Lost Ark: The complete guide to World Bosses!

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Where are the world bosses in Lost Ark?

World bosses in Lost Ark will allow you to complete the Atlas of Seekers (Book of Adventures) and get a significant promotion. It depends on where the world bosses are located in the Lost Ark.

World bosses can be found on both continents and islands. The Continental ones are pretty easy to spot and happen about once every half an hour on various channels. You will ask them in the chat about their occurrence, choosing a chat by region.

Note: any of them (a certain point) occurs approximately 30 minutes.

A certain boss point in Lost Ark is not visible on the map, so you will need to find it yourself. It should also be emphasized that any leader will arise on different continents and places.



Location of Rudric the Okoyanny

The boss is located on the Artemis continent in the Borderlands location.



All world bosses and locations

There are currently 20 world bosses in Lost Ark, and chances are you won't encounter each of them randomly as you progress through the game.

In Lost Ark, we have created the following table to help you get an overview of all world bosses, also known as field bosses.

Here is a complete overview of all world bosses in Lost Ark, their level, health, location, and item level requirements, if any.

You can see the icon displayed on the minimap for world bosses with an item-level requirement in the image above.

The badge is where this world boss will spawn. World bosses without an item level requirement are not marked on the map.

You can see when the battle with a certain level 50 world boss that requires a level will begin in the calendar in the upper left corner of the screen. This world boss will then appear within 5 minutes of the start time on the calendar.


Bilbrin Lichen Bloom

Bilbrin Lichbloom in Lost Ark is waiting for you in Western Lutherie in the location of Bilbrin Woodland. Its exact location is marked on the screenshot.

Note: as you play, pay attention to the fact that Bilbrin Lichbloom releases additional plant tentacles around it, they must be destroyed so that they do not kill you.

After killing this boss, you will receive Bilbrin Lichbloom Shoots in Lost Ark. These shoots are needed to complete the Seeker's Atlas. You can find their expiration date in the description, which is 30 minutes. The only thing players need to do is wait this time, and the Bilbrin Limeflower Shoots will automatically turn into Pickled Limebloom Shoots, which will be counted in the Atlas.

Note: Right-click on the Bilbrin Lichbloom sprout in Lost Ark in your inventory, and it will be recorded in the Seeker's Atlas (Adventure Book).



Lost Ark - World Bosses

Players hunt for world bosses that appear right in the locations to complete the Atlas. The higher the boss's level, the longer it takes to beat him. Why hit? First, get a big enough loot. Secondly, close the region (for the next 10%, good Lost Ark rewards are given, including bottles to increase experience points, craft experience, melodies, emotions, etc.). Thirdly, amuse your pride and prove to yourself and others that you can cope with any world boss, no matter how formidable he might seem ...

Further on, where the world bosses are located and how to deal with them. Bosses' spawn time is at least 30 minutes - at high-level locations, they appear less frequently, up to once every few days. There are also scheduled bosses.


Rodrik the Accursed

Rodrik the Accursed is located on the mainland of Artemis in the Borderlands region.


Salt giant

The salt giant, nicknamed "Salt," spawns on the mainland of Judia in the Salt Desert. The boss is killed relatively quickly, in 20-25 seconds. Over time, they will be even faster, so you need to switch from channel to channel in advance.


Bilbrin Lichenflower

Bilbrin Lichenflower appears on the mainland of Western Lutherie in the Bilbrinskoye Woodland region. Relatively simple and immobile boss. Periodically protrudes tentacles through which it heals. At this point, he hides behind a shield. There is an opinion that the boss heals when the protection is attacked, but this is not true. He replenishes his health only with tentacles, which must be quickly killed.



Tykvert is located on the continent of East Lutherie in the Sun Hills region. From time to time (quite often), the boss begins to spin around wildly and damage the careless characters. It is worth leaving with a jerk or running back from such attacks. Sometimes he summons small pumpkins - they explode and drop the characters. Mini-pumpkins appear from them, which also rotate when attacked.



Kasfael is located on the mainland of Tortoic in the Giant Rocks.


Chuo (designated as Cho-Yu in the Atlas)

Chuo (Cho-Yu) is located on the Anshu mainland in the Misty Ranges. The main task is to get away from AOE attacks that expand in several stages - they can stun. You can escape from the first stage with a jerk (space). You have to run away from the rest. And then return. Mobs of the location respawn around the boss, which also interferes...


Shadow of Cho-Yu

As follows from the official description, the boss Shadow of Cho-Yu spawns on the Anshu mainland in the Ringing Groves. However, at the moment, this boss is not available in the game. It is expected in December 2019-January 2020, along with a massive update.


Project VLZ-VUL

On the Ardethein mainland in the Broken Hills area. While the boss Beelzebub, however, does not appear, he is not available in the game. Because it (like the Shadow) is designed for high equipment ratings (from 500 units).



Varkan is located on the Ardetain mainland in the region of New Totrik. The mechanical boss is relatively simple, although you will have to tinker. The main thing is not to fall under his AOE attacks. Mobs are constantly respawning around, which also attacks the characters.



Boss lives in Glacier Gorge. He already belongs to high-level enemies - like the characters who dared to challenge him. He is also level 50. Wetting it is long and tedious. Like other bosses, he often ashes around him. It is advisable to keep the boss in the center to freely maneuver, not to poke into various obstacles that interfere with dashes along the gap.

Manes and other cool bosses (Varkan, Chuo, etc., above level 40), it is advisable not to let him out of the circle. In this case, he wins back, and everything starts again. Do you need it?



This boss spawns on a schedule, once every few days in North Burn in the Duskwood (the location of his spawn is indicated on the map). By itself, the boss is quite simple and somewhat (according to the mechanics of the fight with him) resembles the lime flower, which was discussed above except much more challenging. Periodically, the boss closes himself with a shield and sticks out his tentacles. It is advisable to kill the tentacles as soon as possible because, at these moments, Proxima heals. To defeat the boss, the characters should use equipment with a rating of at least 320 units (even if not all, but most of them). Otherwise, you will not have time to kill the boss in the allotted time.



What are world bosses in Lost Ark?

The new MMO RPG Lost Ark has hit the west, and with it comes more content than most can get through. With unique mechanics ranging from secret dungeons to engraving, Lost Ark takes some looks from the MMO and RPG genres and turns them into new content.

One such mechanic is world bosses, elite bosses that spawn into the world and require adventurers to work together to burn them to the ground. These world bosses become more complex as players progress through the various continents of Arcesia, but make no mistake: even the lowest level of world bosses requires several adventurers to team up to burn these monsters.


Each continent has its world boss, which adheres to specific rules:

  • All world bosses respawn every 30 minutes after death.
  • Each world boss has its own respawn timer for each channel.
  • The first completion of each world boss grants guaranteed loot.


Players, You can check the Adventurer's Tome by pressing N or going to the lower right corner to the "Adventure" button and selecting the Adventurer's Tome. Here, players can see the world boss of the chosen continent. Pay attention to the local chat to shed light on which channel the world boss is active on for that continent, allowing adventurers to switch over and help incinerate the enemy quickly.

This continent's first three world bosses are Rudrik in Retramis, Salt Giant in Judia, and Rowlen in Western Luterra. Look out for red AoE zones warning players of upcoming boss abilities and keep your health full or you'll fall and have to respawn in the nearest town.

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