pop-up window and confirm the purchase.

Purchased goods are sent by mail. The letter contains detailed information about the purchased lot.

If the number of items changes when purchasing, you will only be able to buy items that match the average price. In addition to goods, the player will also receive "extra" gold in this case.



Some items are only available through auctions. For transactions, gold and feons are used.

※ Equipment, Fetranite, Ornaments, and Gems can be displayed here.

  • Search: Perform a search on all items offered for auction according to the specified criteria.
  • Quote: find out the market value of an item based on information about the lots sold.
  • Your listings: check the information on the items you have listed.
  • Your Bets: Find out information about the bets you've made on items bid by other players.


Selling Items

List a lot

Click on the "Post Item" button in the lower right corner of the interface to put the item up for auction.

The initial bid cannot be higher than the buyout price. The volume of the deposit is determined depending on the initial rate. Redemption is just not required.

※ The fee depends on the amount of the transaction. No commission is charged for stakes less than one gold.

A lot can be exhibited for 1 or 3 days. The displayed goods can be withdrawn from the auction without bids, but the deposit is not returned.


Lot Sale

Bidding would end upon the expiration of the registration period if a bid were placed on the product or in the event of a buyout. The player will receive an email with the amount of the deposit and payment.

Upon completion of the sale, the deposit and payment for the sale will be sent by mail.


Lot Return

Bidding ends upon the expiration of the registration period. The player will receive a letter with the goods and the deposit amount.


Buying Items

To purchase an item, click the Bid/Buy button in the lower right corner of the auction interface. You can bid on an item or buy the item immediately by paying the ransom amount.

The pop-up window displays information about the item.

The quick bid determines the minimum cost. Enter your preferred price in the "Your Bid" field to set your own.

When entering a price manually, you cannot offer an amount less than the amount set or already made by another player.



To purchase a lot, click on the "Purchase" button. If you have previously placed a bid on a product, you will only be charged the difference between these price categories.

Goods for which no redemption amount has been set can only be purchased at the end of the auction.

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