Lost Ark: The complete guide to trade and exchange items/gold!

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Lost Ark is a great hit MMORPG game unique game style, exciting game modes, and beautiful game graphics, making it one of the most popular games on Steam in early 2022. Like any other MMO game, the Lost Ark game is full of many kinds of currencies, among which gold is the most important and unique currency in the game. Players can use it to buy the items they need in the game. In this guide, we will share the complete guide to trade and exchange items/gold in Lost Ark.


The complete guide to trade and exchange items/gold in Lost Ark

Lost Ark gold is primarily used as currency for player-to-player transactions, but it is also used in some of its gear upgrade systems. It is one of seven currencies currently shared among all characters in a player's account. Gold can also decorate the player's private residence and can even be converted into premium currencies such as blue crystals.

Follow along as we explore a detailed guide on trading, exchanging, acquiring, and buying items/gold in the Lost Ark game.

Note: When you trade gold between players, you pay taxes, and the same is true when buying and selling items on the in-game auction house, usually paying in gold.



1. How to trade items/gold between players?

In the Lost Ark game regulations, one-to-one item exchange and the Lost Ark gold exchange between players are allowed, but only if items and tendencies that do not belong to the character can be exchanged.

You can request a personal trade by pressing 【Ctrl】
right-click > Request trade on the target character.
Register the item to be exchanged by dragging it from the inventory window. (The inventory can be divided in the inventory window by 
Shift+Left Click.)

In the case of gold, you can enter the amount you want to exchange by clicking on the input field.



2. What should I pay attention to when trading items between players in Lost Ark?

Item Registration → Click the 【Send】button → Final Confirmation → Click the transaction Button → Complete the transaction

  • Submit】: When the item registration is completed, click the 【Submit】 button to notify the other party that the preparation is completed, and the transaction window will be locked.
  • Unlock】: If you need to edit the registered items, you can press 【Unlock】to return to the previous state.
  • Transaction】: Press the [Transaction] button on both sides to complete. please check carefully

If the other party has pressed the 【Transaction】 button, the 【Unlock】 button is invalid, and the registered items cannot be edited.


  • Gold transfers by mail and private transactions also charge fees like exchanges.
  • Therefore, even when receiving gold through a personal transaction, you will receive the amount (5%) deducted from the fee.
  • Keep this in mind when using private transactions.



3. How to trade items/gold by mail?


Lost Ark Items Seller 

You must enter a "To" before registering an item.
When the recipient's input is normal, you can check the other party's achievement item level. Please check.
You cannot attach items higher than the target achievement item level.
Items with the specified transaction quantity can be registered as additional items only when the transaction quantity remains.

Lost Ark Items buyer

When you receive an item by mail with the specified number of transactions, you must complete the payment to receive the item.
You can view the following information in the Received Mail or Sent Mail UI.

  • Hold drudge
  • Receipt cost (total cost)
  • Charge per additional items



4. How to trade items and golds through the auction house in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, players can sell certain tradable items to other adventurers through the auction house or buy the items they need themselves.

You can trade equipment, power stones, accessories, and gems at the auction house.

  • In addition to the instant purchase price set by the seller, the auction house also allows purchases by bidding.
  • However, some items have a trading cap, and if a character's Lost Ark items level is below the trade cap when bidding on the Auction House, you cannot bid on these items.
  • You can check the auction house by exchanging NPCs, and using the auction house will also consume gold.

  • Auction House Search】: You can view and search the items currently registered in the auction house.
  • You can also search by specifying various search criteria.
  • Market Price】: You can find out the market price of the searched product by searching for the sold product.
  • Registered Items】: You can check the information when registering items registered in the auction house.
  • Bid History】: You can view the bidding history and bidding status of items registered by other adventurers.

If the item you searched for or selected is an avatar, you can also preview it on the auction house by clicking the magnifying glass button.


1. Lost Ark: How to sell items on the auction house?

Product Registration
You can register items through the [Register Item] button at the bottom right of the Auction House UI.

In the case of an auction, the auction starts with a specified "starting bid".
Your starting bid cannot be higher than your instant purchase price, and a minimum fee is automatically set based on your starting bid.

Note: Fees vary based on the transaction amount. No commission for bids of 1 gold or less.

You may, but need not, specify an immediate purchase price so that you can purchase immediately, regardless of the bidder or registration period mentioned above.
A 1-day or 3-day item auction period can be specified, and the registration deposit for one item per registration period is set as a percentage of the starting price.
Even in the case of an auction house, you can cancel the registration of an item that has not been bid on, but in this case, the registration deposit will not be refunded.

Items for sale:

  • The sale is completed when other adventurers bid or buy registered items immediately.
  • After the sale is complete, the registration deposit and sale proceeds will be mailed to you.


  • If it is not sold within the auction period, it will be returned by mail together with the registration deposit.
  • In the mail, you will see your registered project and registration deposit.


2. Lost Ark: How to buy items in the auction house?

If the Lost Ark items you want to buy is registered with the auction house, click the [Bid/Buy] button at the bottom right of the auction house UI.
You can bid on items or buy them as instant purchases.

The Bid/Buy popup displays information about the current auction for the item you wish to buy.


If you want to bid, you can click the [Bid Now] button to bid with the lowest bid or enter a bid to participate in the bid.
Complete the purchase by bidding now with a bid equal to the Buy Now price or with the minimum bid.
Only the current amount or the instant purchase price can be entered when entering bids manually and cannot be lower than the minimum bid amount.

Note: Products that are successfully auctioned will be returned or deducted from the number of transactions.

Drudgery consumption when bidding at the auction house
Peons are only consumed during the initial bid for each item, after which you can continue bidding without spending Peons for additional bids.

Note: However, the Peon will be consumed if you re-bid after canceling the bid.

The extra Peons consumed when purchasing is automatically set by the system, not the amount set by the seller.
Peons spent may be refunded if the winning bid is canceled or unsuccessful.

Buy Now
You can also buy directly, regardless of the time remaining in the auction.
However, if the adventurer who registered the item does not specify an immediate purchase price, the item cannot be purchased immediately.
If you make an immediate purchase when you have exceeded your bid, you only pay the amount that is not enough to buy more than your previous bid immediately.


3. Lost Ark: Other convenient functions of the auction house.

Exchange/Auction Search
This handy feature allows you to view the market price of a specific item on an exchange or auction house.


You can directly search for exchanges or auction houses using the context menu in the following functions.

  • Item, Warehouse, Expedition Warehouse
  • Equipment refinement, Ding inheritance

Including the notification displayed at the top

  • Various items made by individuals
  • Items crafted in Expedition Territories
  • Items obtained through loot auctions

You can add items to your "Watch List" to decide whether to bid or see future prices.

You can set up your watchlists in Auction House Search, Offers, and Bid History.

  • Items set as watchlists can be checked in the Watchlists tab.
  • You can check the status of all items registered as watchlists.
  • Project Status: Awaiting Bid, Auction, Sold Out, Expired, Unregistered
  • The maximum bid amount will be shown on the selling price for items being bid on.
  • In the case of a sold item, the amount sold is stated in the selling price.
  • Items on the watchlist are automatically removed from the list 30 days after registration.
  • If you delete an item added to your watchlist but cannot search the auction house and price, you cannot re-register from your watchlist.

Check prices in the loot auction.
You can check the lowest prices for certain items in the loot auction.
Please consider this when deciding whether to enter the auction.

The advanced options search function
You can search for options in the Auction House's "Search Detailed Options" menu.

You can view the full list of options before using the "View Full List" button located to the right of the search box.
The detailed options types that can be searched are as follows.

  • Skill detailed options: skill, tripod
  • Other detailed options: combat characteristics, engraving effects, restoration effects, basic bracelet effects, bracelet effects, number of options

Options set in the Auction House's "Detailed Search Options" menu can be restored individually or individually.


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The above is the whole content of this guide. Through this detailed content guide, players can understand how to trade and exchange items in the Lost Ark game. 

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